Our Total Guide To The Very Best Compression Shirts

best compression shirts

The best compression shirts are an amazing way to help you recover from a gruelling workout session.

These shirts have been custom designed to work with your body to help you avoid injury and recover faster.

The vast majority of compression shirt reviews show that they work to keep vital muscles and joints warm during strenuous activity. They have incredible recovery benefits.

You can't watch any sports on television these days without seeing athletes wearing compression gear of one sort of another. 

They apply direct pressure to reduce inflammation and soreness, with a measurable reduction in swelling and fatigue.

In this article, I'll be talking about men’s compression shirt reviews, hoping to get all you lads on board with the latest in sports-aid technology.

5 Best Compression Shirt For Men

Tesla Men's Cool Dry Compression Baselayer Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Tesla Men’s Cool Dry Compression Baselayer Short Sleeve T-Shirt – R13R14

TeslaGear’s R13 and R14 range have been designed for all seasons.

They release heat and wick moisture to create a long-lasting cooling effect.

The R13 isa blend of 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex, while the R14 is 87% Polyester, with a 13% Spandex-Dual Fabric Mesh design.

The non-abrasive fabric provides excellent elasticity and durability.

A Flat-Lock System provides you with incomparable comfort and seamless fell protection.

Tesla’s Baselayer short sleeve T-shirt promotes recovery after workouts and helps to control blood flow while alleviating soreness.

Safeguarding your skin from harmful UV rays, this compression shirts offer you 99% with its UPF 50+ protection factor.

Complete with a deodorising function, this vest repels both dirt and odors after a hard run or gym session.

It's recommended that you order this vest one size bigger than your regular size.

Tesla Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt Baselayer Cool Dry Compression Top

Tesla Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt Baselayer Cool Dry Compression Top – R11R19

Like the R13/R14, the R11 and R19 have been designed for all seasons.

Similarly, they release heat and wick moisture to create a lasting cooling effect.

TeslaGear’s R11 is an 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex blend, while the R19 is a blend of 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex-Dual Fabric Mesh Design.

This men’s compression shirt is non-abrasive, while remaining elastic and durable for a longer-life that sustains its comfort.

Enhanced with a moisture sensing, quick time dry, two-way air circulation system for maximum effectiveness. They suggest that you order a size larger than you usually would.

Geared to increase blood flow and aid recovery of muscles after strenuous activity this compression shirt will prevent soreness and speeded up your recovery time.

The odor repellent ensures that you'll remain dry and odor-free during and after your workout. It won’t build up a smell of its own over time.

Tesla Men's Cool Dry Compression Muscle Tank Baselayer Sleeveless

Tesla Men’s Cool Dry Compression Muscle Tank Baselayer Sleeveless - R15

It's recommended by Tesla that this vest be ordered in a size larger than your usual vest.

TeslaGear’s R15 is an 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex composition that's been designed for all seasons.

Releasing heat while wicking excess moisture this innovative vests creates its own cooling system as you get hotter.

The elasticity provided by the material composition allows for a greater range of unrestricted motion.

A perfect option for both indoor and outdoor activities, it's equipped with a moisture sensing, quick time dry, two way air circulation system.

This vest will soon become your best gum buddy.

The UV ray protection offered is comparable to some of the best compression shirts around. It's guaranteed to speed up recovery while easing sore muscles.

The deodorizing function helps to eliminate ghastly odors by repelling dirt and sweat that build up during a workout or sports session.

Defender Men's Quick Dry Compression Baselayer Underlayer

Defender Men’s Quick Dry Compression Baselayer Underlayer Mock Long Sleeve T-Shirt

US Size Table

X-Small = Chest 33 ~ 35 inch / Length 23 ~ 24 inch
Small = Chest 35 ~ 37 inch / Length 25 ~ 26 inch
Medium = Chest 37 ~ 39 inch / Length 27 ~ 28 inch
Large = Chest 39 ~ 41 inch / Length 29 ~ 30 inch
X-Large = Chest 41 ~ 43 inch / Length 31 ~ 32 inch
2X-Large = Chest 43 ~ 45 inch / Length 33 ~ 34 inch

Defender offers performance gear for football, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, running, swimming, yoga, and all weather sports and activities.

The Defender Skin technology is a blend of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex.

This allows this compression shirt to retain heat in winter, and remain cool during the hot summer months.

This vest is lightweight and comfortable, doesn't restrict or limit your movement and is conveniently machine washable.

The compression fit bolsters muscle support while at the same time increases blood circulation for increased recovery time, and reducing the likelihood of injuries.

The UVA/UVB protection will protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun so you can enjoy your outdoor workout, while the water metastases/water absorption layer/quick dry time.

Two way air circulation system keep you cool. Included is a size chart to help you find your perfect fit.

Under Armour Men's HeatGear Armour Short Sleeve Compression Shirt

Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Armour Short Sleeve Compression Shirt

Under Armour's shirt is comprised of a 84% Polyetser and 16% Elastane blend, that allows for comfort with strategic design elements.

The HeatGear fabric comes with all the benefits of UA compression.

It's comfortable enough to be worn throughout the entire day.

The stretch-mesh underarm panels have been expertly placed to deliver stragectic ventaliation in an inportant heat area.

Under Armour HeatGear provides further support and protection via the UPF 30+ UV protection, keep on harmful UV rays at bay.

The specifically designed moisture transport system wicks moisture away and allows for fast drying.

The 4-way stretch fabrication allows for great mobility, in any direction.

5 Best Compression Shirt For Women

ATHLETE COOVY Sports Women Rash Guard Compression Base Layer Long Sleeve Shirts

ATHLETE COOVY Sports Women Rash Guard Compression Base Layer Long Sleeve Shirts

This long-sleeved compression shirt is a great choice for anyone who enjoys exercising in general. 

It can be worn for all activities and offers full-body support. 

The fabric is moisture-wicking, so will keep you comfortable while you work up a sweat.

I love this shirt’s odor-prevention – sure, we all sweat when we’re exercising, and there’s no shame in it, but it’s still nice to feel fresh!

This is lovely and stretchy, so allows your body to move however you want it to. 

The blend of polyester and Spandex will fit snugly on its own, or under other clothes.

It’s a fantastic option for both indoor and outdoor exercise, and will help regulate a comfortable temperature.

Neleus Women's Compression Base Layer Dry Fit Tank Top

Neleus Women's Compression Base Layer Dry Fit Tank Top

Vests are a lovely option when it comes to compression gear, as they can be worn alone or under other clothes.

These vests are a blend of polyester and Spandex, so will keep your body feeling supported and comfy while you exercise. For $20, you get three vests – a total bargain.

The fabric is breathable, so these can be worn for high-intensity workouts without causing you to overheat.

They also offer great support for pilates and yoga, and fit tightly without being uncomfortable. These sit nicely and won’t ride up while you work out!

Neleus Women's Compression Workout Athletic Shirt

Neleus Women's Compression Workout Athletic Shirt

If you’re after a compression short-sleeved shirt, make it this one.  

The material contains Spandex, so the shirt will fit nice and tightly, making you feel supported.

This t-shirt also wicks away moisture, so is suited to workouts as well as weight-lifting.

These are designed to be comfortable as well as effective, so double check their size-guide to ensure you’re getting the right fit.

The length with these t-shirts is perfect – long enough to cover your stomach even when you’re moving around, not so long that you feel dowdy and drowned!

Matymats Women’s Workout Tee Tops Long Sleeve Sports T-Shirt

Matymats Women's Workout Tee Tops Long Sleeve Sports T-Shirt

If you’ve been on the hunt for a long-sleeved compression shirt, I’ve found the best one out there. I love this for its many purposes.

It’s fantastic for running as it keeps your body at a sensible temperature – you won’t overheat or freeze, whatever the weather.

The moisture-wicking material will keep you comfortable, so you can really focus on your workout without constantly adjusting your clothes or fanning yourself!

This also provides support to your whole upper body, which is important if you weight-train a lot.

It serves as a reminder to engage your core if you’re into yoga.

This shirt will keep your muscles warm and comfortable, thus improving your performance. It’s also a seamless shirt so won’t scratch or irritate your skin like some can.

Henri Maurice Mock Turtleneck Women Thermal Underwear Shirt

Henri Maurice Mock Turtleneck Women Thermal Underwear Shirt

Another long-sleeved top for you here, and this one comes with a slight turtleneck.

This is ideal for running, as well as low-intensity exercises like yoga and pilates.

It supports your body while you move, and is snug without being restrictive.

The fabric is designed to keep your sweating under control so that you don’t get uncomfortable.

It also offers a thermal-regulatory function, so is perfect for use in both hot and cold weather.

The material actively increases blood flow – this reduces the risk of cramp and muscle injury. That’s quite a lot of bang for your bucks.

What To Look for in a Quality Compression Shirt

How it Fits

A compression shirt should be tight, without totally limiting your blood supply! These are designed to enhance performance, so it’s important to find one that fits correctly and will benefit you.

Compression wear companies will often have their own sizing charts that you should refer to. Generally, however, normal clothes sizes apply.

Does It Stretch?

You’ll want a nice, stretchy shirt to work out in. This will allow your body to move freely, while offering support.

I’ll go into more detail below, but the materials used make a big difference in how stretchy your shirt will be. Look for something springy that doesn’t suction to your skin!


You’re going to be sweating while working out (unless you’re one of those flawless women at my yoga class whose full face of makeup does not slide off!), so look for a moisture-wicking material.

This keeps your body feeling fresh and dry, rather than damp and uncomfortable. You’ll probably want to look for a polyester blend, as this will offer plenty of stretch while keeping you comfy. Spandex is normally used to provide that springy feeling.

Use In Hot or Cold Weather

Compression shirts help your body regulate and maintain a suitable temperature. If you’re outdoors in cold weather, they help by trapping a layer of air between your body and the shirt.

This acts as a thermal vest to keep you warm enough while you exercise, which keeps your muscles working safely. They also help to keep you cool if you’re exercising in hot conditions, by wicking moisture and allowing air flow to your skin.

The best of both worlds!

Produced With Quality

Quality compression shirts will tick all of the above boxes, and then some. There are many sports brands offering great compression wear, from Nike to Lululemon.

The quality will be apparent in the materials used, as well as how well the seams are stitched. You want something sturdy, as you’re likely to moving around and, once you’ve worn it in, will be getting plenty of use from it!


Quality doesn’t always come with price, so don’t simply opt for the most expensive product you can find. Cheap options are likely to be made of a cheap blend of fabrics that will hold sweat and make working out very uncomfortable.

Equally, the far end of the price spectrum may not actually offer much more in terms of quality. Find something that suits your personal needs and sits within your budget.

Which Activities Are Compression Shirts Good For?

All of them! Compression shirts are designed to offer support and enhance performance. They’re great for wearing while working out, as well as dancing and practicing yoga.

Whatever you can think of that keeps your body active can be easily improved by wearing a compression shirt.

They are designed to increase blood flow to your muscles, which improves flexibility, strength and endurance. Our blood carries oxygen to muscles, which helps them function healthily.

All exercise can benefit from more oxygen, and you’re far less likely to injure yourself if you’re wearing compression kit.

As compression shirts cover your torso and arms, they’re most suited to exercise that revolves around using these muscles. Vests are a good option for core exercises.

Lifting weights and any strength work can really benefit from compression wear. These allow your muscles to stay warm enough to use safely, so you’ll often find yourself pushing your limits further than normal.

Compression shirts also reduce the risk of damaging muscle tissue and developing inflamed muscles, both of which can be very painful and frustrating!

They can be worn indoors and outdoors (or in both hot and cold environments), and keep muscles at an ideal temperature to work hard without causing damage.

This means that you can wear compression shirts for any kind of exercise, so go wild!

Different Styles Of Compression Shirts

There are a number of different styles of compression shirts, all suited to specific activities.


Singlet compression shirts focus on your torso. These can be worn alone, or under other clothes.

They work well for weightlifting, but also for activities such as yoga and pilates that involve strengthening your torso. This is because they support your core and serve as a physical reminder to stay active in this area.

Short- Sleeved Shirt

These offer support to your torso and shoulders. Your upper body will benefit from a compression t-shirt if you lift a lot of weights. These are also a good option for dancers and gymnasts.

You can also wear these after your workout, weirdly enough. They offer temperature control while you cool down after exercising, and prevent any muscle inflammation following a strenuous workout.

Long-Sleeved Shirt

These offer full support to your entire upper body, so are perfect for body-builders and anyone into strength-training. They’re also great for any outdoor runners, as they will help your body regulate its temperature.

I often found that I was a horrible mix of cold and sweaty while running - not only is this uncomfortable, but it basically encourages muscle injuries. Long-sleeved compression shirts help keep your muscles safe while you move, and improve performance.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Them?

Compression shirts are well worth giving a try for a number of reasons.

They keep you comfortable. The material used for these kinds of shirts is designed to offer support, so sits snugly on your body. It’s also moisture-wicking, which means no more sweat left on your skin, making you itchy and irritated.

The more comfortable you feel physically, the more likely you are to push yourself and exercise harder, and for longer.  

They increase your performance. These compression shirts increase blood flow to certain muscles. We know now that more blood means more oxygen, which is what our muscles really need.

The pain and fatigue our muscles experience while we exercise is often due to a lack in oxygen. By wearing compression gear, we can make sure our muscles are getting everything they need.

Happy muscles = better workout! The more we look after our bodies while we use them, the better the results of our hard work will be.

They adapt to our bodies. The materials used in compression wear are designed to help our bodies regulate their temperature. If you’re like me, you’ll run pretty hot, which can be even more of a nightmare when you hit the gym.

Although, if you’re really like me you won’t ever actually hit the gym!

Sweating is totally natural, and healthy, but overheating is no fun at all. Compression shirts help our bodies maintain a good temperature – be this cool when we’re working out somewhere warm, or cosy if we’re on a winter run.


From these men’s compression shirt reviews, I'm sure you can see that the best compression shirts are those that offer a range of premium design functions, and functionality.

This review doesn't include any compression shirts for women as they have differing characteristics due to the nature of the female body.

Thank you for enjoying these compression shirt reviews. I hope that they’ve helped you embrace sports technology.