Nootropic Supplements to Boost your Brain Power

Nootropic Supplements

Some people can’t work without caffeine because they tend to lose concentration. Caffeine is a brain booster. But did you know that there are other “smart drugs” out there that can increase your concentration and learning abilities?

Fortunately, there are nootropic supplements that can help the brain understand the concepts better. You can read more about some of them in the link provided. Some people have too much stuff going on that they tend to forget important information that they need at the moment.

An example?

Nootropic Supplements

Students may have studied a lot of nutritional facts, history, medical knowledge, calculus, and know a lot of song lyrics during their lifetime.

However, during an essay test, such as when did Christopher Columbus discovered America, all of the things that they have learned about the topic might disappear in the deep recesses of their brain.

There are also moments when students need to do specific tasks but will feel blanked out. They might not know what to do, where to go, or what to say. They might also tend to forget certain things. All of these scenarios do not just apply to students. Other people around the world also experience them.

Give your Brain an Edge

To boost your brain power, you have the option to try nootropics! These are “smart drugs” that will assist your cognitive function, primarily in the areas of memory, creativity, learning, and motivation.

In the world of brain boosters, people from high-tech companies and directors to large corporations are discovering what these noots can do for them. Here are some of the natural noots that you may want to try.

1. Fish Oil

Fish Oil

Fish oil will give you lots of benefits. Since this is rich in fatty acids, it is known to be useful in supporting the overall health of the brain. Fish oil also has DHA that is known to boost cognitive function in older adults.

There are clinical researches that found that omega-4 fatty acids can enhance memory and reaction time of an individual. You can fish oil in the form of supplements or by eating tuna, trout, or salmon. 

2. Vitamin B

Many people are fans of B vitamins because they help the body become healthier. These vitamins are generally water-soluble. They are affordable, and they can be bought from many drugstores.

Vitamin B12, combined with folate, is known to increase cognitive functions. You can take almost all kinds of B vitamins separately. There is folate that is made in tissue-ready forms and active compounds that can benefit students who are studying complicated subjects.

3. Ginkgo Biloba

This is popular in many countries around the world. Ginkgo supplements are derived from the tree with the same name. A fun fact is that Ginkgo trees are considered as living fossils. This is because some of the species date back to 200 million years ago.

There is Ginkgo supplementation that can help you have healthier blood flow to your brain. Your neurons and cells will be able to transmit information faster to your mind, and you will have faster reaction times as a result.

You will also be able to retain your memories better with this kind of supplement. Know more information about health benefits of ginkgo here: ​

4. Ashwagandha

This is a botanical ingredient that is popular in India. This can be described as part of the Ayurvedic medication in the Western world. Ashwagandha is derived from the roots of the plant winter cherry. Winter cherry has a botanical name of Withania somnifera and is a small shrub native to North Africa and India.

It has been used for almost 3,000 years to increase energy levels and improve concentration. This noot can also reduce anxiety and stress. In addition to this, ashwagandha can alleviate symptoms of depression and can make an individual happier.

Bringing it All Together

These are just some of the choices that you have in the hundreds of nootropics available out there. If you are a student who finds that caffeine is not active anymore, you can try one of these natural supplements to help you study your lessons better.

You can choose nootropics or a stack that will give your brain a healthy boost. If you paired the noot with meditation, relaxation time, a healthy lifestyle, and a good night’s sleep, rest assured that you can pass your exams in flying colors.

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