Complete Reviews Guide To The Best Adjustable Beds

best adjustable beds

Nothing beats crawling into your bed after a long day, but not all beds are created equal. 

We all have our own preferences on how firm or soft the mattress should be. Although the majority of people sleep on their sides, just under 70%, some people prefer to sleep on their back or stomach. 

This should have an influence on the type of mattress you go for.

If you don’t have the right one that's comfortable for you and your sleeping style, then you may wake up with aches and pains! That's when an adjustable bed can help.

Whether it’s an adjustment in firmness or feet/head elevation, our guide to the best adjustable beds will help you find the ultimate comfort for you and your sleeping style.

Classic Brands Adjustable Bed

Classic Brands Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds have really come a long way, implementing fun technology while also delivering extreme comfort.

The Classic Brands adjustable bed does just that.

The bed comes with a wireless remote, pre-set at a zero-gravity position, similar to sitting in a recliner.

This increases blood flow while reducing stress on the lower back.

You’ll also control the foot and head levels and dual massage with it.

No more having to plug your phone in on the other side of the room with the USB charging ports.

The base has six legs, providing a lot of support and also plenty of under bed storage.

There's no mattress included, but it works best with a memory foam or latex mattress.

This is definitely one of the best adjustable beds, from sizes Twin XL to King.

Innomax Medallion Adjustable Air Bed Mattress

Innomax Medallion Adjustable Air Bed Mattress

When it comes to adjustable air beds, Innomax have taken all the details into consideration.

Their Medallion model is an extra comfortable adjustable air bed in Twin XL that has interchangeable layers.

It has a 15-inch high profile which adds to the support.

The outside soft pillowtop layer unzips to a Talalay latex layer, or you can turn it over for memory foam.

The Innomax air bed comes with a digital LED remote where you can adjust your comfort levels.

Adjustables by Leggett & Platt Simplicity 

Adjustables by Leggett & Platt Simplicity Adjustable Bed

Leggett and Platt have a new split adjustable bed, perfect for couples since we all have our own definition of comfort.

The split bed comes in King or California King sizes, but the Simplicity Adjustable can also come as a Twin XL or Queen.

The split bed frame some with two wireless remotes.

Leggett and Platt have realized how frustrating it can be to find the perfect setting only to have to go from lying flat to that finding that perfect setting night after night.

You won’t have to worry about that with two custom settings ready to be set up.

Now once you find your perfect position, save it, and the next time all you'll have to do is hit custom 1 or 2. You’ll be relaxing in no time.

PragmaBed Adjustable Frame

PragmaBed Pragmatic Adjustable Frame

The Pragma Pragmatic is another fabulous choice of adjustable beds.

The sizes go from Twin to California King. The Twin and Twin XL versions are the only single frame options, while supporting up to 300 pounds evenly.

The rest are split and can support up to 600 pounds.

If you’re not wanting to get a split mattress, you can get straps for the frame which makes sure it adjusts evenly.

What makes this adjustable bed unique is that it's easily folded away for storage. It requires no tools to assemble this powder-coated steel grey frame.

The bed sits 14 inches off the ground, making for great under the bed storage. It has a wired remote and a quiet motor.

DynastyMattress Atlantis Breeze

DynastyMattress Atlantis Breeze

The Atlantis Breeze model by DynastyMattress is the only complete adjustable bed set which includes mattress on our list.

In fact, the mattress is a 15.5 cool gel mattress made with the highest quality memory foam.  

You can control the bed from your Apple iPhone or Tablet using their app.

This not only includes moving the bed to virtually any comfortable angle but also controlling the massage and setting an alarm to wake you up with a gentle massage.

There's also under bed lighting. This adjustable bed set has all the bells and whistles you can get.


Adjustable beds are not only comfortable, but they come with a lot of health benefits by putting the body into natural positions, increasing blood circulation.

Our guide to the best adjustable beds has all the beds suited for all sorts of needs but overall, for a good night’s sleep.

Relieve those aches and pains and breathe easier with an adjustable bed.