An In-Depth Guide To The Best Deodorant For Menopause

best deodorant for menopause

Menopause is that time in a woman’s life when her body goes through hormonal changes.

This isn’t exactly the most fun time as it can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially with the hot flashes that tend to come with it.

While every woman will go through “the change” in their own way, hot flashes can be a terrible experience.

Did you know that the vast majority, almost 80%, of women will experience hot flashes during the menopause? 

They can hit at any moment, putting you in a hot or cold sweat, even in the middle of the night.

Thankfully, there are deodorants out there that can help during this time. There are hundreds to choose from on the market, but our guide has found the best deodorant for menopause.

What is a Hot Flash?

If you've experienced one of these, you'll know only too well what they are, but if you've yet to hit the menopause or perimenopause you might be wondering what's in store. 

A hot flash is a feeling of heat and often a red, flushed face with sweating that comes on extremely quickly, hence the word flash.

No one quite knows why they happen, but it's thought they may have something to do with changes in circulation. A hot flash comes on when blood vessels near the skin's surface dilate to cool which means you sweat. Your heart rate might go up and you might experience chills. 

They often happen during the day, but they can happen at night, when they're known as night sweats. This can disrupt sleep. 

You might have heard the term hot flush. This is different to a hot flash but means that your face and neck go red too.

Choosing a Deodorant for Menopause

There are two elements needed for the best deodorant during menopause: anti-perspirant and the actual deodorant.

The anti-perspirant works to stop excess sweating while the deodorant fights the bacteria that causes bad odor. They’re usually collectively just referred to as deodorant.

Look for a product that has both of these features when you're choosing a deodorant for menopause.

Types of Deodorant 

Deodorants can come in different forms, such as stick form, roll-on, spray, and even powders and bars.

Although these can all be effective, many women prefer the reliability of a stick deodorant for the most protection. This is definitely something that menopausal women are wanting if they’re experiencing hot flashes. 

A solid deodorant can provide extra strength so it won't let you down at the vital moment.

Best Deodorant for Menopause

Degree Clinical Protection Deodorant

Degree Clinical Protection Deodorant

Degree Clinical Protection Deodorant is here to save the day!

With this solid stick, you get prescription strength wetness protection, but it’s gentle on the skin.

It delivers three times the power as normal deodorant, ensuring ladies who are having sweating episodes are protected.

To apply, you only need to put on a small amount under each arm. That’s all you need to be protected for the next 48-hours!

You can turn the dial to two clicks and apply before bed. This gives maximum effectiveness.

During sleep is actually the time when you’re usually the driest, so it gives the deodorant time to work.

Your body temperature fluctuates throughout the day with what's known as the circadian rhythm. The skin is best at taking in the deodorant during sleep which lets the formula build up for maximum protection the following day.

Plus, if you put it on after a shower, your skin is often still too wet for it to absorb into the sweat ducts.

The scent is called “summer strength”, a combination of favorite fresh scents like green apple, jasmine, and freesia. Users have said that the scent isn’t very strong, but this can be something that people prefer.

Others have said it's strong, but tends to disappear quickly. Either way, at least the deodorant is working to ward off the bacteria that makes you smell bad.

Reviewers have also suggested that it won’t keep you totally dry, but that’s okay as you still aren’t left with dreaded pit stains.

Another wonderful thing about Degree Clinical Protection is that one stick can last quite a long time. The specific instructions on only two clicks save a lot of people from overdoing it.

Pros & Cons

If you’ve ever had kidney disease, Degree recommend asking your doctor first before using this product due to the ingredients in it.

This deodorant will help protect against those awful night sweats. It also works for 48 hours.

Degree Clinical Strength is a creamy, even slightly powdery substance. While it works great at keeping you feeling fresh, unfortunately there can be white marks on your clothes!

There are some complaints that it “doesn’t work”, but often people aren’t applying it right.

They put it on in the morning, after a shower, and as we have already discovered, it takes time to build the protective layers, which is why the directions suggest to put it on at night.

Finally, it costs more than regular deodorant – sometimes a lot more. But that's due to its clinical strength.

Also, it lasts a lot longer than other deodorants because you only need a little bit, and it will last for up to 48 hours.

Ways to Minimise Hot Flashes 

There's nothing you can do to prevent hot flashes during menopause entirely, and when they do come on a deodorant is your best friend.

However, there are some things that are thought to trigger hot flashes, making them more frequent or severe. They include:

  • Stress
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Tight clothing
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Heat 
  • Spicy foods

The effect that these triggers have will vary from person to person, so be sure to monitor your hot flashes so you can identify what's true for you.


Don’t let menopause get you down, ladies. Degree Clinical Protection Deodorant will keep you feeling and smelling fresh, even through the worse of hot flashes.

Not only will it help give you confidence during the day, but it will also keep you protected at night. You can go a whole 48-hours worry-free.

Keep your underarms protected with the best deodorant for menopause, Degree Clinical Protection.