What Are The Best Probiotics Brands On The Market?

probiotic brands

If your digestive system seems a little out of balance lately, it could be your body's natural digestive bacteria.

Even if you’re just feeling a little under the weather lately, there’s a high chance that it could be your gut.

Approximately 70% of your immune system is regulated by your gut and bacteria. I personally take precautionary measures, especially in the winter, by taking probiotics.

The following probiotics are full of the good bacteria your body needs to fight off infection and digest your food properly.

Not only does the bacteria itself boost your immune system, but your body will also be able to extract more nutrients from your food so it can fight any infection.

Here are some of my favorite probiotics brands for you to try out.

Renew Life

Renew Life

If you’ve been looking for a powerhouse supplement to ease your stomach then try out my favorite probiotics brands “Renew Life”.

They have probiotics ranging from about fifty to fifteen dollars so anyone can find a product which suits their budget. 

From ninety-billion cultures to twenty-five-billion cultures, “Renew Life's” lineup will have you ready to go!

Not only does this brand provide customers with a solid probiotic, they also make digestive enzymes, fiber, fish oil, and body cleansing kits.

Furthermore, focusing on the probiotic aspect, all bacterial cultures included in their probiotic lineup have been lab tested to ensure quality control.

They also include time-release capsules so they can get further into your digestive tract where they need to be. 

Now Foods

Now Foods

Another one of my favorite probiotic brands would definitely have to be “Now Foods”.

They allow the consumer to choose from a variety of probiotics for a much more ‘value’ oriented price. Their top tier probiotic is only around thirty bucks.

Not everyone needs the fifty-billion cultures in their top tier product so they've released plenty of other great choices. A lot of their products are vegetarian, reassuring for those following special diets. 

If taking multiple bacterial strains is not your thing then try out one of their single strain brands like “Acidophilus Two Billion”. 

Nature’s Bounty

Nature's Bounty

One of the best probiotic brands for those seeking an even less expensive option can come to “Nature’s Bounty” for some digestive support.

Their top tier probiotic can be pricey for some. It's around 30 bucks, but they have plenty of other choices all the way down to four dollars!

There’s really no excuse for your tummy to be hurting now, or your wallet.

Not only does Nature’s Bounty provide great support for your digestive tract, they also include heart and beauty support to keep your body operating at its maximum potential.

Garden Of Life

Garden of Life

The fourth brand on my best probiotic brands list is an athlete-orientated supplement company.

With some of the purest products on the market, it's a perfect fit for those who spend hours in the gym or just have an active lifestyle.

Now not all of their products are pocket-friendly, but you don’t have to get the highest priced probiotic. They offer a variety of probiotics that will promise to fit your budget. They even make specific probiotics with the female body in mind.

Even if you aren’t interested in probiotics, you can chose from a variety of proteins, vitamins, pre workout, and more.

But remember, all of those other supplements won't digest correctly unless your body has the proper digestive bacteria, so pick up one of their probiotic products today! 

Dr. Tobias

Dr Tobias

My final probiotic brand has more of the professional customer in mind.

Their philosophy puts the science first; only real statistics and lab tests have been used to prove the bacterial strains' effectiveness.

If you’re not pleased with this product (and I'm not sure why that would be!) then no worries. Dr.Tobias offers a 100% money back guarantee for up to thirty days after your purchase.

That’s plenty of time for you and your body to figure out if their products will work for you or not.


So in conclusion, there are plenty of great probiotics brands to choose from.

Whether you just need a little support and don't want to break the bank, or you’re a serious athlete that needs to keep your body in tip top condition, there's a probiotic for you!

As we’ve discussed, not everyone needs fifty-billion cultures. Some of us just need one specific strain that's been missing from our digestive tract.

Helpfully, these brands also supply other supplements that help support the probiotic.

Hopefully this article can help guide you through your journey to better health and a better state of mind. Wishing you a tummy bursting with good bacteria!