Squeaky Clean Teeth: The Best Toothpaste For Braces

best toothpaste for braces

How times have changed. It used to be that kids or adults wearing braces got picked on or jeered at (think Brace Face, Railroad Tracks or other incredibly witty comments) but these days braces have reached almost status symbol appeal. Getting them has become, at best, an exciting notion, and at worst, no big deal.

Even with other transparent options, many people are opting for the more traditional metal braces that are impossible to miss.

Although there’s certainly no reason to hide your braces anymore, keeping your teeth clean and white is as big a pain as it used to be with the teeth straightening contraptions.

Using the right toothpaste is important, and we’ve done our homework to offer you the best toothpaste for braces review!

Whatever you use to clean your teeth, make sure that you follow regular routines. Brush two or three times a day, preferably after every meal.

Remember to rinse your mouth well, and use floss. Flossing with braces can be tricky, but with a little practice, we’re sure you’ll become a pro.

The Method

Dental hygiene is an important part of your grooming routine.

One of the first things that most people will notice about you is your smile. Clean white teeth can mean a world of difference.

When you first get your braces, your mouth might feel a little tender. This feeling will probably reoccur whenever you go in for a tightening.

Don’t let this tenderness throw you off a good dental routine. Your teeth need brushing and flossing just as much now as they ever did. Good toothpaste for braces is one that includes fluoride in its ingredient list.

Fluoride will help prevent tooth decay by increasing each of your tooth’s resistance to acid attacks from sugar and plaque that gets left or builds up in the mouth.

This is especially important when you have braces since you have to work harder to get access to the same spots that were within easy reach before you had braces.

Basic tips for brushing and flossing with braces

We all know that braces are really good for your teeth in the long run, but they can feel like a massive hassle in day-to-day life.

There are some easy ways to make having braces more bearable, so hopefully following our handy tips will lessen the stress...

Watch What You Eat

Certain foods can make having braces more painful than it needs to be. Avoid tough foods, like hard meat, crunchy snacks and overly-hard fruit like apples.

Hard foods can actually damage your braces, as well as being painful to eat. Steer clear of solid breads and nuts, as well as any raw vegetables such as carrots!

Sugary foods and sodas are also a no-no, I’m afraid, as they can cause a build-up of plaque around your braces. They also damage teeth in general, and can lead to cavities and tooth decay, so are best kept to a minimum.

Limit the amount of acidic foods and drinks you consume, too. Just remember it’s not forever!

Avoid Sticky Foods

Kind of goes with what I was saying earlier, but sticky food will wreak havoc on your braces. I know it’s a bit of a pain, but really try to limit the amount of dried or sticky fruits you eat, as well as sweet treats.

Lollies and candy contain a lot of sugar so aren’t that good for you anyway, but they’re especially bad if you have braces! They’re likely to get stuck in your food and can cause issues such as cavities and tooth decay.

Tartar Control

Look after your teeth and the levels of tartar in your mouth. Tartar is essentially the plaque that builds up on your teeth. This can occur if you eat or drink too many sugary things!

Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and use a brace-friendly mouthwash to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Sadly, braces do offer more opportunities for food and bacteria to hide and get stuck, so using a mouthwash is a good way of making sure your mouth is a clean as possible.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride is good for your teeth, and helps keep them strong and protected against bacteria. The stronger your teeth are, the better they will respond to your braces.

Clean, healthy teeth are great for anyone, but it’s especially important to take care of them when you have braces. The fluoride actively improves the quality of the enamel on your teeth, which ultimately keeps them strong and healthy.

It can feel hard to get into every little space of your braces, so take your time and try not to get frustrated. It’s all worth it in the long run!

Wear a Mouth-Guard

If you’re very active or play a lot of sports, wearing a mouth-guard is really important. Not only will this help to keep your teeth safe, it also looks after your brace.

Furthermore, having something between your braces and lips can be really useful if you’re moving at speed or have an accident. Luckily, a mouth-guard will prevent any damage the wires of your brace could do to your mouth.

Visit Your Orthodontist Regularly

It’s important to go for regular check-ups, even if you’re adult and think your teeth have stopped moving. If you have braces, it’s always nice to see what progress your teeth are making!

Going to your orthodontist is highly recommended as part of your dental hygiene routine. This way, you can pick up on any bad habits before they cause any further damage.

Avoid Whitening Products

It can be really tempting to get straight and white teeth all at the same time, but it’s best to take things one step at a time.

Remember that parts of your teeth will be covered by your braces – the visible parts may be pearly white, but you’ll be left with a shadow-brace once they come off! Wait until you can whiten all areas of your teeth at the same time, or your teeth will be dip-dyed...

Why a Special Toothpaste for Braces May Help

There are toothpastes designed for people with braces, so you can find something suited to your needs. The levels of fluoride in toothpaste make a big difference to the cleanliness of your teeth, so brace-specific toothpastes will contain higher levels of it.

The extra fluoride really helps to keep your teeth clean and fight plaque. It helps remove leftover food and bacteria that naturally build up in our mouths. Of course, having braces makes it easier for this to happen, so you’ll need to take extra care to keep your mouth clean.

Teeth need to be kept really clean when you have braces, as leftover food and bacteria can cause issues. Preventing plaque build-up is a good place to start, so brush regularly and look after your teeth as well as you can.

It can be hard at first, but establishing a good dental hygiene routine doesn’t take too long.

5 best toothpaste for braces

Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste Twin Pack

Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste Twin Pack by Colgate

So what's the best toothpaste for braces?

You know the name. Colgate is a household brand that millions of people all over the world recognize and trust.

They deserve their reputation. Colgate has expanded its toothpaste and mouthwash lines to cover pretty much any possibility that you’d want to in dental hygiene.

Their Colgate Total Whitening toothpaste includes that powerful bacteria-fighting agent fluoride.

It also helps to prevent and remove existing stains caused by smoking, red wine, coffee, and a whole host of other factors.

Stain removal is done gently and won’t cause damage to your enamel. Colgate Whitening also works towards the prevention of plaque buildup and gingivitis.

This toothpaste fights germs for 12 hours after you’ve brushed and will bring your breath levels from dragon to dreamy.

Stain and germ fighting is especially important if you’ve got braces, as it does become more difficult to get to those hard to reach places.

Pros & Cons

The best toothpaste for braces offers you extra protection when you’re already struggling with a tender mouth and gums and trying hard to reach all surface areas of your teeth.

Colgate is a well-known name with a proven track record, so you know you’re getting what you pay for when you buy this product.

Many dental offices give away small tester tubes of Colgate along with their free new toothbrush. If your dentist trusts this name...why shouldn’t you?

One con is that this toothpaste is a paste and not a gel. If you’re the type of person that prefers gel, this product might not be your favourite.

It also tends to foam quite a bit, which some people don’t like.

Vitis Orthodontic

Vitis Orthodontic

This toothpaste has been designed with brace-wearers in mind. It works to clean all areas of your teeth, even those hard-to-reach spots that regular pastes can miss out.

This prevents the build-up of plaque, as well as fighting against issues such as tooth decay or damage.

What makes it so great for brace-wearers? It helps with issues that you face, such as ulcers and tender gums.

 It’s gentle but effective and keeps your whole mouth healthy.

I also love that it helps prevent halitosis – bad breath – which can be an annoying and embarrassing side effect of wearing braces. Food build-up can affect your breath, but this helps to neutralize any odors and keep you feeling fresh and confident all day.


GUM Crayola Squeeze A Color

Now, I’ll admit that this item is technically aimed at children with braces, but I’ll also admit that it looks super fun!

This toothpaste is packed with fluoride, which is really important when it comes to keeping your teeth clean. I know it seems a bit strange, but this product is great for adults with braces, too.

It’s gentle on your teeth (obviously, given that it is marketed at kids), but cleans them really well due to the fluoride levels. 

It also fights tooth decay and prevents any build-up of plaque.

If you’re after something to use while wearing braces, order online and save any potential embarrassment of buying these as a full-grown adult. Either that or loudly announce that you’re buying a gift for your nephew while you’re at the checkout...

Either way, this is a fluoride-packed toothpaste with none of the issues that whitening pastes have!

Colgate Enamel Heatlh

Colgate Enamel Heatlh

Colgate is normally my go-to brand when it comes to toothpastes, and this is a great option for anyone with braces.

It’s designed for sensitive teeth, so will be gentle on your mouth and gums which may be slightly tender. It works to promote enamel health, which is super important if you wear braces.

Healthy enamel means that your teeth are well-protected from bacteria and plaque, which is exactly what you want. 

The levels of fluoride in this paste will help fight tooth decay and any other issues, too. If you’re prone to cavities or already have some fillings, this is a good option for you.

It will look after, and improve, existing tooth problems while working to prevent any future issues. Happy days all round.

Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer Dental Care Fluoride

This toothpaste is crammed full of fluoride, which is essential to having healthy teeth.

Arm & Hammer is a big name in the world of dental hygiene, and their products are some of the best out there.

They use baking soda in their pastes, so the taste and texture can take a little while to get used to.

Stick at it, though – the results are well worth it.

The baking soda works gently but effectively on any grooves or dents on teeth, so it easily tackles braces. The particles of baking soda work between the wires of your braces to deep-clean your teeth, without it feeling like your gums are being exfoliated!

Overall, this toothpaste cleans teeth as well as fighting issues such as tooth decay and plaque.

In Summary

For keeping teeth looking bright and clean and for great dental hygiene and health you can’t go wrong with this product.

Colgate is the best toothpaste for braces for a variety of reasons. The powerful blend of decay and bacteria fighting ingredients is something you want on your side.

Don’t skimp when it comes to taking care of your teeth. Get the best toothpaste for braces to keep your dental health at optimum levels and your smile looking clean and white!