Why Do People Tend To Buy Quads Over Pounds Of Weed?


Weed is coming as the best natural product to heal various body ailments. Its therapeutic and energizing properties aid in improving one’s health. In addition to this, numerous manufacturers are emerging to produce a wide range of weed products. 

For all these reasons, if we ask a youngster, he also knows every bit about weed. But, the problem arises when we tend to buy weed. We have to consider diverse determinants and then make our choice. It would be best to look for everything like the vendor’s authenticity, weed quality, and whatnot. 

The best till now is the Get Kush weed dispensary. After weighing down all these considerations, we should buy weed from a particular manufacturer. One more crucial thing is the measurement to be kept in mind. Some prefer quads of weed. And for some individuals, pounds of weed is the preference. 

There are a few individuals who love to go for wholesale products. But, a question emerges. Which is better? Whether quads are best or pounds of weed? There are various things to consider while choosing between these two. And to know about these factors, you have to read the article.

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How Much Is One Gram Of Weed?

One gram is the smallest measurement which an individual can purchase of weed. And it is best to provide an individual with the best “hit” without letting them face any side effects. Researchers indicate it as the healthiest portion for the best throat hit. 

Whenever you go to a physician for the dose of weed, he will provide you with a gram of weed. The reason is the side effects. For beginners, it is necessary that adequate monitoring is there. For this, it would be best to start slow and gradually increase. If you increase the dosage without monitoring its effects on the body, you might face ill consequences. 

For these reasons, it becomes crucial going for one gram of weed.

Why is it necessary to be familiar with one gram of weed? It is crucial because one quad is around 7 grams of weed or maybe more than that. I am sure this is confusing. So, let me make it clear to you in the next segment.

All About Quads Of Weed

In the states where weed is legal, the price for a quad of weed is around $30 to $70. And for a few states, which are to grant legal status, the price is a little higher. In addition to this, the prices vary due to the qualities of weed. 

If you purchase the highest quality, you might have to pay a hefty amount. And if you do not want the top-notch one, the price will be slightly low. Before letting you know about quad, let us look at some common measurements.

  • 1 Ounce: 1 ounce of weed, also known as “a zip of weed” in slang,  will provide you 28 grams (8 8ths or four quarters)
  • 1 Pound: 1 ounce of marijuana will offer you 448 grams (128 8ths or 64 quarters)
  • 1 Eight: 1 eight of weed is 3.4 grams
  • 1 Quarter: 7 grams of weed (also known as quad)
  • 1 Half: 14 grams
  • 1 Dime: 0.5 grams

So, you see, the measurements are different for different units. But, you see, the best way to purchase your favorite weed product is opting for a quad. It will give you perfect measurement without letting your body face side effects. 

All other units offer you a large quantity of weed which is not best for our health. In addition to this, it is visible that 1 pound contains a vast amount. It means beginners cannot go for it. And even if they proceed with it, they have to pay a hefty sum of money to get their favorite product at home.

Why Do People Prefer Quad Of Weed Over Pounds Of Weed?


You see, the amount when you purchase a quarter of weed is low. It means that the quality will be top-notch. If the amount is low, the manufacturers offer you the best weed. In addition to this, it is the safest alternative. You only have to pay a small price and get your weed at home. 

Again, if you want, you can increase the dose. But, in this scenario, it would be best to take your agent’s advice. He knows every bit about the weed market. He is aware of what is good and bad for your health. Accordingly, you will get the best dosage. It will help you overcome numerous illnesses without facing any side effects. In addition to this, it becomes the safest alternative out there.

When we speak, “we want a pound of weed”, we do not know about the quality. Often, it is the case that individuals prefer bulk rather than going for pounds. The reason behind it is the comfort we get out of it. In the same way, when you say you want a quad, you get comfort, convenience, and safety. 

You do not have to worry about the quality as vendors will try their best to provide you with the best one. And when we prefer the pound, there are a few speculations. There are chances of facing side effects. Since the amount is more, your body might not react positively. A significant amount for beginners is not perfect for their health. 

For all these reasons, individuals prefer quad over pounds of weed.


If you want to get the utmost benefits without much trouble, weed is the answer for you. It comes with a wide range of advantages. It helps individuals achieve the best without compromising their health. In addition to this, it is the safest alternative. 

Again, once you read this article, you get all the knowledge regarding the measurements. It is visible that the perfect quantity is quad. And if you want more benefits, then go for bulk products. All other options are not feasible. All these are either costly or do not suit your needs. Thus, all said and done, it would be best to go for quads over pounds of weed.