6 Tips And Tricks For Improving Your Spiritual Health

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Spiritual health refers to a person’s wellness regarding their awareness of their purpose in life and capability to see things differently. Also, it gives answers to troubled minds determined to find inner peace and connection to God, nature, and oneself.


Do you have any questions about life? Do you perceive things differently? Others may find you weird for it, but you are doing just fine because that could mean that you are eager to achieve enlightenment to a full degree.  

However, to identify your question to yourself like ‘am I spiritually awakened?’


You need to improve your spiritual health while doing these tips:

1. Take Spiritual Test

Take a spiritual test to determine your current spiritual health level. It will help you know where you are on the path to finding enlightenment and start from there. This test is similar to psychological quizzes. 

There are no wrong answers. The test will ask questions about your likes and dislikes, how you take unfortunate events, how you see yourself in their images, and your hobbies.  

Then, it will automatically analyze your answers. The result depends on your responses, so be yourself to receive the most accurate results after answering the test. Also, the results they show can be good or bad. Consider checking out the description alongside it to know where you should start. 

For example, if you get the result of being lost, it can be because of the trauma you sustained from a previous event that you mentioned in the test. You may want to occupy yourself with recreational activities to help you recover and redeem yourself.

2. Read Books

Books are educational texts written by prominent individuals or groups, often resulting from years of study and experience. Aiming to share their discovery and thoughts regarding a topic, you can read their books to gain more knowledge, helping you answer some of your questions about life.

One of the books that are helpful to obtain enlightenment is religious texts like the bible. The bible is known as one of the oldest books ever written. It comprises old and new testaments. It gives a narrative of world history, the struggles of humanity, and a promise of salvation.

The bible is also an excellent piece to comfort you if you are afraid or confused. It lets readers know that God is with them and will not forsake them in times of adversity as long as they keep their faith in him.

3. Take A Break 

Stress can make your mind more confused and irritated, clouding your thoughts about what you should do with your life. Too much pressure can make you act emotionally, causing you trouble.  

Consider giving yourself a break by keeping your distance from sources that cause stress which can be your work or specific people. You can travel far and enjoy the scenery you haven’t seen before or take your time resting without talking to them. Also, if you like playing video games, that may help. Taking a break can help you get rid of stress and think straight, avoiding potential danger to your spiritual health.

Young woman sitting on the floor - featured image

4. Meditate

Meditation is an activity that helps a person focus on achieving inner peace. There are many kinds of meditation that you can try out. Some of which are:

  • Mindfulness meditation: Originally from Buddhist teachings, this process focuses on the thoughts passing through your mind. You don’t need to judge them; instead, observe their pattern. It can be challenging to concentrate for some time, so focusing on something like your breathing may help. It is suitable for people who want to improve their concentration without an instructor’s guidance. Also, you don’t need to move in this kind of meditation. You can stand, sit, kneel, or lay down.
  • Movement meditation: It focuses on body movement while concentrating. Aside from yoga, which is popular today, other practices like Tai Chi and even walking can help. This kind of meditation is perfect for those who can easily focus while moving.
  • Matra meditation: This kind of meditation is from Buddhist and Hindu teachings. It focuses on repetition and chants. While meditating, you can utter a phrase or a word. One of the most common chants you can use is ‘om.’ You can say it silently or aloud. It is recommendable for those who find words as a relaxing place to focus aside from repetition.

5. Talk To Successful People 

Successful people focus on their goals instead of making fun of others. They look for opportunities to improve themselves and assess the traits they lack for being better. Also, they concentrate on what they can see instead of what others say to them unless their remarks can help their journey of finding their true self. 

Talking to them can help you understand more about yourself and know what things you need to do to achieve enlightenment based on their discoveries and experience to achieve inner peace while aiming at the top. 

Consider talking to them in a silent room where you can share your thoughts and listen to their opinion without distraction. If there are any, receive their nasty remarks as constructive criticism.

6. Browse The Internet For Innovative Ideas About The Existence Of Life 

The internet is a place filled with countless ideas worldwide. Some can be senseless, but many provide exciting ideas that may help you on your quest to improve your awareness of life.

For example, have you watched a video on YouTube by a high schooler describing the fourth dimension? The video introduced: 

  • First Dimension: Linear pattern where living things can move left and right
  • Second Dimension: Features the length and width, then explains that living things can move up and down, left and right. A combination of multiple linear patterns
  • Third Dimension: Introduces the depth, height, and length, solidifying the first two dimensions combined
  • Fourth dimension: Features the combination of the first three dimensions, denying the idea that it’s about time since the first three dimensions also need time to travel their distance

The video and other documentaries that you can find online emphasize the idea that there are multiple and, perhaps, infinite patterns in the universe, suggesting that there is a creator with the help of today’s mathematics and logic. 

Browsing ideas from others online can help you develop your faith under deeper scientific reasons, improving your sense of purpose.


Spiritual health is a combination of mental, psychological, and supernatural to a certain degree. To achieve enlightenment, one needs to become free of distraction and concentrate on their thoughts about life and their connection to God, nature, and oneself. You can significantly improve your spiritual health by checking out the tips mentioned in this article.