Best Seat Cushions For Sciatica: Our Reviews Guide

best seat cushions for sciatica

If you're one of the up to 40% of people who will battle with sciatica at some point in their life, there is a way to relieve the pain.

On the market today are many of the best seat cushions for sciatica and they're going to change everything for you.

The struggle is finding the right seat cushion for you, but that's where I come in!

I’ve done the research for you, now let me reveal the best seat cushions for back pain.

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Coccyx Seat Cushion Back Support, Tailbone and Sciatica Pain Relief, Washable Cover by Aylio

Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion



PharMeDoc Orthopedic Coccyx Seat Cushion

PharMeDoc Orthopedic Coccyx Seat Cushion



Comfy Cure Coccyx Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Comfy Cure Coccyx Memory Foam Seat Cushion



Coccyx Cushion Pillow for Back Support by GetComfort Goods

Coccyx Cushion Pillow for Back Support by GetComfort Goods



Coccyx Cushion Pillow for Chairs by MedX

Coccyx Cushion Pillow for Chairs by MedX



What Is Sciatica?

If you’ve suffered from sciatica, you know that it's marked by a pain that travels down the leg, coming from your lower back.

Often, the pain only occurs on one side of the body and weakness and numbness may also be present.

About ninety percent of the time, the pain is actually caused by a spinal disc herniation.

However, other causes can be spinal stenosis, pelvic tumors, the weight of a baby’s head during pregnancy and more.

There's a straight-leg test that is great for diagnostics and is performed by having the patient lie on their back while raising a leg.

If pain shoots below the knee during the test, it’s generally sciatica.

Thankfully, you can use some of the best lumbar cushions to relieve some of this pain.

How Will a Seat Cushion Help Relieve Sciatica?

The good news is that relief from sciatica is relatively easy to achieve.

Sitting, which is known to exacerbate the pain associated with sciatica, is something that many people have to do each day.

Whether you need to sit down at a desk for work, drive long distances, or simply need a rest from being on your feet all day, ensuring your spine is in the correct alignment is crucial to being pain-free.

Using a properly designed seat cushion will help ensure that your sitting position takes the pressure off your back and sciatic nerve.

Seat cushions also enable proper alignment of the spine, providing both comfort and support.

They often have sloping surfaces to redistribute the weight off your back, buttocks, and thighs, and on to your pelvis.

Seat cushions are generally small enough for you to carry discreetly in your bag so you are always able to have it with you – in the doctor’s waiting room, in the car, at work, or out for coffee.

If the idea of carrying a cushion with you doesn’t sound all that appealing, seat cushions are cheap enough that you can probably invest in a couple of them to leave in your main sitting locations such as the office, home, or car.

What to Look for in a Quality Pain Relief Cushion?

Finding the right type of seat cushion is crucial to your comfort, especially if you have to spend a large portion of your day in a sitting position.

When shopping for a seat cushion to ease your sciatica pain, pay close attention to the following factors.

Shape and support

In order to provide your spine with the correct alignment, and therefore pain relief, an appropriately shaped cushion is essential.

Look for one with a gentle slope to take the pressure off your back.


Whilst I hope that you don’t have to endure the pain caused by sciatica any longer than necessary, investing in a seat cushion that will last is essential.

Look for quality materials such as memory foam or gel cushions.


You may not be able to put a price on pain relief, but if you’re needing to buy more than one cushion (to use it in several locations), the price is definitely a factor to consider.


if you intend to carry your cushion with you, check that it’s a reasonable size and shape to fit in your bag or discreetly under your arm.

5 Best Seat Cushions For Sciatica

Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion

Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion

This cut-out design is perfect for relieving pressure on your spine.

No matter what your weight, this pillow can take the load.

You'll hover over the ‘U’ on the rear of the cushion.

This cushion is the leader of the pack with the support it provides to your buttocks, hips, and thighs.

Made from a contoured foam, this pillow is light enough to travel anywhere you need relief.

This pad provides the back support you need to relieve symptoms of sciatica and reduce pressure in the tailbone area.

To keep your cushion clean, simply zip off the velvet cover and wash gently.

PharMeDoc Orthopedic Coccyx Seat Cushion

PharMeDoc Orthopedic Coccyx Seat Cushion

Perfect for taking anywhere you need support, this cushion features a rear cutout design to reduce the pressure in your lower back and tailbone, and eliminate stiffness.

This durable seat retains its shape even after continuous use and provides maximum spinal pain relief.

The zipper removable pillow cover can be machine-washed, is hypoallergenic and contains no phthalates, latex, lead and is even BPA-free.

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a quality warranty, you can rest easy knowing this was a good choice.

Comfy Cure Coccyx Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Comfy Cure Coccyx Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Looking for the benefits of memory foam?

This is one of the best seat cushions for sciatica because it guarantees immediate relief or your money back.

It reduces pressure on the tailbone and encourages the healthy posture you need to feel better.

Use this for sciatica and you’ll notice that it never flattens like other cushions will.

The non-slip rubber bottom grip will keep it in place and the machine washable zippered cover will stay clean and hygienic for many years to come.

This is a great option when you're traveling, driving to work or sitting in front of your computer.

People in wheelchairs also benefit from this cushion as it promotes spinal alignment.

Coccyx Cushion Pillow For Back Support By GetComfort Goods

Coccyx Cushion Pillow for Back Support by GetComfort Goods

Here’s another company that believes in their product so much they're willing to offer a satisfaction guarantee if it doesn’t work for you.

Providing instant sciatica relief, this cushion is designed to suspend the tailbone for maximum support.

It comes with a grip handle so you can take it anywhere and is ideal for traveling in the car.

This seat is made of 100% premium memory foam cushion and comes with a non-slip bottom so it stays in place.

There are no additions to this pillow and the cover is machine washable.

Coccyx Cushion Pillow For Chairs By MedX

Coccyx Cushion Pillow for Chairs by MedX

This coccyx cushion is a medical grade seat that aids in comfort from excess pressure on the tailbone.

They're also offering up a satisfaction guarantee, so there's no risk involved for you.

While promoting healthy weight distribution and proper posture, this seat cushion will relieve all your sciatica pain.

It can be considered a great choice for the best seat cushion for back pain.


You see now that there's a nice variety of choices for best seat cushions for sciatica and there really is no reason to continue living with the pain.

Use a quality cushion to relieve pressure, improve posture and add more joy to your everyday life.