A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Big Condoms

big condoms

You’re a big man and those regular condoms just aren’t going to work for you. One size just does not fit all when it comes to your sexual needs.

It seems that 25% of men in the USA have tried large condoms, although some try them and then find that they're not right. If you've found that big condoms are right for you, searching for them online can be confusing, how do you really know which ones are bigger?

Have no fear, with this trusted guide to the best large condoms, you'll find exactly what you're looking for and you can get back to enjoying more pleasure.

Do You Need A Larger Condom?

It can be awfully overwhelming using condoms only to find that they hurt or are too snug. Thankfully a simple test will determine if you need to move up in size.

You’re going to need something to measure with to find the proper answer to that question, but it’s super easy to figure out.

Simply take a measuring tape and calculate the circumference of your penis at the thickest part while you’re erect. If that number is more than 5.1”, chances are you need to purchase xl condoms for a more enjoyable experience.

Trojan Magnum

Trojan Magnum

A leader in the business of big condoms is Trojan Magnum and for good reasons.

They're larger than your standard latex condoms and provide much more comfort.

The premium quality latex continues to reduce your risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases while the smooth lubricant adds sensitivity and comfort to your experience.

These are always recommended as the best condoms for large girth.

You know with a name like Trojan behind them they're sure to be everything you need and more.

Trojan Magnum Bareskin Lubricated Condoms

Trojan Magnum Bareskin Lubricated Condoms

If you enjoy the Trojan Magnum condoms but are looking for a little more pleasure out of your large size condoms, then this is your pick.

The Bareskin version of Magnum condoms are twenty percent thinner than the regular style and the thinnest Magnum branded condom you can currently find on the market.

It features a contoured shape for your added comfort as well as a smooth lubricant to keep you pleasured.

This is just another fantastic choice in your search for the best large size condoms.

Lifestyles Skyn Polyisoprene Large Condoms

Lifestyles Skyn Polyisoprene Large Condoms

If you suffer from a latex allergy and thought you wouldn’t be able to find the proper XL condoms to suit you, then you thought wrong.

This Lifestyle Skyn condom is made from polyisoprene and manufactured in the United States.

It gives you a softer, more natural feel than latex and is clinically proven to enhance your pleasure.

You're going to experience optimal enjoyment with this brand of condom because it contains a long-lasting lubricant to keep you comfortable for a long time.

This is easily my pick for the best condom for large girth if you struggle with a latex allergy.

LifeStyles SKYN LARGE Condoms

LifeStyles SKYN LARGE Condoms

These big condoms are the original version of the ones I talked about above.

They were, in fact, the first ever large sized condoms to be made from the polyisoprene material for those who suffer from an allergy to latex.

No longer do you have to let your allergies stand in the way of your enjoyment.

They're clinically proven to enhance your sensitivity and bring you maximum pleasure. You’ll enjoy the long lasting smooth lubricant from this brand.

ONE The Legend

ONE The Legend

A lesser known name in the industry, but still one of the best large condoms, ONE The Legend provides for a wider and longer fit that will improve your comfort level.

It's not only larger around the base but also is bigger at the head.

Most larger condoms only provide extra room around the base.

It will remain close through the middle, however, to ensure that it stays in one place and continues to protect you.

One of the main things you'll notice about this brand is that they are softer, smoother, purer and overall more pleasurable for both partners. That’s a win-win situation.


You've now seen that there are many great options in your search for the best large condom and while there isn’t one answer that’s right for every man, there are plenty of choices available to help you find the perfect fit.

Get back to enjoying your sex life with the added room you need in a condom.