Manufacturers of Sleep Number P5 Mattress Explain Benefits of Sleep

Sleep Number P5

The need for sleep is one of the most intense biological urges people have. It is something you cannot fully control. The fatigue will not stop if you take a quick nap for a few minutes. You should give the body the dose of rest it really needs.

How much night rest is enough depends on many factors, and you can find out more on this link. Quality sleep allows our brains to regenerate and restore the strength you lost during the day.

Sleep Number P5

More recent studies even prove that during sleep, our organisms release toxins from our nervous system, which are the primary triggers of cognitive dysfunction and the development of diseases such as Alzheimer's or dementia.

If you want to provide your body with quality rest, there are several things to keep in mind. That is, you need to prepare ourselves psycho-physically for sleep and create the conditions for quality rest. A proper bed, pillow, and mattress are essential items for this activity.

Importance of Proper Sleeping Mat

The bed is a piece of furniture that is most important for a good rest, but without the right bedding on it, it is almost useless. Buying the right bedding is an investment in quality sleep, which is extremely important.

While lying down, your body loses its balance, so it needs proper support to help the muscles relax. That is why the bed or mattress must have an adjustable surface and an elastic core to give the proper back support. It does not matter if the mattress is firm or soft, but rather that it distributes our mass and unburdens our body appropriately.

In the manufacture of bedding, numerous technologies have been developed that allow the production of mattresses adaptable to different sleep needs. As a sleeping mat, it must regulate the bed climate, allow the optimal body heat, and let the air circulate. In simple words, your body must breathe while you lie on the mattress.

But every one of us has different needs, requirements, and budget. As the technology of production and application of new materials progresses, so are various models in the market in all price ranges. Proper bedding must meet other specific conditions, for example, being easy to handle and maintain, as the example from

Types of Mattress

Finding the right mattress should be a priority. You won't do yourself a favor if you buy the first one you run into, or which price suits your budget. Just because all people are different, their needs, desires, but also anatomy, the manufacturers of mattresses came up with numerous models made of different materials.

Types of Mattress

The most popular are traditional wire mattresses, which provide excellent body support and are quite comfortable. However, after a while, they adapt entirely to the contours of the one who lies on them. This way, they lose their functionality.

That's why the manufacturers decided to replace the springs with foam fillers. The most popular of these materials is memory foam. It gives extra functionality to the mattresses, since it fully adapts to the natural contours of the body, but also returns to its original position after we get up.

Even better are models filled with latex. They are very breathable and loose, which means that it draws heat away from the body and let it cool naturally. These mattresses are an excellent solution for people who sweat a lot.

Why Night Rest Matters?

Nature has regulated the mechanisms in our bodies that are in charge of rest and recover. When you begin to feel sluggish, your body temperature decreases, the pressure slowly drops, and oxygen consumption is lower. All this leads to the relaxation of muscles and nerves while the body is still awake.

If the person is not suffering from some sleep disorders, this 'awake' phase lasts for a couple of minutes. After that, you should fall asleep. The intensity of sleep changes during the night. Sometimes you even wake up without your body reacting. It just continues sleeping.

The so-called REM stages repeatedly occur during the night, and these are periods of night rest when the brain should 'consolidate' and recover. When we nap during the day, we don't get to that stage. That is why no daily napping, no matter how relaxing it is, can replace a quality night's rest.

Still, the daytime nap is beneficial, especially for people who find it difficult to fall asleep or can’t get a good night's rest. Also, people who, due to the nature of the job, cannot afford the recommended eight hours of rest should appreciate every minute of daytime napping.

Consequences Of Lack Of Night Rest

The contemporary pace of life leaves little time for rest. Eight-hour rest has become a luxury, a pleasure that many of us miss. Many complain that they sleep poorly and very little, that they do not have a healthy and refreshing dream, or that they have nightmares and feel stressed after waking up. 

Lack of Night Rest

With not enough rest to fill them with energy, people feel exhausted. After a while, they start to feel the consequences. At first, these are things that a few hours of sleep can solve. But after prolonged lack of sleep, your immunity gets weak.

That makes us prone to many diseases - we can suffer disrupted heart rate, high blood pressure, a disorder of thyroid gland, kidney failure, etc. There is an increased risk of stroke, and generally, brain function is impaired.

When people are tired, they can't think logically, the perception of the environment is weak, and they don't have good judgment. All this can put them in many risky and life-threatening situations.


Statistics show that the average person spends almost a third of their life sleeping. One would probably think that this time could be used for some more energetic and more productive things, but the truth is, sleep makes our lives possible. A night of quality rest is the best way to recharge your batteries.

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