7 Common Health Issues Faced by Students

a young girl having anxiety attacks

Having excellent health, stamina, and good overall well-being is a cherished dream for millions of people. Students are an exception to this rule. Each young learner wants to live a normal life and avoid facing any diseases. 

Unfortunately, student life is not as easy and entertaining as you might see in many movies. Learning is about spending almost all your free time with books, reports, presentations, and academic papers. Moreover, many students learn too hard but still fail to achieve their educational goals. 

So, what are the most common health issues, and how to avoid them? It’s time to get the answers. 

a young girl having anxiety attacks

Chronic Stress

Chronic stress is a health condition most students face during learning. The reason is that many young learners are forced to spend too much time on their lessons, as well as combine working and studying. As a result, they remain under stress for a long period of time. These bright minds are usually trying to get the highest grades at schools, colleges, and universities. 

If you are a perfectionist, you are also at risk of facing chronic study stress. 

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a young student having insomnia


Another common condition many students face during their study life is insomnia. The reason is that students often fail to have a stable daily schedule. Some of them are often learning at night, while others might spend all their weekends at night clubs.

You must be aware of the steps on how to cure insomnia in 12 minutes and treat yourself the right way. Eliminate overthinking while sleeping at night and reach out to healthcare experts if you find difficulty in doing the same.

If you go to bed at different times, you might start suffering from sleep disorders, including insomnia. To normalize your sleep, it is highly recommended to avoid learning or hanging out at nighttime. Moreover, it is good not to use gadgets before going to bed and have a short walk in the evening. 


Depression is not a problem for adults only. Teenagers and even children also often suffer from this serious mental condition. The most important thing you need to know is that watching funny movies or hanging out with friends might not help you feel better. 

If you are constantly feeling bad and even have suicidal thoughts, it is crucial to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Having some mental diseases is normal, and you need to get some medical treatment, the same as if you have the flu. The doctor will prescribe you some medicine to stabilize your condition. 

You will have an opportunity to see the world in bright colors soon after. 

Constant Anxiety

Anxiety is another mental condition many learners suffer from. It is okay to feel anxiety before an exam or other important events. However, it is not normal to suffer from this condition constantly. If you can’t fight anxiety and it makes you have too many worries all the time, it might be good to consult your physician. 

young man having colds and flu

Cold and Flu

Students often visit crowded places, including lecture rooms, gyms, city malls, etc. Therefore, it is easy to get the flu or catch a cold, especially if you forget your warm clothes. There is nothing to worry about – both conditions can be effectively treated by the prescribed medication. In some cases, you might just need to stay at home for a few days, have some rest, and get rid of all your symptoms. 

However, if you catch a cold or flu, and your condition becomes worse from day to day, always consult a doctor. 

Digestive Issues

Many students are not skilled and experienced cooks. As a result, the dishes you cook might appear to be under or overcooked. Shopping for the cheapest products in the supermarket might also turn out into buying low-quality goods. 

Make sure to buy healthy food only, visit reputable cafes and restaurants, and develop your culinary skills to avoid digestive issues. 

Back and Muscle Pain 

Learning in an uncomfortable position often causes muscle and back pain. If you want to feel better, it will be good to purchase a comfortable desk and adjustable chair. 

There are dozens of other health issues faced by students. Just be careful and take care of yourself to avoid many of them.