The Best Wheelchair Cushion For Preventing Pressure Sores

best wheelchair cushion for preventing pressure sores

When it comes to a wheelchair cushion, it’s imperative to find the right one.

A regular cushion or pillow on the seat just isn’t efficient enough to endure sitting for long periods of time. It flattens easily and doesn't help prevent pressure sores.

Pressure sores are extremely common amongst wheelchair users, and in order to avoid them wheelchair users should perform pressure relief every 15 or 30 minutes.

On top of that, however, the right wheelchair cushion can work wonders. 

There are many options on the market, but which one suits best?

We’ve reviewed the best wheelchair cushions to prevent pressure sores and provide the best all-day comfort, to help save you time and money.

What Makes a Good Wheelchair Cushion?

A wheelchair cushion shouldn’t be a regular cushion or pillow.

These don't provide the right support, and leave you slouching, and you still end up with pressure sores.

They also can slide everywhere. Good wheelchair cushions were built with long-term sitting in mind.

They should help distribute weight to prevent sores and slouching.

They should promote a healthy posture.

Wheelchair cushions could also have a contoured base, fitting to the natural curves of the human body.

Gel or memory foam cushions are the best for these.

They’re not just great for wheelchairs, but for any chair.

If you want to prevent pressure sores, or even relieve existing pain, opt for that wheelchair cushion over a regular cushion.

The Best Wheelchair Cushion

Keiba Coccyx Seat Cushion

The Keiba Coccyx Seat Cushion is one of the best wheelchair cushions for pressure sores.

This contoured cushion combines two elements to provide optimal comfort: ultra premium memory foam and a gel cushion.

The memory foam means that the cushion fits the body and the gel cushion provides a cooling layer of extra comfort.

It maintains a healthy temperature by reducing trapped body heat that normally occurs when sitting for long periods of time with a thick cushion.

The cushion is specifically designed to relieve pressure especially on the coccyx (tailbone), lower back, hip, spine, and sciatica areas.

It promotes good posture and spine alignment, which helps prevent slouching which can lead to further aches and pains.

This cushion is firm, providing great support, yet has the perfect amount of softness for comfortable seating.

It has an even weight distribution which makes it the best wheelchair cushion for preventing pressure sores.

This cushion will not flatten out over time. It comes with a lovely velour cover that has a zipper in the rear for easy cleaning.

It also has a non-slip bottom, preventing it from moving out from underneath you or shifting when getting in and out of the chair.

It measures 14 inches long x 18 inches wide x 3 inches thick and fits in most standard wheelchairs.

Pros & Cons

This cushion is great for so much more than preventing pressure sores.

The Keiba also provides soothing support for bed sores, especially with the cooling gel layer.

It helps with other existing issues as well such as lower back pain or a fractured or bruised tailbone.

Users receive relief from sciatica or nerve pain and also slipped or herniated discs.

One of the biggest details of this wheelchair cushion that people love is the cooling gel.

It can make all the difference when it comes to long-term sitting! Right away you will notice a difference when you sit on it, even though the velour cover.

Memory foam tends to have its own odd smell and this is no exception. It’s been reported to go away over time though with use.

This may be a downfall for some but is expected of memory foam products.

This cushion isn’t just great for wheelchairs. It can be used on other chairs either at work, in the car, or even on a plane.

So, in addition to being great for wheelchair use, this truly is one of the best cushions for pressure sores!

Should I Buy This Product?

The Keiba Coccyx Seat cushion has earned its place as the best wheelchair cushion for pressure sores.

With its combination of superior-grade memory foam with a layer of cooling gel, this cushion will keep pressure sores away or help with existing bed sores.

It will promote good posture and help prevent aches and pains in your lower back, tailbone, spine, and hips.

Keep your body in good shape and spine in healthy order with our choice of best wheelchair cushion.