Ungross Ways To Enjoy Wheatgrass

ways to enjoy wheatgrass
ways to enjoy wheatgrass

People talk about living healthy all the time. I think that even you have similar thoughts cross your mind every now and again. After all, we are all too aware of the fact that we’re living in times where almost everything we do backfires to our health. Drink tap water? You might get gastro-intestinal problems. Eat at a local cafeteria? You might get food poisoned. Go outside your house? The pollutants in the air might kill you.

Everything, everything I tell you, that we do affects our health one way or another. Now, maybe if we can box ourselves away and keep our bodies quarantined until the end of time, all would be alright. But thing is, we can’t. And everyday we have to get out there, earn the day’s dollar, get back home and repeat that cycle all over again.

We are constantly exposing ourselves to all these pollutants in the environment because it’s not like we have a choice. The problem humanity faces today is a problem they caused themselves so there’s really no point in complaining; we can’t point fingers either. All that’s left to do now is to find ways to live in this unliveable world. Check this out: https://www.curetoday.com/community/kevin-berry/2015/07/living-a-clean-life-in-a-dirty-world

One way we can combat all these threats to our well-being is by actively practicing a healthy lifestyle. I say this but clearly just saying “healthy lifestyle” is too vague for general understanding. By this, I mean watching your diet, getting enough rest, drinking the prescribed amount of water daily (which is 6-8 glasses of water), not eating junk, exercising frequently, taking health supplements and vitamins, getting enough sun, etc.

So to cut it short, I’m saying that it takes tremendous time, effort, and energy to actually stay healthy in this dirty and stressful world. It’s a lot but all we can do is try. This is why when I came across one really exciting source of healthy vitamins and minerals; I thought I’d share with you.

Today, I want to introduce you to the wonders of Wheatgrass.

What Is Wheatgrass?

For many who are already familiar with the plant, you’re probably going “Ugh, why’s she recommending wheatgrass? That’s like the grossest thing in the green pyramid.  Well, first of all, I disagree. This miracle plant is not only healthy but when mixed with the right ingredients, it actually has a way of tickling your taste buds just right. Also, I have several reasons why I think wheatgrass is a great addition to any diet and if you’ll have me, I’d like to share a few of these reasons.

For one, wheatgrass is one of the healthiest greens out there. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals and helps reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Aside from those internal benefits, there are also external benefits to incorporating wheatgrass to your diet. For one, it slows the aging process which, in time, would be obvious in the way you look. You can just watch how your peers let themselves go while you remain fresh, young, and vibrant. Don’t be condescending, though. Instead, help them out by giving sound advice. Maybe introduce them to wheatgrass too sometimes.

Anyway, there are many health benefits to wheatgrass and all of them can be yours if you’re creative enough to incorporate it into your diet. Most people would think of this as the grossest idea ever. However, if you play your recipes right, wheatgrass can open a whole new world of flavor for you. Start enjoying the many benefits of wheatgrass by taking it in the form of:

fruits & vegetables for smoothie

Juice or Powder

If you’ve ever been to Jamba Juice, you should know that wheatgrass is something that they regularly recommend to add to your smoothie. It’s light, healthy, and helps improve your digestive condition so it wouldn’t be odd for them to suggest it as a drink additive. They use fresh wheatgrass, which you can do too if you have plans of planting some at home (they grow pretty easily and fast too) or you may also opt for wheatgrass powder which is 100% natural, only made to be more convenient by Pines International. Just a tablespoon of it in your smoothie would solve your leafy green requirements for the day!   


If you want a quick wheatgrass fix and would rather sleep in than get up in the morning and blend yourself a smoothie, you can always just pop a tablet. These tablets or supplements are supercharged with all of the plant’s goodness and healthiness so that you can go on your day glowing inside and out.

Salad Ingredient

Wheatgrass doesn’t really have too strong a taste so they’re a pretty mild addition to your everyday salads. Of course, since it has long stalks, you may want to cut it down into smaller pieces but the extra work would definitely be worth it!

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