A Guide To Choosing The Best Waist Trimmer

best waist trimmer

Have you been working hard to achieve that ultimate hourglass figure?

It's undeniable that the Marilyn Munroe look is attractive. It has even been scientifically proven that men find women with the right hip to waist ratio the most attractive.

For some of us, however, a figure like that can seem like an impossible dream. 

Getting that look is now easier thanks to waist trimmers. Waist trimmers offer an immediate change in appearance, but also help in the long run.

Not all are created equal, though, and you should opt for one that's easy to get on and off and made from quality material.

They also need to be comfortable, especially if you want to wear them during exercise.

If you’re not sure which one is right for you, our guide to the best waist trimmer can help.


You should always do your research on waist trimmers before you find the perfect one and ensure you read the directions carefully to make sure you’re doing everything safely.

The right materials make for comfortable wear. It should also not restrict movement. Many prefer neoprene because it can increase your core temperature, aiding in weight loss, and stay comfortable on the skin.

The way that the belt closes as well makes a difference. A good waist trimmer has strong Velcro or metal hooks (or a combination of both.) It needs to stay attached as you move around.

Finally, be sure to read the product’s instructions. Waist trimmers should not be worn constantly as they are tight against your internal organs. If you have it on for too long, it could cause health problems.

The perfect waist trimer will allow you to achieve your goal in a safe manner.

Sports Research’s Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer

Sports Research’s Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer is a much-loved product as it gives the wearer an amazing figure while helping you slim down naturally.

This waist trimmer works by increasing your core temperature, allowing you to sweat more during exercise.

The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is made with premium neoprene. It’s superior in retaining heat.

The lining of the belt will repel moisture but also keep the belt in place so it doesn’t move around or bunch up, especially during exercise. It has a contoured shape to fit comfortably on the waist. The belt is flexible allowing for natural movement.

This waist trainer secures at the front with Velcro. Putting it on is easy. You only pull it around your waist and secure with the Velcro where it’s snug, but not overly tight. There are sizes from small to XX-large, fitting waists that are up to 60 inches. The belt itself is eight inches wide.

It should not be worn for more than two hours. It doesn’t waste any time in getting started either. You should feel warmth growing within five minutes of putting it on, letting you know that it is getting the circulation going and starting to bring in the inches.

People love using this waist trainer! New mothers have used it to help get back to shape after having a baby. Some have called it a “mini sauna” even, due to how much sweat is left on your skin after you take it off.

The main thing is that it works, with many reporting inches lost within two weeks of training in it. This is a great overall product that has already worked for thousands, making the Sweet Sweat Waist Trainer our pick for the best waist trainer.

Pros & Cons

Sweet Sweat comes with a breathable carrier bag and a sample of their bestselling Sweet Sweat gel. The gel is meant to increase circulation in the abdomen area, produce sweat, and help in muscle recovery after a workout.

Some women prefer corsets that are easier to wear under clothing. This waist trainer is built more for exercising in to help you lose inches around your midsection. Waist trainers can be detrimental to heath if worn for long periods of time or incorrectly. Corsets can be harsh sometimes, but this Sweet Sweat Waist Trainer helps you achieve the look safely.

You don’t need to wear this just to work out. It may look a bit bulky under clothes, but it can still be worn around the house. Work up a sweat while doing everyday chores! You’ll still see results in our choice of best waist slimmer.


You can get that amazing shapely look thanks to Sports Research’s Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer, the best waist trainer out there. It provides a safe way of slimming the waistline, leaving you with a sexy hourglass shape.