Brands You Can Trust: 5 Best Panty Liners Reviewed

best panty liner

Ladies, we understand the struggle is real.

Did you know that the average woman will have periods for 6.25 years of her life?You need the right products to help you deal with them. 

When you don’t want to or need to wear a bulky pad, and don't like using tampons but still need to protect your clothing, slim panty liners are the best option.

Panty liners are super thin and should have a “barely there” feel to them, so you don’t even notice them while going on with your day.

The right product for you should leave you feeling fresh and dry.

There are many panty liner brands that offer greater protection than others, but it’s a matter of what suits the individual best.

Our guide will help you decide on the best panty liner for your needs.

5 Top Panty Liners Reviewed

1. U by Kotex,
Barely There Liners

U by Kotex, Barely There Liners

A leading name in feminine hygiene, has developed a new line of products that are designed to suit the woman on the go, more than any other product on the market.

The main detail of this product that sets it apart from the rest is how thin it is. It has been described as thin as paper, yet it still packs powerful protection in its layers.

It just feels like underwear, and you’ll forget it’s there!

It’s also very flexible, but stays in place thanks to its sheer sides.

Despite how thin it is, it has a light absorbent layer perfect for those light days or even daily use.

It’s latex, lotion, and fragrance-free so it’s great for all types of skin. You can get the same protection in a thong style as well.

2. Playtex Sport Liners

Playtex Sport Liners

Designed with the active woman in mind, this sport liner by Playtex is the best panty liner for exercising in, or on those active days where a little protection might be a good idea. 

The flex-fit design will move when you do while retaining its shape to keep you protected.

The super absorbent core works quickly to keep you dry and fresh.

These panty liners have an ultra-soft layer that adds comfort, as well as odor shield technology to neutralize odors but the liner is still unscented, which is great for those who may be sensitive.

Despite this wonderful protection, it still allows for air circulation, which can be ideal.

3. Carefree Acti-Fresh
Ultra-Thin Liners

Carefree Acti-Fresh Ultra-Thin Liners

Carefree have been a trusted name in feminine hygiene for many years.

Their acti-fresh panty liner provides a whole eight-hour odor control system all in this super-thin liner.

Its 40% thinner than their regular liners. It’s so thin and soft like underwear that you won’t notice it.

The core is twice as absorbent as the regular liners as well. The panty liner absorbent area covers nearly the whole liner too, not just in the middle.

The Carefree Acti-Fresh liners are also a bit longer than regular liners.

4. Poise Incontinence Liners

Poise Incontinence Liners

If light bladder leaks are an issue, Poise have the solution.

Anything from laughing to sneezing to coughing can cause light bladder leaks in women, but there’s no need to use thick pads.

These panty liners are perfect for those little leaks, offering a discreet solution.

Poise panty liners are thin, with thin-flex technology and patented “absorb-loc” core that locks away moisture and odors.

Poise is the best panty liner brand for life’s little leaks. They’re also shipped in discreet packaging and are FSA-eligible.

5. Always Dailies Panty Liners

Always Dailies Panty Liners

Always are another leader in feminine hygiene, and they also have the best panty liner reviews, which explains why these Always Dailies Panty Liners are a number one best-seller in sanitary napkins.

As the name suggests, these are great for day-to-day use and are even available for a thong.

The ultra-thin panty liner has breathable layers to keep moisture away.

The adhesive is edge-to-edge, ensuring the liner stays in place. This is great for exercising in so it stays put and won’t bunch up after movement.

This is the best panty liner to keep you feeling “shower fresh” all day long.


For life’s little “oops” moments, turn to panty liners instead of bulky pads.

Keep yourself feeling fresh and dry all day with a panty liner you won’t even notice is there.

Whether you're wanting one for daily use, extra protection during exercise, or for those light days, the best panty liner for you can be found on our list.