The Effects Of CBD Oil On Pets

Effects of CBD Oil on Pets - featured image

Effects of CBD Oil on Pets - featured image

Most of us are very familiar with CBD-based products such as CBD oil. And some of us use these products daily to improve our health. 

In fact…

Considering the similarities in the endocannabinoid systems of humans and animals, CBD oil helps animals too. Pet owners or better saying pet lovers are giving this supplement to their pets. 

As you know, pets become part of the family and owners treat them like that. They want the best for their pets when it comes to health and quality of life. 

Checking our health as humans is a must and it must be for pets also. And most pet owners are doing it by checking their pets regularly aiming to improve their health. 

Keep in mind that pets may encounter a wide range of health problems, just like humans.

That is why owners spend a lot on pet products as short-term solutions for their pets. And the problem with all these manufactured products is the fact that these are not all-natural. 

This means that these products can be addictive and only offer short-term relief. That is why we are here, searching for all-natural products and solutions for pets. 

CBD oil is one of those products that are all-natural, non-addictive, and works in the long term. 

Cannabidiol oil does miracles and offers help for almost every health condition. CBD is an ingredient of the hemp plant, which is a Cannabis Sativa variety that is safe to use. 

Hemp is safe to use and legal because it can produce more than 20% CBD and less than 1% THC. You may have heard before that under these conditions hemp is cultivated safely. 

This difference in concentration of CBD and THC in the plant is the key to the safety and legality of hemp. THC is able to create addiction and get users “high”, but that is not the case with CBD because CBD is neuroprotective and does not cause addiction. 

What Else About CBD And CBD Oil In Particular?

Well, as we mentioned above, CBD improves health by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. 

This system is very important because it plays a massive role in most biological processes that occur in pets’ bodies. 

If you need some examples, CBD helps improve sleep, mood, memory, immune system, etc. CBD interacts with the receptors of this system and provides all its therapeutic properties. 

Above we mentioned something about the concentration of CBD and THC. We said that CBD-based products with less than 1% THC are safe to use. But this condition is different in some countries. 

USA allows only products with less than 0.3% THC, while Switzerland allows up to 1% THC. In fact, Switzerland is a global leader in CBD products for pets such as CBD drops for cats or dogs. You can find these kinds of products in shops but online is usually cheaper. 

The Effects Of CBD Oil For Pets And Other Animals

Before listing some of the most common effects of CBD oil for your pet, let’s just make it clear that CBD oil, when given properly can’t harm your pet. 

If you are using any non-natural product for your pet, you need to talk to a veterinarian before giving CBD oil to your pet. CBD oil offers a large list of properties that improve the health of your pet and here are some of them: 

  • CBD oil offers assistance in pain relief for all pets. It helps manage all forms of pain, from skin pain to cancer symptoms. 
  • Cannabidiol oil has the ability to reduce all forms of anxiety and improve mood. In fact, CBD reduces stress, depression, and anxiety by boosting serotonin levels. This results in mood improvement and also avoid other health issues. We say that because excessive stress can really cause other problems. 
  • CBD helps against spasms and seizures by using anticonvulsant properties. 
  • It is anti-inflammatory and stimulates appetite. 

CBD oil on pets

In conclusion, we must state that the list of CBD oil effects for pets is way longer. 

Above are just four or five most common benefits for pets. If you have tried CBD yourself you know that there is no harm from CBD oil, just benefits. 

This supplement has a big potential and is only getting stronger as a player in the health and wellness industries. 

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