The Total Guide To The Best Gluten-Free Supplements

gluten-free supplements

You work hard to avoid gluten in your diet and your desire is to achieve optimal health in your life.

But what about your supplements?

Up to 1% of the US population suffer from celiac diease, but up to 6% suffer from a condition called gluten sensitively. However, many people are now making the choice to cut gluten out of their diets. 

Are you doing the proper research when it comes to finding quality gluten-free supplements?

The hardest part is determining what information out there is credible when it comes to finding products that are right for you. Let’s face it, there are a lot of reports out there you could sift through.

In this comprehensive guide, you're going to have your questions answered because I’ve already done the research for you.

Why Choose A Supplement That Is Gluten-Free?

Many people who suffer from Celiac Disease or even non-Celiac gluten sensitivity will also find that they are lacking in nutritional sufficiency.

This can be related to a poor absorption issue. It's also common to just have a low intake due to the lack of nutritional foods consumed.

Sometimes even the most careful people will discover that they're not achieving the level of nutrition their body requires.

While it's vital that most of your nutrients be acquired from food sources, it has been shown that many people on a gluten-free diet will often consume a higher level of calories from fat and less from carbohydrates.

This makes achieving your proper nutrient levels very difficult. That's where high quality and reliable gluten-free supplements will come in.

Finding The Right Supplement

Here's a list of the best gluten free vitamins you should be adding to your daily routine.


A study from 2010 showed that patients recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease were lacking in their iron, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D, zinc, folate, niacin, B12, and riboflavin.

Most multi-vitamins come complete with a hundred percent of your daily value of many of the nutrients included. This makes it easy to be sure you're getting what your body needs to function at top levels.


When choosing the right Calcium supplement for your needs, be aware that Calcium citrate can be absorbed by the body with much more ease than calcium carbonate. It also will create less gas and bloating in your digestive system.

Be sure to also choose one with Vitamin D and Magnesium as they often help with the absorption process.

B Complex

If you're suffering from low energy or fatigue, a lack of your B-vitamins could be the culprit. Your B-vitamins are essential to kick-starting and maintaining your metabolism, producing more red blood cells and aiding the body with tissue repair.

B supplements are also extremely helpful during the periods of life that seem to be more stressful than others. Many people who have gluten sensitivities or damaged intestines will find that their bodies don’t properly absorb vitamin B12, thereby requiring them to increase the dosage.


Were you aware that the mineral Zinc is responsible for part of over 200 enzyme systems in your body? It's also relied upon for growth, development, healing of wounds and protecting your immune system.

When you're getting a proper amount of zinc, you will most likely have healthy fingernails, skin, gums and even hair, which is just an added benefit.


Magnesium is a critical aspect of your muscle health and without the right amount, you may suffer from spasms, twitches and even trouble sleeping at night.

To reduce the number of supplements you have to purchase and consume, be sure to look for magnesium in a calcium supplement. 

Live a Healthy Life

Achieving a high-quality life filled with health and happiness is within your reach. Following a gluten-free diet doesn’t need to hinder how great you feel. Do your best to fill your diet with nutrient-rich foods. When that isn’t enough, add in some extra supplements designed to aid a gluten-free lifestyle.

You will find that you have more energy, sleep better at night and even recover faster from injuries among many other benefits.

Feed your body the vitamins and minerals it needs with gluten-free supplements. See the maximum reward from your healthy lifestyle and diet.