Tiny Health Habits that Will Boost Your Energy Level and Health

Big changes to routines are intimidating and hard to stick with. Too often, people tackle bigger health habits than they can handle and end up feeling frustrated. It’s better to adopt tiny health habits and gradually add new ones over time. With this approach, you can boost your health, vitality, and energy level without becoming frustrated. Let’s look at small healthy habits you can implement today and start feeling better in days, weeks, or months.

A Daily 10-Minute Brisk Walk

You may be pressed for time, but can you spare 10 minutes to do something positive for your body? Studies show that as little as 10 minutes of exercise at a brisk pace offers health benefits. Despite the belief that exercise is tiring, a short workout can boost your energy level and cognitive function by boosting blood flow to the brain. You’ll get the greatest benefits by taking a brisk walk or jog outdoors. When you exercise outside, you also get the health benefits of being in nature, and your skin will soak up sunlight and produce more vitamin D. A low vitamin D level can affect bone and immune health, but can also make you feel tired. So, take a break each day and take a brisk walk. It’s only 10 minutes!

Switch Water for Soft Drinks

Soft drinks contain enough sugar to send your blood glucose level on a roller coaster ride. The concentrated sugar in these drinks causes a spike in blood sugar followed by a drop that leads to fatigue. Plus, soft drinks contain empty calories that end up on your waistline. In contrast, water is deeply hydrating and contains no sugar or calories. If you drink several soft drinks each day and switch to water, you could lose a substantial amount of weight over several months. Kick the soft drink habit and enjoy more of the universal liquid, water. If water is too “plain” for you, infuse water with fruit slices or herbs overnight to add more flavor. Stay hydrated too. Studies show that even mild dehydration, below the level where you feel thirsty, can cause fatigue.

Another way you can stay hydrated is by using an IV service in Las Vegas. Vitamin IV therapy delivers vitamins and nutrients to your body while quickly hydrating you, ensuring your body is fueled to face the day.

Get an Extra Hour of Sleep

Most people fall short of getting the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. So, it’s not surprising that many people feel sleepy or lack motivation during the day. Break that cycle by adding an extra hour, or at least 30 minutes, to your nightly sleep schedule. Lack of sleep causes fatigue and reduces cognitive function, but it also negatively affects your immune system and increases the likelihood of catching a cold. Find a way to make your day more efficient so you can squeeze more sleep into your schedule. It matters.

A Daily Dose of Sunshine

Sunshine is a mood elevator and fatigue fighter. It also helps your body produce more vitamin D. Try to get outside for 10 minutes or more on sunny days. If that’s impossible, open up the blinds or curtains and expose your eyes to as much natural light as possible. The earlier you expose your eyes to natural light in the morning, the better. Doing this helps set your body’s internal biological clock in a healthy manner. That’s important since your biological clock regulates the release of hormones that impact your health and mood.

5-Minute Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a great way to shift your thoughts away from worry and back to the present. It’s like a vacation for your mind and a way to banish worries that zap your energy and make you feel tired. You don’t have to spend 30 minutes in deep meditation to get the benefits. Even a five-minute session can break the cycle of worry and help reboot and boost your motivation and energy level.

Reset Your Metabolism

Your nutrition and eating habits have a lot to do with your energy. Digestion itself requires a lot of energy especially with process and high carbohydrate foods. A program like the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation from Purium, will reset your metabolism, help you lose weight if you need to, improve the readily available nutrition in your system and increase your energy.

The Bottom Line

Keep your habits small and manageable and you’ll have more success sticking with them. Now you have five tiny habits that, over time, can boost your health, energy level, and outlook. Pick one and get started.


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