Paleo For Weight Loss: A Complete Guide To Your Options

paleo for weight loss

So you have the best intentions.

At the weekend, you decide that this is it, this is the week when you’re really going to make changes.

Starting on Monday, you’re going to cook nutritional meals that will help you to slim down, whilst still being full of flavour.

Then you get to Monday and it’s a long, tiring day.

You either quickly knock up something bland and uninspiring, or you cave in and order takeout or get a ready meal from your local store.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you tell yourself that it doesn’t matter and that you’ll start tomorrow, then next week, month, year?

What you need is a guide that will take your hand and steer you through the weight loss process, teaching you how to make easy, nutritional and delicious meals in just minutes.

But Why Paleo?

In recent years the popularity of paleo has exploded all over the globe.

Paleo is about getting back to the diet that our ancestors would have originally eaten, and thrived on.

Cutting out things like dairy, grains, and processed sugars from our diets and turning to vegetables, fruit, meat, and seafood can have a whole plethora of positive effects on our body.

However people often go paleo chiefly for weight loss reasons.

Going paleo could be a great dietary choice and mean that you finally achieve those weight loss goals you’ve been striving towards for years, but you shouldn’t go it alone.

We’ve picked out our five favourite guides to paleo for weight loss, any of which will help you shed those pounds.

Fat Burning Chef

Fat Burning Man

The Fat Burning Chef cookbook, which you can download to your phone, tablet, or computer, is all about quick, tasty, easy to make meals.

The people behind this cookbook reckon that one of the main reasons that people fail to lose weight is they simply lack the time to cook.

They've made sure that all their recipes can be knocked up in a jiffy.

An impressive 28 cooks and bloggers have contributed recipes to this goldmine of a book.

They even throw in a second copy when you buy it so you can send it to a friend or family member who’s on a similar journey!

Fast Fat Burning Meals

Fat Burning Meal Club

The Fast Fat Burning Meals cookbook has the advantage of offering both paleo for weight loss and vegan options, meaning you can leave out the meat if you prefer.

The cookbook has 30 of their tastiest meals. All of them take less than fifteen minutes to make (that’s less time than you’ll have to wait if you order a pizza).

They’re organised into a handy 30-day meal plan so you won’t have to agonise over what to have for dinner.

The people behind this cookbook are so confident in it that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot

Fat Loss Troubeshoot

Leigh Peele is the woman behind Fat Loss Troubleshoot and her customers rave about the results.

This isn’t just a cookbook, although she throws one in that has plenty of delicious recipes in it.

It’s a full guide that explains weight loss in detail.

It looks at how energy works, exercising, how to maintain fat loss and even good meal timings, amongst other things.

Leigh believes that the first step to weight loss is educating yourself.

Leigh is another one that’s so confident you’ll love the book that she offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals

Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals

Whereas a lot of these weight loss guides focus on the individual, Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals, is exactly what it says on the tin.

It provides recipes that the whole family can enjoy that will still lead to weight loss.

There’s no need to cook one thing for the kids and sit there feeling jealous as you eat a bland ‘healthy’ meal, with this plethora of tasty, family meals.

With childhood obesity so rampant these days, this book will make you think twice about what you feed your children and help you keep them healthy and full of energy.

All meals are gluten and dairy-free.


Everyone’s needs are different, but we’re confident that one of these paleo for weight loss guides is the right one for you.

It'll help you to not just shed those pounds but to develop lasting, beneficial habits that will give you a new lease of life.

Check out the links and see for yourself what these plans could do for you.