The Complete Guide To The Best Tattoo Needles

best tattoo needles

Did you know that when you get a tattoo, your skin is pricked between 50 and 3,000 times a minute?

The quality of a tattoo depends on the artist’s skill, but also on the quality of their tools! Looking for a guide to the best tattoo needles? Look no further!

A talented artist is the first step to receiving the best tattoo.

Coming in at a close second is using the best tattoo needles on the market.

Read through this comprehensive guide to find exactly what you need to make that tattoo ultra-cool. I’ll explain what you should look for before purchasing as well as show you the needles you need.

What Should You Look For?

Needles are an essential part of the tattooing process, so it makes sense that you’ll want to find the very best before you begin.

It’s great to browse through all the brands of tattoo needles, but first it’s important to know what you should look for.

All needles should be straight and sharp for the best performance. If any should get to you crooked, dull or bent, I recommend that you don’t use them.

They can not only cause damage to the skin, but they'll also keep the ink from distributing the color evenly.

Make sure you inspect the soldering of the needles as well.

To ensure the needles are in the best shape, you’ll want to look where the needles attach to the bar or center rod and ensure that they are not loose. If you use needles that are loose, you risk the needles breaking during the tattoo session.

It’s always wise to purchase your needles pre-sterilized. They should come individually packed and labeled as sterile.

When you purchase the needles pre-sterilized, you won’t have to worry about spending the time autoclaving your needles.

Finally, ensure that you’re going to have all the necessary equipment to use the needles properly. It doesn’t make much sense to invest in needles if you don’t have the proper tools to make them work.

Research what you’ll need to get the job done and prepare yourself ahead of time.

PFT 100 Pieces Mixed Tattoo Needles

PFT 100 Pieces Mixed Tattoo Needles

Your best choice is to grab a set that's capable of handling the intricate details of a tattoo as well as the filling large areas or working on thick outlines.

For the best tattoo needles and quite the variety to top it off, you’ll want to take a peek inside this PFT 100 Pieces Mixed Tattoo Needles kit.

Pirate Face Tattoo has been a trusted provider in the market since 2005 and they supply the latest tattoo products and supplies around the world.

The kit comes with 10 pre-sterilized needles of each size and the expiration dates are clearly marked on every individual package.

There are eight types of round needles included. The 3RL is ideal for working on lines, intricate shading and filling in work.

The 5RL is perfect for outlines, shading, and fill-in. The 7RL is great for the shading and fill-in while the 9RL is ideal for the thick outlines, shading and color fill.

You’ll also receive the 3RS which is good for lines and small detail. The 5RS is also good for this, but also for slim shading areas.

The 7RS can take on the thicker lines while the 9RS can tackle the thicker outlines.

Finally, the set also comes with two flat sizes. Choose the 5MS for thick lines, color fill, and shading while picking the 7MS for color fill, shading and thick outlines.

Key Features 

  • Is available from a reputable and trustworthy company.
  • Includes 10 varieties with a quantity of 10 per size
  • Pre-sterilized needles
  • Expiration dates are clearly marked on every individual package

Four Tattooing Techniques

There are four main techniques that can be used while creating a tattoo.

Lining, or Outlining

This creates the basic shape on the skin. It’ll normally be done with a round group of needles and can be done with a thin or thick line.


This is how the area gets filled in after the outline has been made.

Normally, tattoos are colored from darkest to lightest instead of one side to another.


This creates the depth of the image. It can normally be done with black ink and will quickly set apart an experienced tattoo artist from a novice.


This trend never seems to go out of style. People regularly look to have names or quotes embedded into their tattoos.

It takes a great amount of skill to take a concept and lay it out in an appealing way.


Let’s face it…you’ll probably never be the next Sailor Jerry.

Buying the best tattoo needles will, however, give you an advantage that can help you become the best artist possible.

If you still need help determining what sizes of tattoo needles are best, be sure to check out this great YouTube video.