Bed Reviews: Get The Best Latex Mattress For Side Sleepers

best latex mattress

As a health-conscious side sleeper, having the best latex mattress for side sleepers is crucial to you getting the best night’s sleep that you possibly can. While it might seem like all mattresses are designed to provide overall body support for all sleeping positions, a one-size-fits-all kind of deal, this is simply not the case.

Being someone that falls asleep on their side, you need a mattress that's specifically designed to provide your body with the much-needed orthopedic and spinal support to prevent you experiencing sub-par sleep quality. This helps you avoid unnecessary and avoidable bodily aches and pains.

A latex mattress might  be just the thing for you. Did you know that the first latex mattress was sold in 1931? ​It's a great alternative to memory foam that many people prefer. 

In this review I'll  be helping you pinpoint the best latex mattress to ensure you get the quality sleep you deserve.

5 Top Latex Mattress for Side Sleepers

Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Twin Mattress

Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Twin Mattress

This super quality mattress is one of the best latex mattresses, receiving over 4,000 positive latex mattress reviews. It shares some qualities of memory foam, but without the memory foam side-effects.

The lightweight twin mattress is well-known for being not too hard or too soft. It's renowned for providing relief to pressure points by allowing for better blood flow and support for side sleepers.

The Contour 8-Inch provides much needed support for a side sleeper's spine, helping to relieve pressure along the hips, back, neck, and shoulders.

Brooklyn Bedding Latex Mattress King

Brooklyn Bedding Latex Mattress King

Brooklyn Bedding has created with this, a breathable and luxurious latex mattress that's guaranteed to provide you with a better quality of sleep.

With passageways specifically designed for airflow and temperature regulation, and the resilient foam contouring one’s body shape for spinal alignment, Brooklyn Bedding has created one of the best latex mattresses for side sleepers.

The mattress has been designed with a quality core to ensure that it retains its comfort and longevity throughout its years of use, ensuring that the core won't sag prematurely.

The durable latex fibers make this mattress highly flexible, as well as mold, mildew and dust mite resistant.

Ultimate Dreams Cushion Firm Latex Mattress by Dream Foam

Ultimate Dreams Cushion Firm Latex Mattress by Dream Foam

This is a 10-Inch Ultra Plush Latex mattress that comes with a quilted, 100% biodegradable bamboo cover that's softer and four-times more absorbent than cotton.

This allows for a softer, cooler, drier, more comfortable sleep. This mattress comes available in multiple firmness levels, better tailoring and satisfying individual comfort and support needs.

The 3-inches of Talalay Latex foam provide instant body contouring for outstanding orthopedic support and pressure relief.

This latex mattress also features a 6-inch, high performance, 1.5lb density foam base that boasts anti-bacterial properties.

Ultimate Dreams King Eurotop Latex Mattress

Ultimate Dreams King Eurotop Latex Mattress

Custom made to order for your desired firmness, the King Eurotop Latex Mattress seems to be among the best latex mattress around today.

With 3-inches of Talalay Latex foam for extraordinary pressure relief and orthopedic support, including an 8-inch, high-density convoluted base foam, Ultimate Dreams has surely created the best latex mattress for side sleepers.

The increased airflow and comfortability will allow you to sleep with less tossing and turning due to the increased latex foam support. It's ideal for allergy sufferers as it's hypoallergenic as well as breathable.

This mattress is made to order and comes with an additional, 100% biodegradable quilted bamboo cover.

LUCID 16 Inch Plush Memory Foam and Latex Mattress – Four-Layer

LUCID 16 Inch Plush Memory Foam and Latex Mattress – Four-Layer

The four layers present in this mattress have been brought together to provide the ultimate in comfort and sleep satisfaction.

The bamboo charcoal memory foam layer is particularly good for those with sensitive skin, and acts as a natural thermoregulatory.

The 3-inch memory foam layer is lighter and ventilated for greater breathability, while a 2-inch layer of natural latex provides an additional layer of comfort.

The latex and memory foam combination providers you with premium orthopedic support and pressure relief for your neck, back and shoulders. LUCID have used a more resistant, open-cell memory foam in this mattress that won't leave long-lasting body impressions.


Not getting the quality sleep that you so rightly deserve is simply an injustice. Having to manage the results of poor sleep quality and the accompanying aches and pains daily can now become a thing of the past.

With the latest in top-quality mattresses for side sleepers, getting the much-needed support that you want is now easier than ever. Investing in a mattress that's specifically designed to help you get the best possible rest for the way that you sleep, is one of the decisions you can make.

After all, a better quality of sleep means a better quality of life!