Stay Smooth: Our Guide To Pomades For Natural Hair

pomades for natural hair

Choosing the right pomade for your hair type can be a little tricky.

 Your hair says an awful lot about you. If you get the wrong pomade for your hair it can have a big impact on your look.

You need to choose the right product for you depending on whether your hair is natural, dyed, thick, thin, curly or straight.

In this post, we're looking at the best pomades for natural-looking hair.

If you're anything like me, you've probably tried every product under the sun.

You might not have found 'the one' that gives you the perfect hold, finish and shine. You also want something that's easy to apply and wash out.

That might seem like a lot to ask for from just one product, but I’ve sampled enough pomades to narrow it down to the three best ones out there.

These products all help you achieve that ‘natural’ look, and will hold it in place all day long…

What Is A Pomade And How Is It Applied?

Everyone wants to look their best, and a big part of your look is your hair!

Hair products for men aren't exactly a new thing.

With the ever-growing number styling and nourishing products available, it's important to know whether you're looking for a wax, cream, paste or oil based product.

Pomades for natural hair, in short, are used to highlight your hair in a neatly styled, sleek manner. They should give you a subtly shiny finish.

What makes pomades stand out is that in comparison to other products is that most gels and waxes will leave your hair quite dry, hard and crunchy.

On the other hand, pomades are great for hydrating hair. They keep a tight hold without it looking wet, especially useful if your hair is a little on the dry side.

Peter Brandt is one celebrity that loves the pomade look, sporting hair that's always soft but not crunchy.

Think of it this way, they work best on hairstyles you would use a comb to achieve.

For further clarification check out the great 'Uppercut Deluxe' website.

There are step-by-step guides on different styles you can achieve by using pomade products.

How To Get The Natural Hair Look In a Pomade

The way your hair looks with pomade is dependent on the type of hair you have, as well as what you’re using on it.

Be prepared to have a few trial sessions around the house before you find the perfect way to style your hair. As with most appearance-based issues, it takes some trial and error…

Pomade is best applied on freshly-washed hair, while it’s in that slightly damp, fluffy stage.

This ensures your hair will absorb the oils in the pomade and allow you to fully style it. Too wet and it’ll all drip or slide out; too dry and you’ll end up looking pretty greasy.

A little goes a long way! If you want to look natural, you’ll have to practice some restraint and not go too wild.

Rub the pomade between your hands and run them through your hair, starting close to your scalp to begin with.

This stops any annoying clumps or overly-oiled strands of hair from ruining the end result.

Play around – the key is to get it all evenly-distributed, so use a comb or your fingers to sort out your parting, and flip your hair around until it sits right.

You may need to apply more pomade to the sides of your head to keep the hair off your face, depending on what haircut you have.

Getting your hair perfect is in the details, so don’t miss out the back of your head! It’s like wearing a tuxedo but then pairing it with socks and sandals. It just doesn’t work.

Top 3 Reviews on Pomade for Natural Hair

AXE Natural Look Hair Cream & Softening

AXE Natural Look Hair Cream & Softening

This pomade from the geniuses at Axe is my go-to product for that natural look.

The clue is in the name, and this pomade really does deliver.

It offers a medium hold, making it easy to style your hair without it instantly collapsing or looking over the top.

Don’t worry about looking greasy or having clumps – this pomade blends into your hair very easily and evenly.

This product will keep your hairstyle looking great all day without looking forced.

The finish with this pomade is lovely and soft, so your hair won’t look as though it’s about to snap!

There’s no sticky residue left with this product, so you don’t need to constantly worry about what’s going on with your hair.

It doesn’t make your hair super shiny or greasy, and won’t flake throughout the day like some pomades can.

If you’re using a wax or gel that’s not giving you the finish you want, swap to this pomade.

It allows you to easily style your hair in that messy, unkempt way and will hold in place for the whole day. It stays in your hair, but washes off your hands easily – the best of both worlds!

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Nature's Blessing Hair Pomade

Nature's Blessing Hair Pomade

I’d never heard of this brand before, but fell in love with it after realizing how natural they keep everything!

Nature’s Blessing has created a pomade that’s made from totally natural products.

You get all the benefits of nature and none of the dodgy chemicals…

This pomade is great for your hair and your hairstyle.

It offers fantastic hold throughout the day and will give you a great, natural look.

It can feel slightly greasy in your hands due to the amount of natural oils it contains. 

Once it’s on your hair, however, it blends in nicely and gives a relaxed look.

This isn’t a product for shine. It’s designed to give a chilled, natural style. It’ll absorb easily into your hair, be it damp or dry, and will encourage hair growth, too. It’s super easy to apply and won’t clump in your hair like some waxes do.

Back to the ingredients – it’s full of coconut oil and rosemary oil, as well as heaps of other goodness.

This pomade actively nourishes your hair while maintaining whatever style you’re after. I love that it’s free from any animal products – this makes a nice change in the beauty industry!

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Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold

Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold

Suavecito is a high-strength pomade to hold hair in place, like wax, although far easier to wash out.

It works great on curly, thick or stubborn hair and also has a fresh, soapy scent to it.

This product gives you great styling flexibility and lasts all day.

Since it's water-based you're able to 'reactivate' it by applying water to your hair and restyling it at any point.

Known to be 'strong as hell' this product goes on smoothly and gives you a solid locked in style.

Also very affordable, an Amazon best seller in pomades, and having been met with rave reviews, this makes Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold one of the best, if not the best pomade for natural hair.

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To recap, you now know what goes into being the best pomades for natural hair.

If it's an effortless look with maximum hold that’s required, we’ve got you covered.

Our top three pomades are all designed to make it as easy as possible to achieve a natural look.

These products are all well-priced, and from brands I trust.

What’s more, they actually work, and will help you find your own personal style, without an expensive trip to the barbers!

Go get ‘em…