Amla Oil Hair Growth: Everything You Need To Know

amla oil hair growth

If you haven’t heard of amla oil for hair growth before, I’ll give you the low down.

It comes from the Indian gooseberry tree, also known as the amalaki tree. The fruit is picked and dried, and then immersed in some type of carrier oil. It's typically sesame or coconut.

Once the fruits have been steeped for a few days, they’re removed. Then the oil is purified. You’re left with, you guessed it, amla oil.

The oil can be applied to the skin as a great natural moisturizer. It’s even said to help prevent cancer.

Amla is high in a multitude of minerals and vitamins and is known for its high iron levels. This can be great for improving memory.

The oil has a variety of uses, but the one for which it's most famous is in hair treatment and regrowth.

The Method

There are a few ways in which to use amla oil to get great effects for thicker, fuller hair and to prevent hair loss.

You can add a few drops to your favourite shampoo and use it daily to help boost hair growth. It will give it an overall shiny appearance.

You can warm it between your palms and massage it into your scalp and along hair strands to give it shine.

Leave the oil on for about 15 minutes before rinsing well. Avoid getting any in your eyes.

Another method involves massaging the oil into your scalp and along hair and then putting on a shower cap. Leave it overnight and rinse it out in the morning.

Be sure to protect your bedding as the oil can stain material.


Amla Hair Oil Vadik Herbs

So now you know what amla oil is, and the benefits it can provide for your hair.

But which is the best amla oil for hair growth?

Ladies and gents, I give you Amla Hair Oil by Vadik Herbs!

This 8oz bottle (tinted to protect the quality of the oil from sunlight) can be used by women and men alike for both facial hair and the hair on your head.

Vadik Herbs' variety of amla oil is great applied as is, or mixed with another carrier oil (coconut oil smells wonderful). It won’t leave a greasy film when you rinse it out.

It won’t affect colour treated hair and will improve the feel and softness of any hair type, whether the user is closer to 7 or 77.

Pros And Cons

Probably the most obvious pro is the positive affect this oil has on overall hair health.

Using Vadik Herbs Amla oil for hair growth will mean a thicker, healthier head of hair in a shorter period of time than with other oils.

Adding such a pure oil as this to your beauty or grooming routine also means you’ll avoid the use of harsh chemicals and the potential side effects that go with them.

Because it can be used by both men and women, you won’t need to buy separate products for you and your spouse. It’s safe to use on even your children’s heads.

One potential con of amla oil, in general, is that it can have a musky smell depending on how pure it is.

It’s best used at home when you don’t have any plans, or mixed with a shampoo or conditioner to mask the smell.

If too much is applied it can actually reverse the moisturizing qualities and dry out your skin. Use it sparingly at first to see how your skin reacts.

In Summary

If you want to make beauty improvements and want to do it in as natural a way as possible, amla oil should be on your list.

Vadik Herbs is a trustworthy company that has a proven track record and a following of happy, loyal customers. This is the best product of its type on the market today.

Stop worrying about thinning hair and take action instead.

Massaging the warmed oil into your scalp will help increase circulation, and thus promote hair regrowth.

The properties of this oil will also help to prevent hair loss in the first place. For men, it’s also safe for use on beards to thicken, soften, and add shine.

For women, it’s wonderful for brows and eyelashes as well.

Put this on your shopping list and experience the benefits of amla oil.