A Breath Of Fresh Air: The Best Air Purifier Brands

air purifier brands

Air purifiers make a great addition to any home and can really improve the quality of the air you’re living in.

Purifiers are generally sought out by those suffering from allergies or respiratory problems such as asthma or hay fever. 

They cleanse the air for you, eliminating any allergens, second-hand smoke or general nastiness in the air.

They’re great for any home, however, and make a huge difference to anyone with pets.

Purifiers don’t have to cost the earth. Don’t worry if you’re not looking to make a large investment.

I’ve scoured the selection out there to review the top five air purifier brands. I've included a Hunter air purifier review.

Read on to find out more…

Top 5 Air Purifier Brands​

Honeywell True Allergen Remover

Honeywell True Allergen Remover

First up on my list is this purifier from Honeywell.

It’s specifically designed for those suffering from allergies or respiratory problems.

It actively removes allergens from the air.

This purifier works to filter out any air-borne germs so that you can breathe easy.

This item comes in at under $200, which is an absolute steal given the high-quality you’re getting with it, despite being the priciest on my list.

For those who like hard data – this machine works hard to circulate the air in the room 5 times per hour!

One of my favourite things?

It reminds you when to change the filter, so it’ll always be working at an optimum level – genius. 

​Holmes Desktop Purifier

Holmes Desktop Purifier

Holmes has also made it onto my list with this air purifier.

It cleans the air of air-borne germs and allergens so is perfect for any allergy sufferers.

This is a desktop product, so great for anyone who wants to make a difference to the air quality around them without compromising lots of space.

It’s also ideal for office workers as it sits nicely on your desk and helps to protect you while you work.

There are three speed settings so you’re in total control of how quickly the air around you is cleaned.

This purifier is under $30, so is perfect for those who want to buy a purifier without splashing out. 

​GermGuardian Cleaning Sanitizer

GermGuardian Cleaning Sanitizer

GermGuardian does exactly what it says on the tin.

It protects you from germs in the home, and also works to eliminate any unwanted odors produced by smoking or cooking.

This stand-alone tower will fit perfectly into any corner in your home and is nice and quiet so you won’t even be aware of it!

It comes with an in-built alert system to remind you when to change the filter.

Don’t expect to see this often, however, as the filter only needs changing around once a year.

A great investment piece at around $90, and from one of my favourite air purifier brands. 

Hunter Total Air Purifier

Hunter Total Air Purifier

This air purifier from Hunter is another product too good to leave off my list.

I love this purifier for its simplicity.

It cleans the air of up to 99.9% of allergens and is a bargain at under $60.

It also reduces toxicity in the air.

That may be produced by various things in the environment, such as chemicals and pollution.

It gets rid of smoke, odors and dust pollutants, so is perfect for anyone with kids or pets.

This purifier works best in rooms up to 125 square feet, so is ideal for most rooms in the home or office.

It also uses a UVC light to kill germs in the environment so you know you’re safe with this product!

​Oion Permanent Purifier

Oion Permanent Purifier

Last but not least is this tower purifier from O-Ion.

It comes in at just under $60 and made the cut because of its kindness to the environment as well as your own home.

It runs off very low voltage and doesn’t need its filters replacing, which is great for your wallet as well as the world.

This purifier is very quiet so can be used in bedrooms if needed without disturbing the peace at all.

Its carbon filtration system allows it to clean the air of odors as well as smoke and pollution, and the UVC actively kills air-borne germs. A great all-rounder.

So, there we have it – the five best air purifiers out there!

I’ve chosen five different air purifier brands all with different plus-points, with something to suit every budget.

I’d suggest looking for certain keywords while trying to find the best purifier for your home or office. 

HEPA stands for ‘high-efficiency particulate arrestance’, which sounds pretty boring but is essentially describing a type of filter that will get rid of odors, pollution and smoke, as well as pollen and other allergens.

UVC filters use UV light to actively kill germs, so any product listed as a UV air purifier will be worth looking at.

VOC air purifiers are also great, as they often use carbon in their filters to kill germs and protect against second-hand smoke.

Hopefully these reviews will help you on the way to cleaner, healthier air.