Why Functional Beverages are Changing the Drinks Market

hot and cold functional beverages

It is quite easy to notice how important it is to people to stay healthy, follow a balanced diet, and practise sports. 

The modern trend has forced the beverage market to change and adjust to the demand of customers. The popularity of functional beverages is still growing, with more and more companies introducing better and better products. Why are functional beverages changing the drinks market?

Why are functional beverages popular?

We can hear everywhere how important it is to drink a certain amount of water and other liquids to stay hydrated and healthy. Yet, drinking water only is not a pleasure for some, and they need some extras, but they don’t always choose free-of-sugar drinks.

Functional beverages not only hydrate us but also provide our bodies with vitamins and minerals coming from tea and botanical extracts, or coffee beans. It’s crucial to choose the drinks of renowned brands, which take care not only of marketing but also of clean labels, sustainability, and natural sources of extracts. 

When looking for functional beverages it’s worth trying the products of a functional beverage manufacturer, Finlays, which is best described by three words – organic, versatile, and sustainable.

The influence on health and lifestyles

With the growing popularity of functional beverages, it’s natural there are some areas of our lives that change. The best example is the influence on our health and lifestyles, and consequently, the industries that offer their services in these two areas.

Consumers, aware of the impact that for example sugar and artificial flavours, or preservatives have on our bodies, want drinks free of all of these substances, forcing the manufacturers to change their production lines.

It’s not enough to get rid of sugar and artificial ingredients – consumers expect natural products, which are beneficial for them. Superfoods or plant-based extracts are the most desired now. Any manufacturer with a clean label, and naturally derived minerals, flavours, and vitamins, will grow in popularity and fame.

Environmental protection

Consumers are not only more aware of how to protect their good condition but also of what they may personally do to save the planet from destruction. That’s why the choice of functional beverages coming from the best source only, made of natural ingredients, is made to help the environment.

We don’t want to use plastic bottles for the advantage of reusable bottles, which requires us a new range of ready-to-drink formats, allowing consumers to grab them while commuting, at work, or during their daily activities. Just Add Water solutions, caffeine powder, and tea extracts from Finlays are just perfect for the purpose.

Tea leaves or coffee beans must be harvested in a sustainable way, and there is no better example of such a way of production than Finlays, which has its farm in the heart of Kericho, Africa. What’s more, Finlays creates a real community in the spot, with the residents of Kericho working on the farm. Other brands need to take an example.