The Cleaning Power Of Water: Best Water Flosser

best water flosser

Water flossers are becoming more and more popular these days and are starting to take the place of floss.

If you’re one of those people that hate to floss or really find it difficult or painful to floss, then investing in a water flosser would be a great option for you.

Did you know that 20% of Americans never floss? If you fall into that category, perhaps a water flosser would appeal to you more. 

Water flossers are very effective at getting in between your teeth and loosening and removing plaque that your regular toothbrush can’t.

Some people also opt for water flossers to avoid throwing nylon floss into landfill, as it can be dangerous for animals, even strangling them. 

I’ve put together my list of the top five best water flossers. I'll discuss all their different features to help you choose the one that is perfect for you.

So, let’s get started!

Waterpik W100 Ultra Water Flosser

Waterpik W100 Ultra Water Flosser

This premium water flosser has been clinically proven to be 93% more effective than flossing itself. That makes this a definite contender in my top five list.

This unit delivers ten different water pressure settings of 10 to 90 psi with 1200 pulses per minute.

This is a great water flosser for braces because it comes with six different tips. One of them is made specifically for those who have braces.

It’s not too large, is very quiet and is rated number one by dentists and hygienists.

The Waterpik effectively removes plaque and debris deep beneath the gum line where basic brushing and flossing can't reach.

This is surely the best water flosser out there and has the best water flosser reviews on Amazon.

Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius Professional Water Flosser

Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius Professional Water Flosser

Water flossers are so much easier to use than actual floss and this one is no exception.

This waterpik comes with ten different pressure settings and seven different water flossing tips.

It even times you for one minute making it simple and also lets you know when to move to the next tooth!

I love the small compact look of this water flosser and the easy on and off switch on the handle. It makes it very convenient and easy to control the water flow.

It also has an easy fingertip pressure control button and simple push button power. This is definitely the best water flosser that you could buy.

Waterpik Cordless Professional Water Flosser & Nano Sonic Toothbrush, WP-440

Waterpik Cordless Professional Water Flosser and Nano Sonic Toothbrush, WP-440

I chose this water flosser for its amazing advanced ergonomic fabrication with dual pressure control.

The fact that it's portable makes it so convenient.

I love the fact that you can just recharge it and bring it traveling. It’s also great if you just want something smaller and less bulky.

It offers two settings, one for sensitive gums and the other for deep cleaning. It offers an easy to fill water reservoir that gives 45 seconds of water pressure.

There's also a nano-sonic electric toothbrush included. This is so great, because I think it's really great to use both an electric toothbrush and a water flosser in combination.

Philips Sonicare HX8211/02 Airfloss Rechargeable Electric Flosser

Philips Sonicare HX821102 Airfloss Rechargeable Electric Flosser

This special water pick has a new auto burst feature. It gives out quick repeated bursts of water to clean in between the teeth.

I love the fact that it has a very slim angled head and guide tip which helps so much when trying to get hard to reach areas.

The tip helps you see which way you should angle it so that you get the maximum clean.

You can use this flosser with water or mouthwash if you want a fresher clean.

It has micro and air droplet technology to remove five times more debris and plaque than just regular flossing and brushing.

This water flosser has great reviews and is the best water flosser you could invest in. I highly recommend it.

Waterpik Water Flosser For Kids, WP-260

Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids, WP-260

I thought this small and simple water flosser was so cute and perfect for kids, so it had to go in my top five list.

This model is for ages six and up and really makes flossing so much more fun for your little ones.

If your child has braces, then I would say this is a definite must. It’s going to make cleaning in-between the braces so much easier.

Of course, the unit also has kid-friendly features like an easy on/off switch. It also has a kid-proof electrical design and 20 removable little stickers that you can use to design your unit.

How fun is that!


It's so true that your mouth is the gateway to your overall health and vitality, so keeping your teeth and gums healthy should be your utmost priority.

Investing in a water flosser can truly do wonders for your oral health. I highly recommend getting one.

It’s so important that you remove all the harmful bacteria and debris beneath the gum line that traditional brushing and flossing just can’t reach.

I hope this list of my top five best water flossers really helps when you’re making your selection and doing your water flosser comparison.

I, without any reservations, truly recommend them for everyone!