Saving Energy Saves on Hair Damage

Save Energy And Hair damage

In these times, people are concerned about the amount of energy they consume. They’re worried about leaving a too big environmental footprint.

But did you know that by taking the right steps to conserve energy, you can also keep your hair looking beautiful? 

That’s right, a little cut back on energy is a win-win situation for you. Not only do you help conserve energy and protect the environment, you can also avoid damaging your hair.

Here are some tips on how to do both- save energy and protect your hair. This article will provide you with some good tips on how to do both- save energy and protect your hair.

But first, we’ll address a couple of other issues.

Hair Styling Tools & Your Hair

One of the biggest drawbacks to using heat styling tools is that these tools don’t contribute anything to your hair except to make it look better faster.

These tools can only change your hair if they do damage to it. They break down hydrogen bonds to give you that great look.

Heat styling tools also remove needed vitamins and oils your hair has to have if it’s going to grow properly and be healthy.

The overuse of heat styling tools not only consumes energy, but it also defeats your purpose in having a great head of hair.

Cutting back on heat styling tools is a key to lowering your environmental footprint.

The Damage Heat Styling Tools Do To Your Hair

We understand that there are times and styles that demand the use of heat styling tools. Their use might a vital part of a woman’s preparation for a big date or an office meeting, or whatever.

It’s not just women, people of all genders use heat styling tools to get the look they’re after.

BUT their overuse can defeat the purpose of using these heat styling tools. Heat styling tools bring nothing to the table when it comes to hair health. Heat styling tools can lead to hair breakage, dry out the hair, and they contribute to hair loss.

If you notice your hair is getting thinner, then it’s time to put the heat styling tools down. You need to go for other options in styling your hair.

Heat styling tools are only great for styling, not keeping your head of hair healthy.

Our Tips

1. Let nature dry your hair

Air drying is the safest way to protect both your hair and save on energy. You can also save time.

Instead of rushing in the morning to do your hair routine, so you can be on time to work, wash your hair the night before and simply let it air dry.

This will relieve stress and make your day go better. You save time, protect your hair and consume less energy.

2. Skip A day

There’s no law that says you have to use heat styling tools every day. To save on your energy use and protect your hair, feel free to skip a day.

Be innovative and try a different hairstyle that doesn’t require using too much energy. This strategy will show your creativity, your flexibility and protect the integrity of your hair.

3. Use lower temperatures

Cutting back on energy use doesn’t mean you have to eliminate heat tools altogether. You may need them to achieve those hard to style hairdos.

You can lower your environmental footprint by using the adjustable temperature controls and selecting a lower heat setting. This may take longer but your hair will be grateful.

4. Cool is cool

One smart way to avoid hair damage when using heat styling tools is to use the cool setting. This stops you from helping heat damage your hair and cuts down on your energy use.

It takes energy to heat up your hair dryer and so on. You can feel good about yourself and look good because you’re not being an energy hog.

5. Your hair should be dry

Heat styling tools take up more energy when you use them on wet hair. That’s because they have to work longer and harder to get your hair dry as you style it.

Let your hair dry completely before using any heat styling tools. Towel drying is good if you don’t rub vigorously. You can combine towel drying with air drying to save on your energy bill.

6. Use hair ‘sun’ screen

If you’re bent on using heat styling tools then do for your hair what you do for your skin when sunbathing. Put a little heat screen on your hair before styling.

This small act will save you from a lot of hair damage that comes from using heat styling tools. But make sure you use a lower temperature, so you conserve energy.

7. Avoid repetition

There’s a myth going around that the more you do one area the better the reinforcement of the style. That’s incorrect.

All you’re doing with being repetitive is bringing damage to your hair. You’re also wasting electricity. 

There’s no need to cover the same part of your hair repeatedly. One and done isn’t just for college basketball, it applies to your hair styling too.

Some Final Words

It’s a given that we all want to look our best, and whatever gender we are, heat styling tools might be our secret weapon!

Unfortunately, these tools can work against our purpose and in this environmentally friendly world that may not be the smart action to take.

Heat styling tools hurt the hair if overused and consume far too much energy.

It’s difficult to feel good about how you look while having a large environmental footprint. Being an energy hog detracts from looking one’s best.

But you can prevent hair damage while conserving energy! It’s not the impossible dream.

Send the right message to everyone you meet. You’re just as concerned about the environment as you are about your looks.

 Jack Hoover​​​​ 

 Editor in Chief ​

​The Barbr

Jack Hoover is the editor in chief at The Barbr – a Hair Care blog dedicated to providing honest advice, trustable information about the topic. To learn more about his work, you can visit his Twitter.