Travel Water Filters: A Buyer’s Guide To The Best Products

Water is an essential part of our everyday lives. Not just any water, but clean and safe drinking water.

On those days you're out hiking, camping or scouting, it may not be easy to find clean drinking water.

Though you may find some clear water like a spring or river, you have no way of telling if it's safe to drink. If you have no form of water filter or purifier with you, then fast-moving water sources or water straight from a mountain spring is your best bet. 

However, it's always better to be safe than sorry, and to head out with the best equipment in your backpack. ​

I'm going to give you a list of the best water filters available.

They come in different forms and may use different techniques, but they all serve the same purpose of making your water safe and clean to drink.

With any of these water filters, you'll no longer have to worry about bacteria, protozoa or any particles when drinking water from the outdoors.

They give you the assurance of safety, and some even add mineral flavor to your water. Excellent right?

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

Sawyer products mini water filtration system

This filter comes in different colors including camouflage, pink, black, green and blue.

There's also the multi-colour gift pack. That can be a good gift to loved ones who are interested in outdoor activities.

It’s small in size, fitting in the palm of your hand. Its small size guarantees it's lightweight and thus easy to carry around.

A full Sawyer kit comes with:

• One Sawyer mini water filter with a tip cap

• One 7” drinking straw

• One 16 oz. reusable squeeze pouch

• One cleaning plunger

The filter is made to attach to the accompanying drinking pouch, any standard disposable water bottle, and hydration pack.

You can use the straw to drink directly from the water source. This makes it also easier to use irrespective of the water source.

This filter will ensure you are 99.99% protected from all bacteria such as cholera, and protozoa such as giardia.

Survivor Filter

Survivor filter

Just like the first filter, you'll still be able to get that gift pack for the fun-loving, outdoorsy person.

This travel water filter has a lifetime warranty and is made from military grade BPA. It also comes with a money back guarantee just in case you're not satisfied.

The survivor travel water purifier system is made up of three distinct parts.

These parts work separately to make sure that your water is completely safe for consumption.

  • The first part is the cotton filter that removes all particles from your water.
  • The second part is the internal ultra-filter. This section removes all pollen, algae, toxins, heavy metals and any other particles. It's easy to clean after every trip.
  • The third part and one more reason is the carbon filter which improves taste, can be reused up to 1,000 ltrs and is simple to replace.

Travel Berkey Water Filter

Travel Berkey water filter

This is the best travel water filter for a large group of people out hiking or camping.

It works well in emergencies where people need access to clean drinkable water, and also in conditions where fresh, clean water is generally preferred.

It holds 1.5 gallons of water. With its travel water purifier system it can filter up to 6000 gallons of water. It filters approximately 2 gallons of water in an hour.

The Berkey B72*2BB holds 1.5 gallons of water, is 7.5"*19" tall and is accompanied by two black Berkey filters. The package also comes with two PF2 filters.

Its size guarantees you not only a lot of water, but also clean and safe drinking water. You'll love this water filter when camping with friends and family.

Katadyn Hiker Microfilter

Katadyn Hiker Microfilter

As the name suggests, this travel water filter was made for all outdoor activities, but especially for hikers.

It comes only in one size but includes a meal pouch that insulates frozen or dried meals.

The product has a secure grip so that it doesn't become cumbersome to carry around. 

It's suitable for everyone from the camping beginner to the serious backpacker.

Its travel water purifier system is made up of a 0.2-micron glass fiber filter media and has activated carbon in the core.

The glass fiber filter ensures a high output with minimum effort, while the activated carbon not only removes chemicals but also improves the taste.

Survival Water Filter Straw

Survival water filter straw

This water filter comes in two colors, green and blue. It has  an 18-month warranty and 40-day money back guarantee.

The fact that it only weighs 3oz means you can take it anywhere.

It's easy to carry as it comes with a cord that you can use to hang it around your neck or on your backpack.

This system removes 99.99% of all waterborne bacteria and 99.99% of waterborne protozoan parasites.

This enables you to freely drink water from any source.

It filters up to 1000 liters of contaminated water without iodine, chlorine or other chemicals.


A great hike or camp is one on which you can all have access to clean and safe water to drink. Contaminated water can be an issue for everyone from casual campers to serious hikers. 

​Any of the water filters listed will ensure to clean all available water and water sources for you and make them clean and safe for use.

They're all easy to use and easy to carry and have excellent purifying systems.

Stay healthy on your next outdoor adventure!