Our Top Skincare Bloggers To Follow In 2017

Top Skincare Bloggers

Hello and welcome to the best tool in the world when it comes to skin care – I’ve found the 50 best skincare blogs out there and have helpfully compiled them into one handy list for you.

I’ve trawled the internet to find the top blogs relating to skincare and have listed them below with a little bit of information on the blogger themselves, as well as why I love them and their blog so much!

Hopefully, this will become your little black book of skincare advice, tips and research – enjoy…


1. Pinay Mommy Online

Ruby is a self-described ‘super mom’ who religiously blogs about her experiences with motherhood and life in general. She writes about a huge spectrum of subjects, including skincare – she’s written some great articles offering advice when it comes to skincare routines, as well as products.


2. Conscious Living

This is a fantastic little blog ran by two wonderful people committed to making the most of their lives! They write/ vlog about a whole range of things, mostly based on their lifestyle and wellbeing. Lots of lovely info on skincare to refer to if you ever need some guidance you can really trust.


3. Walton Wood Farm

I love this blog – Walton Wood Farm are a great company promoting vegetarian, cruelty-free products designed to improve your skin and mind. They’re always blogging about something interesting and it’s well worth checking every few days to see what exciting news they have. Dedicated to maintaining their heritage of barn-filled fields, they work hard to make sure some of their profit is put back into looking after the environment.


4. Ihealthcast

Full of articles relating to health and wellbeing, this website is the Wikipedia of skincare! Their articles are well-written – full of facts and important information whilst being accessible and easy to read. They have a whole index full of everything health-related, so you can check the site for help with pretty much anything you’ll ever experience with your body…


5. Kind Of Stephen

Stephen is an expert in the field of skincare, so it’s no real surprise that I had to include his lovely site in my top 50 list! Plenty of product reviews on there – a whole range of beauty products as well as skincare products to help your skin looking great whether you’re wearing makeup or not.


6. Dash Of Darling

Caitlin is instantly likeable, and not just for her fantastic wardrobe – she writes honestly, and often hilariously, about the things she loves. The things she loves range from clothes and accessories to makeup to beauty and skincare products. Judging by her glowing complexion, she’s definitely the lady to trust when it comes to looking after your skin…


7. Miss Whoever You Are

The face behind a wonderful beauty blog, Eileen is a great writer who reviews makeup and skincare products. She’s just started filming vlogs, too, so be sure to check out her YouTube channel as well!


8. Rouge18

Amber has created what has become quite possibly my favorite blog of all time. Not only has she crammed loads of great articles on fashion and beauty on to her blog, she also posts about wellness and how to look after your mind. Her posts have a positive, feel-good vibe and she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to skincare.


9. Dr Bailey’s Skin Care

This is a great, trustworthy site to get any advice you need when it comes to skincare. Dr Bailey offers fantastic help in the form of product reviews as well as general guidance for looking after your skin.


10. Hey Jules B

Julie posts about beauty products as well as her life in general in this cute, kitschy blog. She writes very openly about how she suffered from acne when she was younger, and how’s she overcome her condition with skincare products – great for anyone else struggling with their skin.


11. High On Clear Skin

Another great site for any adults suffering from acne – this site offers some brilliant, all-natural products to help you overcome your skin condition. They offer Skype and email consultations if you don’t fancy going to a local department store – great for anyone else who’s a little shy when it comes to their skin!


12. Jenni Raincloud

This ‘natural lifestyle’ blog does exactly what it says on the tin –loads of great advice and stories about living a natural lifestyle. Jenni offers her opinion on beauty and skincare products, as well as how to fit them into a natural, happy life.


13. I Covet Thee

Probably one of the best blogs out there in terms of layout and accessibility! This blog is really easy to get around and find what you’re looking for – and if you’re looking for beauty help, look no further…


14. Tamira Jarrel

Lots of great articles on skincare products and how to get your glow. Tamira knows her beauty products and this blog is really easy to read, which is good considering how confusing it can be trying to choose new products!


15. Pretty Connected

Lara’s quirky blog is home to some great product reviews as well as general posts about her life and what she gets up to (which all looks pretty exciting, so far!) Based on her skin, I’ll trust whatever skincare products she wants to recommend!


16. Couture Girl

Kayleigh regularly posts about her latest ‘hauls’ – anyone well-versed in beauty and lifestyle blogs will know that these are some of the best things to watch/ read! I love seeing what new products she’s bought and how she feels about them.


17. The Wanderlust Project

Sheryll admits to being a little bit different to most beauty bloggers – she buys products without doing any research and then reads other people’s reviews! I’m just grateful that she herself posts her reviews as I’ve come to totally trust her opinion on all things ‘beauty’…


18. She’s In The Glow

Annie is a beaming light in the world of beauty blogs – everything she says just seems to make total sense. Her blog posts are always interesting to read and the photos she posts always give me Insta-envy!


19. Pink Sith

‘Geek stuff’ indeed – a fab blend of beauty and the geek to keep you informed and entertained. Any other Star Wars fans should head here to get their fix of, well… everything!


20. Beauty Info Zone

Marcia and Lisa work hard to make sure their site contains facts, so you know you can trust whatever they write about. Loads of info on skincare products and regimes to help you glowing…


21. Fab Over Forty

A lot of beauty blogs tend to be run by women in their mid-twenties, whose skin is obviously very different to the more mature lady! This is the best beauty site out there for anyone over forty looking for skincare advice that’s more tailored towards their age group.


22. Fab Over Fifty

Again, a great site for anyone a little older than the average Instagram/ blogger, featuring lots of helpful advice on skincare as well as wellbeing in general.


23. Prime Beauty

Such a lovely blog full of beautiful photos and advice on looking after your skin and making the most of what you’ve got.


24. Kari Gran

I love this online store as much as I love their blog – they’re all about living naturally and looking after your skin as well as your wellbeing. This a lovely, feel-good company who really know what they’re talking about.


25. Skyn Therapy

Anyone with a skin condition needs to check this out – it’s packed full of helpful, friendly advice on how to deal with acne as well as other issues.


26. Stacked Skincare

Stacked seem to have the answers to all the skincare questions you never knew you had, or never knew anyone else had! One of the best blogs so far? Getting rid of dark underarms – who knew it was possible?


27. The Skiny

The Skiny have a whole heap articles covering a huge range of skincare issues – everything from adult acne to dandruff to tips for dealing with skin peels.


28. Perfect Skincare For You

Swati covers a massive spectrum of skincare issues in this blog. The blog also focuses on living a holistic life and improving your wellness and mental health. Big fan!


29. Myskin

MYSKIN’s blog is great for men and women of all ages as it offers lots of advice on how to look after your skin throughout your life. My favorite article? How to look after your skin while travelling!


30. Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

Beautiful skincare products coming straight from the farm, Lily’s blog and shop offer a whole heap of goodness. If you’re after natural, feel-good products, look no further…


31. Sally B

Sally B’s offers totally cruelty-free skincare products for anyone after organic products. Their blog also offers some advice on maintaining great skin, whether you choose to buy their products or not.


32. Beauty And The Boy

Andrew is one of my favorite beauty bloggers out there. His eye for makeup is flawless, as is his eyeliner! His advice and product suggestions are perfect for men and women alike…


33. Hollybeth Organics

As their mission statement suggests, they’re all about using the Earth’s natural goodness to enrich our lives through skincare products. I’m a big fan of natural, organic products and their blog posts only reinforce my faith in this.


34. My Pale Skin

Em used to suffer from adult acne and made a name for herself in the beauty world after posting photos of herself both before and after using makeup to cover her acne. She posts honestly about her experiences and has some fab recommendations, whether you suffer from a similar skin condition or not.


35. Yasou Skincare

Based on the beauty regimes and lifestyle of ancient Greece, this blog aims to help you keep your skin looking beautiful by embracing the power of nature. They sell some lovely products as well as offering advice in general.


36. Ny Skin Goddess

MaryAnna is a goddess in her own right, and her practice of Ayurveda medicine only serves to prove this further. Her blog is devoted to improving mental health and wellbeing as well as the physical effects this provides in terms of fantastic skin!


37. Scented Holistic Skincare

Dani is a lady with a firm belief in holistic remedies, and I’ve rapidly found myself joining her! She talks of finding essential oils while travelling that have helped with her wellbeing as well as her skin – a dream combination…


38. Collective Skincare

This spa seems like a total haven, which is reflected in their blog; hence I love it so much. I’m all for feel-good, do-good rituals and skincare, and this is what they’re all about!


39. Pretty Little Skin

This blog is dedicated to achieving and maintaining clear skin – the ultimate skincare goal! Abbie is another acne-sufferer who’s now helping others overcome the knock to self-confidence that skin conditions can bring while offering general advice about skincare and self-love!


40. Skin First Daily

Mo is a self-professed ‘skincare junkie’ – she posts avidly about skincare and beauty products while offering up advice about all things ‘beauty’. I’m a big fan of her blog because of the personality she puts into her posts as much as the reviews themselves…


41. Tatcha

Tatcha is a wonderful website with a whole catalogue of interesting things to read. From recipes to boost your glow to top tips on which beauty and skincare products are best for your skin type, this blog is a must-read!


42. Diary Of A Beauty Blogger

This blog does what it says on the tin – the life and times of a lovely lady who has created a skincare range for those seeking natural products. A great site to visit for advice and some retail therapy…


43. Snow White And The Asian Pear

This blog takes skincare very seriously, which is half the reason I love it! Loads of information on products, regimes and lifestyle to keep you busy.


44. The Acid Queen

A great mix of product reviews and hard facts, this blog covers everything you need to know about beauty and skincare. There’s also plenty of interesting research to back up all the claims so you know you’re getting the real deal.


45. Gregory Dylan Beauty

Gregory has worked with a huge number of popular, reputable brands in the skincare and beauty industry, so he really knows what he’s talking about. Lovely man; lovely blog.


46. The Make-Up Blogger

Having worked for Bobbi Brown cosmetics, Kim clearly knows her stuff and is generously sharing her knowledge of the beauty world with us. This truly is a beautiful blog full of great tips and suggestions for all skin types.


47. Skintour

This site offers a genuine tour of your skin, with guidance for each part of your body to help you maintain your glow and really look after yourself. This site features reviews and tips on products as well as procedures, so there’s something for everyone and every approach to skincare.


48. Soko Glam!

This blog focuses on Korean skincare and makeup but is well worth checking, whatever your skin type and heritage. I love the layout of this site – super easy to get around with plenty of interesting titbits to keep you going.


49. Morada Pure

Chantree has created a wonderful world of beauty and skincare within her blog. She trawls through information about products and brands in order to find the best of the best – expect the healthiest, loveliest products you could ever imagine…


50. Kimberly Loc

This is a fab lifestyle and beauty blog that promotes healthy, natural living – from what you eat to what you put on your skin. It’s been featured in the likes of Glamour magazine, so you know you can trust it!

So, there we have it – a conclusive list of the best 50 blogs to check out if you’re after some skincare help. I’ve chosen blogs that target a wide range of ages, skin types and lifestyle in general.

Some of these blogs are definite ‘lifestyle’ blogs written by mid-20s, Instagram-famous girls (think MAC and Kylie Jenner lip kits), whilst others take a more natural, holistic approach (the power of plants and veganism!) and some are created or mediated by medical experts.

There’s truly something for everyone, so I hope you enjoy…