Removal Guide: Get Rid Of Blackheads & Pimple In The Ear

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A zit in the ear, and, even more so, an ear pimple, can be really irritating and discomforting.

I remember, a few years ago, when I was taking a shower I felt some pain in my ear. I ignored it, assuming it was no big deal, however, the next morning I couldn't touch that ear.

There was an acute pain that resulted in a horrible migraine. It was a zit in my ear. I had to find a solution and fast so finding the right tool to treat this was essential.

My pain, your gain! I've had plenty of blackheads and a couple of zits in my ear since then so I've really learned how to deal with them. The best way forward, I've found, is with a blackhead remover tool.

But don't just pick any old tool! When you're dealing with pimples, zits or blackheads you need the best weapons possible. Here are the best 5 on the market.

Equinox International Blackhead Remover (5 pack)

Equinox International Blackhead Remover (5 pack)

This amazing product by Equinox International is very handy when it comes to zit removal.

It's a high quality surgical stainless steel tool assuring you of protection from any other infection to your ear.

It has double ends making it serve two purposes. One side can remove the whiteheads while the other removes blackheads in the ear.

It also has a beautiful plastic pouch ensuring that you won't  lose your tools and also for hygiene purposes.

It comes in a package of 5 pieces giving you enough working tools to get rid of the zit.

EmaxDesign 7 Pieces Blackhead Remover Tools

EmaxDesign 7 Pieces Blackhead Remover Tools

Intended for facial acnes, blemishes and blackheads in the ear, this product works without a shadow of doubt and is a preference in most beauty parlors and spas. 

It comes with seven blades, meaning you're sure to find the right tool for the job.

These tools are custom designed for easy handling and can be used to even help you remove a zit from your ear by yourself.

It also comes with a manual; this helps first time users of the product learn how to handle each unique tool.

JABUX Blackhead and Pimple Remover Tool Kit

JABUX Blackhead and Pimple Remover Tool Kit

This one contains 5 surgical Extractor tools for popping  deep and stubborn ear blackheads and zits. The double ends allow you to reach pimples that are hard to get to.

The kit comes with a bonus quality case that can even be used for gift packing making this perfect for gift giving. They also throw in a free ear pick.

Approved by dermatologists, these tools are as functional as they were intended to be. They're easy to handle and clean too.

Malva Belle Clear Skin Beauty Tool

Malva Belle Clear Skin Beauty Tool

Are you scared about doing damage to your ear?

Then you're in luck, as with Malva Belle product you get to pop blackheads out with minimum damage to your surrounding skin.

The tools are made of stainless steel and are durable. It has a textured handle to ensure a more firm grip while handling it.

Unlike many zit removers which comes as kits, this is a single tool. However with every single use, you become better at using the tool. You won't need different tools for different spots or types of blemish. 

Malva Belle also considered cute pink packaging that makes it suitable for a Christmas or birthday present.

Comedone Extractor for Blackhead and Blemish

Comedone Extractor for Blackhead and Blemish

This product by Crave Naturals comes in a range of 5 tools that are amazing zit removers.

With minimal pain on the skin, these tools redefine the act of how to get rid of blackheads in the ear.

These are rust resistant therefore will last you a long time. 

This also comes in sets of five which are usually double ended therefore made to remove any size of zit, pimple or a blackhead in your ear.

It offers you a great a great deal of quality for your money.


Many marketers and advertisers promise heaven on earth, and quick and easy cheap schemes of handling zits in your ear, you'll just waste your time and money!

These products are some of the best-selling zit removers and are trusted by most customers on Amazon. They'll help you get rid of your zit with no time.

The only thing to bear in mind when using a spot or blackhead remover, is that cleanliness is key. Disinfect your tools before and after every use in order to ensure that you don't spread more bacteria in the problem area, creating more blemishes. Don't make the problem worse when you're trying to make it better. 

They're simple to use and you can do it yourself or get someone to help you. All of the zit removers above are preferred among dermatologists. This makes them the perfect way to get rid of any pimple in your ear.