Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Raw Food Diet


Over the years, many people have shifted their preferences to plant-based dieting, thanks to the widespread awareness of healthy eating. The raw food diet has also gained popularity among a section of the population that tends to shun processed and cooked foods. 

By choosing to combine the benefits of raw foods with plant-based dieting, your health may benefit. However, besides regular exercise and enough sleep, dieting is a key ingredient to living a healthy and happy life

If you want to take your dieting game to the next level, a plant-based raw food diet could be your ideal option. Here are some of the health benefits of a plant-based raw food diet.  

1.  High Nutritional Value 

Most plant-based diets are rich in vitamins, which help strengthen the body’s immune system. A raw diet rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, and nuts is highly nutritious, thanks to the healthy fats, minerals, proteins, and vitamins good for your skin, organ development, and overall body’s immune system. 

This is especially true for foods with water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin B and C, often destroyed while cooking.

fruits and nuts

2.  Raw Food Diet Means Fewer Processed Foods

With a raw diet, you eliminate or minimize processed foods, which tend to be higher in added sugars and salt. Processed foods also have high levels of unhealthy saturated fats, which cause inflammation of the blood vessels and increase the risks of cardiovascular diseases. 

Similarly, refined sugars and saturated fats have been linked to increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. 

3.  Retained Enzymes in Food

Cooked food tastes better, but this comes at the cost of a change to the food’s nutritional content. For instance, enzymes are heat sensitive and can be deactivated easily when exposed to high temperatures. 

Raw food proponents claim that more enzymes are required to digest cooked foods, which puts stress on the body and could lead to enzyme deficiency. However, there are no scientific studies to back these claims.

4.  Helps with Weight Loss

Raw foods have low-calorie content, making them a great pick for people looking to lose weight. Cutting down on cooked food allows your body to absorb fewer calories, reducing the chances of gaining extra weight. This means cooked carrots, broccoli or spinach have more calories than their raw counterparts. Raw plant-based foods are also high in fiber. 

This helps a person feel full for longer, reducing the need for regular snacking and assisting with weight loss.  plant based diet


A raw food diet can be a strict vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorous, depending on your taste and preferences. A raw vegan diet will exclude all animal-based products, while a raw vegetarian diet will comprise plant-based foods plus unprocessed dairy products and raw eggs. 

However, not all foods are safe to eat uncooked. According to the CDC, uncooked animal products are more likely to cause food poisoning. When choosing a raw food diet, it’s better to prioritize plant-based foods from reputed companies. For example, the North American Herb and Spice offers a variety of wild and pure fruits, herbs, oils, and spices for health-conscious individuals.  

Depending on your health needs and goals, you may consider working with a dietitian or nutritionist for professional guidance on the best raw food dieting schedule. Additionally, you should always wash raw foods before ingestion to avoid food poisoning.