Buying The Best Back Brace For Lifting: Your Guide

back brace for lifting

If you’re a weight lifter or do a lot of heavy lifting with your job I would never underestimate how helpful a brace for your back could be.

Not only can they help prevent you from getting a serious injury but they can also help you reach higher levels of performance in your weight lifting.

Rows, bench presses, dead lifts and curls are amongst the exercises that can most cause back sprains and strains. 

My top choice for the best back brace for lifting would be the Schiek Lever Competition Power Lifting Belt. Schiek products are the best you can buy and you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

Schiek stands behind their products and have excellent customer service. I fully recommend them without any doubt or reservation.

Why Use A Back Brace For Lifting?

Most people don’t understand how or why you would use a weight belt for your back when doing heavy lifting.

The main function of a back brace would be to help support the front of your body. It does this by putting pressure on your abdominal muscles.

Basically, it provides a stable hard surface for your ab muscles to push against. In turn, this really helps stabilize your spine from the inside.

As a result, your middle becomes ridged and give you a more stabilized position to lift your weights.

Your spine will also have less stress and compression placed on it when you wear a back brace. Some people think that the brace acts like your core muscles so your abs don’t have to contract but that’s simply not true.

A back brace can actually help you increase use of your ab muscles and lower back muscles. So, wearing a back brace can actually help you develop your core instead of hindering it.

A weight belt can also help you have better body biomechanics forcing you to lift more with your legs then your back. That is exactly the position you want to be in as it puts less stress on all different facets of your body.

As you can see its very beneficial to use a back brace because it’s going to help prevent injury and will help you to be able to push heavier weight.

Why Choose The Schiek Lever Competition Belt?

Schiek Lever Competition Belt

All of Schieks products are a cut above the rest. Their American based business started in 1991.

Since then, they have been producing the highest quality back braces for lifting that you can find.

This high-quality competition legal belt is made from genuine suede leather.

It has a heavy-duty lever closure system with the nice Schiek logo on the front.

This belt is the perfect width. You only need a belt that is about 3 to 4 inches wide, contrary to what most people think.

Anything wider or narrower will be of no benefit at all.

Everyone in the weightlifting worlds knows that Schiek is the gold standard for weight belts and won't choose anything else.

This belt has so many great reviews. I strongly recommend it if you’re looking for a back brace for lifting.

Pros & Cons

There really are no negatives when it comes to this Schiek Lever Competition Power Lifting Belt.

Genuine suede leather is the best fabric you can get for a back brace because it’s strong and sturdy.

This particular belt is the latest in the Schiek Power Lifting Product Line.

It’s 10cm wide and 9mm thick. It also has four different sizes which makes it very convenient.

The locking lever really makes it simple and easy to put on. You can trust this belt to last you a lifetime.

Some people might think that wearing a back brace might make your lower back look wimpy, but when you think about it, top bodybuilders wear them. Do they in any sense look like that have a weak back?

They actually have the opposite effect and strengthen your back, lowering the stress on it. This enables you to push more weight than you ever could without one.

I hope you now know that a weight belt is an irreplaceable item for all you weight lifters out there. It truly can be a lifesaver in more ways than one.

I hope this guide will help you choose the back brace for lifting that's best for you and your needs.