Find The Best Sunscreen For Fishing, Hiking & Cycling

best sunscreen for fishing

We all love getting out in the sun, but having to constantly apply sunscreen can be a bit of a pain.

That said, it’s so important to stay safe in the sun, what with skin cancer rates soaring. In fact, each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than long, colon, prostate and breast cancer combined.

Nothing's worth risking your health! That's why I’ve found a product that works hard to keep your skin protected, whatever you’re getting up to.

This is the best sunscreen for fishing and making the most of the sunshine. Hawaiin Tropic is a great brand that you can really trust when it comes to looking after your skin.

I’ll go through why I’ve chosen their product, as well as offering up some general tips for buying suncare products.


When you’re looking to buy sunscreen, there are a few things to consider before making a purchase.

For one, check the SPF! Make sure whatever you’re buying is strong enough to protect your skin.

Regardless of how well you tan, make sure you’re using something that will also offer protection and look after you when you’re out in the sun.

I normally go for spray bottles as I find them easy to apply, but this product I’ve chosen is still one of the best out there, despite being a cream.

Think about what kind of application you find easiest. Some people opt for oils, others prefer the more traditional sun creams.

I like having something that I can apply and rub in easily without being covered in sticky, white streaks. I also like being able to rinse it off at the end of the day without having to do a full-body exfoliation session.

Speaking of rinsing off, I normally go for something water-resistant so that it only comes off when I choose it to.

Being outdoors is all about immersing yourself in nature, so I’ve found the best sunscreen for fishing so that you stay safe and protected in the water.

It sticks to your skin while you’re in the water, so you can swim without stressing about simultaneously burning!

Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen

Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen

I’ve chosen this Hawaiin Tropic sunscreen for several reasons.

It works, it smells amazing and it actually nourishes your skin as well as protecting it.

This sunscreen is water resistant, so is great if you’re off on a fishing trip, working up a sweat while hiking or going for a dip.

It’s a light cream that rubs in really easily, without leaving that horrible, sticky, greasy feel that you get with a lot of other sunscreens.

This product also happens to smell amazing. Not the number one priority with suncare, sure, but it’s a big plus in my books.

This sunscreen is super hydrating, so is great for using while you’re working hard in the sun. For me, it’s the best sunscreen for hiking as it keeps your skin moisturized while you’re sweating your way up a mountain.

For just over $7, you’re getting a great product that is actively helping your skin stay safe and healthy, as well as protecting you from the sun.

Pros & Cons

Money is always going to be a factor when it comes to buying any kind of product. While I like to keep my budget relatively low, I want to make sure I’m still getting high quality.

With this Hawaiin Tropic sunscreen, you’re getting an absolute bargain. This is a super nourishing, safe sunscreen and is so cheap in comparison to other, similar products on the market.

It’s got a really lovely feel to it and glides on to your skin when you apply it.

It rubs in very easily and doesn’t take long to dry at all, meaning you don’t end up with gross smears all over your clothes.

It’s lightweight and silky, so doesn’t leave you with a greasy feeling while you try and dry!

This is the best sunscreen for cycling and other outdoor activities as it’s water resistant and means you can splash around, sweat and cool off without worrying about it wearing off. Ideal on long bike rides or intense hikes.

The cons? I love the smell, but for those who prefer unfragranced products, you might be a bit put off.

It’s got a nice, tropical smell to it – kind of coconutty – so be aware of that before you purchase it. I personally love walking around smelling like a Pina Colada, but it’s something to bear in mind for those who don’t feel the same way (you strange, strange people).


In short, I love this sunscreen. It really is the best sunscreen for fishing and getting active outdoors. It’s easy to apply, quick to dry and offers great protection against the sun.

It’s water resistant, so you don’t have to constantly reapply it while you’re sweating, which is always a plus.

For me, the icing on the cake is that it’s actually good for your skin long-term, not just while you’re in the sun. It actively moisturizes and hydrates your skin, keeping your body healthy and glowing.

Happy days!