Made To Order: The Best Custom Air Fresheners

custom air fresheners

Nothing beats that new car smell.

The problem many of us face, though, is that a car doesn't stay smelling that way for long, and the car can take on a whole new smell, one completely opposite to how it was when we first drove it off the lot.

After a good clean, many of us are tempted to pick up a car air freshener to top it off. If you take it to a car wash, you may be given one after the service.

You might think that this is a “thank you” for your business, and often it is, but it's also is a promotional product often with the business details on it.

Believe it or not, these custom air fresheners can not only act as a promotional product but also a unique gift.


Many people with a desk job have their area around them set up to reflect them, and this often involves family portraits.

Why not extend this to your car as well? There are millions of people on the roads each day.

Sometimes a nice personalized air freshener with a picture of a loved one could bring happy thoughts and memories while on that long-haul trip, complete with a choice of text and scent.

According to the, you should keep in mind if you’re about to mask odors already present for doing thorough cleaning might be a better idea. An air freshener will work best if it’s there to actually freshen up your car than tackling smell already present.

Product Overview

Custom Air Fresheners by AAF-Personalised

Custom air fresheners by AAF-Personalised offer a fun and unique way to display pictures in your car, with the added bonus of having a lovely scent!

The portrait rectangle comes at an ideal size of 94 mm x 62 mm and won’t block your view.

You can add two different pictures to either side of the air freshener.

There are a whopping 15 different scents to choose from, including everything from your classic new car scent to something more delicate like lilac.

With all the choices available, you may even be able to choose something that represents the photo or the person who's receiving the gift.

They can also have text on the picture, or even a picture on one side and a nice message on the other.

This product will look exactly how you want it and be completely unique to you. 

If you're wanting to use it as advertising for your business, you can have a full-color representation of your logo or a product that you offer with these personalized air fresheners.

Pros and Cons

When ordering, there are no tick boxes or drop down menus to mess with. You dictate exactly what you want in the Free Gift Message and e-mail your desired pictures to the designated e-mail address.

Some people may prefer this while others see it as messing about, but the company want to make sure they have everything YOU say you want.

Be sure to write your order number down and send it through when you send your pictures over because they'll need that to keep track of your air freshener! 

Also, if you forget to add a fragrance, you'll automatically receive vanilla.

While many air fresheners are plain and often printed only on one side, you can add two different pictures on these. There's no silly clip art, just whatever you choose to put on it, making the possibilities endless.

The images musn't exceed 2MB and the quality of the images will only be as good as what you send, so you'll need to make sure it's ideal for printing. The company will just print whatever they're sent.

Wanting to order one for your business?

Buying a custom air freshener from AAF-Personalised allow you to buy in small quantities rather than in bulk, as many companies usually have a minimum order of around 500.

This can allow you to have a trial run, to see if they're received well and if it's something you'd like to pursue in the future.

Although small, these can also act as an alternative to large vinyl and sometimes expensive advertising on the side of a company car.

Compared to other types of marketing such as billboards, signage, newspaper articles and the like that are more static, using promotional material such as a custom car air fresheners is dynamic. You never know where it might go!

When used, it tells people who see it that a customer went there and got a service a service they were happy with.


Custom air fresheners and purifiers are a great gift idea for anyone who may be on the road quite often.

You’ll be having friends and family saying “I wish I'd thought of that!”

Give something that your loved one or even customer will think about every time they get in their car.