Our Complete Guide To The World’s 5 Most Comfortable Pillows

comfortable pillows

Everybody knows the importance of good night’s sleep, and a comfortable pillow plays a big role.

With the right pillow, you'll be ready for every day and full of energy.

A great pillow can mean the end of sleepless nights and neck or back pain.

Pillows haven't always looked as they do today, with the Ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures using hard pillows, made of stone or wood.

It was the Romans and Greeks who first used soft pillows. The use didn't become widespread until after the industrial revolution.

These days, we're spoilt for choice when shopping for something on which to lay our head, but choosing the right pillow can be hard.

Your sleeping position will determine what type of pillow is the best choice for you.

There are many companies that make pillows and that wide selection can be overwhelming. Design and pillow materials are important considerations in addition to simply the price.

We’ve decided to make your job easier by choosing the best pillow brands and introducing you to them.

Coop Home Goods

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Coop Home Goods mission is to make your life better.

They know the importance of a good night's sleep, and their wide selection of support pillows demonstrate that.

Their pillows are made from memory foam that provides the best sleeping experience for any sleeping position.

If you sleep on your side, Coop Home Goods have a great selection of comfortable pillows for side sleepers.

All their pillows are made in the USA, machine washable, hypoallergenic and they have a 5 year warranty.

They also have a 30-day returns policy with no questions asked, but I think when you get your hands on one of their pillows you'll never part ways.

Snuggle Pedic

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Snuggle Pedic is a health conscious pillow brand.

Their pillows are made from high-quality and very resilient foam that provides great support for your neck and back.

These pillows are amazingly soft and allow customization by moving pieces of foam.

Snuggle Pedic offers a 3 month trial and a 20 year warranty, exactly the peace of mind you need to help you sleep easy!

Sleep Better

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Sleep Better pillows are designed to suit all types of sleeping positions. They are very comfortable pillow for side sleepers especially.

Their pillows are so comfortable as they have a specially designed space for your arm.

If you like sleeping with your arm tucked under your head, this is the pillow for you.

Sleep Better pillows are made from memory foam that bounces back into its original shape, so you are guaranteed the same level of comfort every night.

As the brand name says, you will indeed sleep better with their pillows.


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Mediflow pillows have a water base; their water pouch is support for soft fiber filling.

Clinical studies have shown that Mediflow pillows help with neck pain, increases comfort and rest, minimize tossing and turning, and even freshen your appearance.

Who wouldn’t like to wake up looking younger?

The water base is easy to fill, and can be adjusted by adding or removing water from the pouch. You can make your unique comfortable pillow to fit your needs and desires completely.

This pillow will give you everything you need for improved sleep and will help you feel and look better.


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This is a fairly new brand, but with a vast selection of different, comfort pillows.

They use high end materials and their pillows have a luxurious feel.

Part of their pillow collection is made with cooling gel, ensuring your pillow remains the same temperature as your room.

Like some of the other brands, ViscoSoft pillows use memory foam to that your VicoSoft pillow retains its shape.

Their line of pillows targets all sleeping positions, so if you have neck pain or you're a side or back sleeper you'll have no problem finding the right pillow for you.

With their high end design, and optimal thermal experience, you'll sleep like a baby every night.

​What Makes These Pillows So Comfortable?

​The brands above all offer very different pillows to one another, but they do have one thing in common.

They have all been designed carefully with people with specific sleeping styles and preferences in mind.

Each has also all been made using the finest materials available that will stand the test of time. 

​What is an incredibly comfortable, firm pillow for one person may feel like sleeping on a rock to someone else.

If someone prefers sturdy support for their head, they won't go into raptures over a pile of soft, downy, squidgy pillows.

I'm confident that everyone will find something on the list above that could have been made for them.

Chances are that these pillows may be slightly more expensive than ones that you have bought in the past at your local store.

One-size-fits-all pillows might be cheap, ​but if you really want to treat yourself to the best possible night's sleep, you'll never regret investing in the most comfortable pillow for you. 

In Summary

Choosing the perfect pillow for you can be hard, even if you're looking for the softest pillow imaginable.

You've probably slept in enough beds and on enough pillows, however, to have a very good idea of what it is that your head is crying out to be rested on at the end of a long, hard day. 

All of these five pillow brands are fantastic options when looking for comfortable pillows, with their products not only helping you sleep, but potentially helping with other ailments such as neck and back problems.

Pick out the best one for you, and reap the benefits for years to come.