Homestyle Bed Rails: A Guide To The Best Bed Rails

homestyle bed rails

Although bed may be the most comfortable place in the home, sometimes getting in and out of it can be a pain, literally.

If the bed isn't at the perfect height for us, occasionally a little help is needed.

For children just learning to sleep in a big kid’s bed, bed rails are often necessary to help prevent them tossing and turning their way off the bed.

That's where homestyle bed rails come in. What makes these bed rails “homestyle” is the fact that they look like they're part of the bed. They don't look like they belong in a hospital or nursing home.

Because you’ll want something suitable and sturdy, our guide to the best bed rails will help you in your search.

Drive Medical Adjustable Height Bed Rail

Drive Medical Adjustable Height Bed Rail

This adjustable homestyle bed rail by Drive Medical is simple, yet super effective in helping adults, especially the elderly, get in and out of bed with no messing about.

There are no contraptions to worry about making fit your bed.

This model simply slips under the mattress and nonslip foam keeps it in place.

The height of the bar is completely adjustable to suit you.

You can remove it completely when not needed when stored flat.

The chrome-plated steel will help provide stability when handling. It comes in three pieces to be assembled easily without the need of tools.

Only one bed rail for one side of the bed is included.

When it comes to homestyle bed rails, this is one of the simplest designs without a load of bars to worry about which is what makes it a best seller.

Drive Medical Home Style Bed Rails

Drive Medical Home Style Bed Rails

Drive Medical have also designed a double, longer bed rail that's easy to install into your bed frame.

This bed rail goes underneath the mattress with two rails on either side.

With a push of a button, it can extend to 37, 43, or 57 inches long.

The crossbars are also easy to remove and can stretch from 36 to 72 inches, being able to accommodate even a king size bed.

When getting in and out of bed, the easy spring release will make adjusting the rails up and down simple. The one-inch steel provides extra durability.

RMS Adjustable Dual Bed Rail

RMS Adjustable Dual Bed Rail

RMS adjustable bed rail is another highly rated bed rail that goes on either side of the bed.

This bed rail fits twin full size beds and even comes with a lifetime warranty.

The RMS dual rail has three handles on each rail, making it easier to get in and out of bed without needing to adjust too much.

It measures up to 15 inches above the bed when fully extended. They retract to below bed level when not needed.

Essential Medical Supply Adjustable Bed Rail

Essential Medical Supply Adjustable Bed Rail

The Essential Medical Supply adjustable bed rail is another good example of a single rail for one side of the bed.

The rail slips under the mattress and stays in place with foam grips and it can even handle up to 300lbs.

It measures 20 inches wide and can adjust up to 21 inches tall.

You can even purchase an additional accessory pouch that fits over this rail, a great way to store books, magazines, the remote, and more.

Regalo Swing Bedrail

Regalo Swing Bedrail

When it comes to young kids, transitioning from a crib to a big bed can be quite daunting.

With bed rails, both you and your child will get some peace of mind, but you'll want one of the most reliable, best bed rails for toddlers out there.

This rail has a quick set up with no tools required. It has a steel frame, covered with a soft mesh which can be removed and washed. It's 43 inches long and 20 inches tall.

When it's time to get up, the bed rail swings down.


Get peace of mind for yourself, child, or another family member with one of the great homestyle bed rails listed in our guide.

Not only do they adjust to your bed to make it easier for getting in and out, but the rails will prevent any accidents like falling out of bed.

These easy to assemble homestyle bed rail choices will be a much-welcomed addition for those who need it.