Best Tattoo Aftercare Bandage: Our Top Rated Pick

tattoo aftercare bandage

When you’ve invested in a new tattoo it’s important to take good care of it.

This will not only prevent infections, but also ensure your new piece looks as good as possible when it’s fully healed.

Tattoo aftercare is a much debated topic. With 40% of all 26-40 year olds having a tattoo these days, chances are your friends will all be recommending different techniques, depending on what worked for them. 

The tried-and-tested way of taking care of your tattoo involves keeping the wrapping your tattoo artist applies to your tattoo on for 4 -8 hours.

You’re then usually advised to clean your tattoo with antibacterial soap to remove the layer of plasma that’s collected around it. You egularly apply a small amount of ointment or lotion to prevent your tattoo from drying out.

This goes on for 1 – 2 weeks until your tattoo is evenly colored, smooth and scab-free.

However, there are alternative ways to heal your new tattoo. One of them involves wrap healing with a good tattoo aftercare bandage.

What To Look For In A Bandage

An effective tattoo aftercare bandage should protect your tattoo from dirt, grime, and bacteria, without smothering your tattoo.

It should remove the need for the constant back and forth process of cleaning your tattoo when it weeps and applying a lotion to keep it from drying out.

A good bandage should also prevent you from being tempted to pick and scratch but also not smother your tattoo, allowing it to breathe.

Most importantly, it should be easy to use and help your tattoo to heal faster than the conventional method.



Tatu-derm is the best tattoo aftercare bandage on the market. It provides a clean and effective way to heal your tattoo.

It’s a medical-grade adhesive bandage that protects your fresh ink from germs and bacteria, helping it to heal faster.

It was invented by a frustrated tattoo artist who was sick of having his skin sticking to his bed sheets after a getting a new tattoo.

He researched alternative solutions and eventually developed Tatu-derm.

After trying it on himself, he tested it on his friends before using it on his clients. After positive feedback, he started Tatu-You and began marketing it to the general public.

Tatu-derm aftercare bandages provide a sterile, bacterial-free environment for your tattoo to heal in.

As well as protecting it from contamination, it also protects the abrasion from contact with surfaces such as clothes and bed sheets. It's waterproof, meaning you can shower and even swim while your tattoo heals.

To use Tatu-derm, attach the bandage to the dry area around your tattoo and completely cover it.

Keep the bandage on for 12-24 hours. During this time, fluid will build up under your bandage.

At this point, remove the bandage, clean the area and pat it down gently to make it dry. Then, apply another bandage.

Keep this bandage on for a few days and in most cases, your tattoo will be completely healed!

You simply have to cover your tattoo with Tatu-derm and that’s it.


  • Tatu-Derm protects your tattoo from dirt, germs, and bacteria and encourages your body’s natural healing process.
  • It’s easy to use and ends the cycle of cleaning, drying, and applying lotion to your tattoo.
  • It’s breathable as well as waterproof. You can shower without worrying about adversely affecting your new tattoo.
  • As it covers the entire area of your tattoo, it reduces the temptation to scratch or pick at scabs that from.
  • It heals your tattoo faster; reducing the healing time from 2 weeks or more to a mere number of days.
  • It’s a more cost-effective alternative to other tattoo aftercare bandage products on the market such as Sani-derm.


As everyone’s skin is different, so is the healing process.

Although in most cases two applications of Tatu-derm is enough, sometimes, the process will be different from that described in the instructions.

For instance, there may be a larger buildup of fluid in the first 12-24 hours than expected and you’ll be required to change your bandage sooner than expected.

This could result in a need to apply the bandage three times

Similarly, there are cases where everything will go as planned with the first application, but it won't be completely healed after the second bandage. In this case, a third bandage will need to be applied.

That's a Wrap...

So when you next get a tattoo, give Tatu-Derm a try.

It’s an easy-to-use, cost-effective alternative to the usual method of healing your tattoo. It eliminates the need for the repeated use of anti-bacterial soap, lotions, and ointments, and fresh towels over a 2 week period.

Your tattoo will heal quickly and will preserve the intended quality, detail, and vibrancy of your new tattoo.