Smooth, Clear Voice: Drink The Best Tea For Singers

best tea for singers

I'm not be a professional singer, despite really going for it when I’m alone in the house.

However, I do know that there are certain things that can help prepare your vocal chords for a performance.

I also know that tea is one of my absolute favorite things in the world – green, herbal, milky, spicy chai - I love all of it.

Which is a weird coincidence given that I’ve just found the best tea for singers to help look after your voice and body. Strange.

This ginger tea from Yogi is a great treat for your body and will help you during practice, auditions and performances.

Ginger tea is probably my favorite tea out there. Ancient Indian and Chinese cultures used ginger for all kinds of medicinal purposes.

It has been around for 5,000 years for a reason! It works wonders on a stressed, tense body, upset stomach and nausea, and also tastes delicious.

This is a great tea to drink if you’re a singer as it warms the body, keeps you hydrated and helps you reach those high notes.


When buying a ginger tea for singers, there are a few things to take into consideration before you head to the store and get totally overwhelmed.

I don't know about you, but if I have more than one option, I just can't make a decision unless I have a bit of guidance. 

Teabags or Loose Leaf?

As with all teas, decide if you’d like to go for teabags or loose leaf tea.

Teabags are clearly the more practical option. They’re easy to take with you to work, to the studio or when you're travelling for singing. They’re cheap and they’re ready to go.

Loose leaf teas or infusions often have a slightly different, nicer flavor, in my opinion, but can be a total faff if you’re running late for singing practice and just need a cuppa to get you going.

Tea bags tend to be cheaper, too, which is something to think about if you’re really going to commit to it and become a total tea-freak.

Lay Off the Caffeine

I like caffeine-free teas most of the time, and ginger teas nearly always are.

It’s worth checking the packaging though, as some brands like to use ginger alongside energy boosters.

Although a boost of energy might sound great to get you through a long day at the microphone or a performance, caffeine is dehydrating, which can have an effect on your voice.

It's also not so great if you want a soothing, pre-bed drink. 

As Pure As Your Voice

Organic, non-GMO products will always be at the top of my list. I like drinking herbal teas for the taste, as well as for all the wonders they do for my body.

There’s no point drinking a healthy, wholesome brew only to find out it’s loaded with chemicals!

Your voice is naturally beautiful, so you need to nourish it with natural ingredients. 

If you’re after the best tea for singers, make sure you stay organic and safe.

Mix It Up 

Make sure that whatever tea you buy tastes good when mixed with honey or lemon.

Ginger tea goes wonderfully with a bit of honey and lemon, which are soothing for your throat and have antibacterial qualities, so can ward off any nasty bugs that might be lurking.

Ginger itself is a great anti-inflammatory, so if there is anything brewing in your throat it can help you fight it and keep you in good voice. 

Yogi Ginger Tea

Yogi Ginger Tea

Yogi are one of the best brands out there when it comes to herbal teas, and this ginger tea is no exception.

It’s organic and GMO-free, so I feel safe and healthy drinking it.

The ginger has a lovely flavor, too – very warming without being too spicy.

This is a great tea for singers as it warms the throat and loosens everything up so that you can do your best.

This tea is great value for money, too, coming in at under $4 for 16 teabags.

The fact that it’s in teabags is also really helpful, as it means you can easily bung one in a hot flask before heading out to work or for a stroll.

I love my loose leaf teas, but even I can see that they’re not 100% practical for someone on-the-go!

Pros & Cons

This is a wonderful little product for any singers out there, as well as people who just want a bit more of a boost.

It’s caffeine-free, but gives you such a great feeling without the energy spikes. This is the best tea for singers as it hydrates you quickly, warms your vocal chords and helps you feel great and ready to go.

I love this because I trust the Yogi brand so much. Their teas are natural, organic and GMO-free, which is something I really care about when buying anything to eat or drink.

It’s great value for money, too, at just under $4 for 16 lovely little bags of joy.

For some people, the flavor may be a little too much. If you prefer sweet ginger to spicy, just add a few drops of honey.

Sure, it makes it a little less healthy, but it still tastes lovely and will really help to soothe your throat between performances (even if they are just for your imaginary audience while you shower!)

What Else Can You Do To Improve Your Singing Voice?

Drinking a tea isn't only the weapon in your arsenal when you need to keep your voice in good shape.

Here are a few other ways that you can look after it:

No Dairy

This is one that a lot of people don't realise when they're new to the world of singing.

However, dairy has a high fat content which means it can thicken the mucous in your airways, which can make it harder to hit the high notes. 

Although some people think this one's a myth, it's still best to avoid dairy leading up to a big performance, to be on the safe side. 

No Caffeine

As we mentioned above, caffeine is dehydrating. Your vocal cords need moisture to work at their best and keep them loose. 

If they're dry, they're more susceptible to injury, and take longer to recover, so steer clear of the coffee. 

No Soda 

There are some people that say this is nonsense, but a lot of singers completely swear off any kind of soda, mostly due to the sugars and gases.

Obviously, burping isn't something that's going to do your performance any favours, but this one is normally down to you to decide on. 

If you find that soda has a negative effect on you, stop drinking it, and your voice will thank you, as well as your general health.

If you don't have any issues, then go ahead. It is, after all, your body!

Get a Full Night's Sleep

This one is totally non-negotiable. Any singer, amateur to rock star, will tell you that losing sleep is the quickest way to losing your voice. 

An Australian study in 2011 proved that a lack of sleep can make significant changes to your voice. 

If you want to sing well, get that 7-9 hours a night, every night. 

No Smoking

I don't think I really need to elaborate on this one. 

It's common knowledge, and common sense, that inhaling tobacco smoke, or smoke of any kind, for that matter, is not a good idea. 


If you’re after a delicious, healthy tea to help warm up your voice, look no further - this natural ginger tea from Yogi is the best out there.

It’s got a lovely, low price tag but is very high quality. This tea will help your body in so many ways.

Even if you’re not a singer, it’s so, so worth it for all the healthy boosts you’ll get from incorporating it into your life.