Our Favorite 25 Nutrition Bloggers To Follow In 2017

Top Nutrition Blogs

When it comes to nutrition, bloggers can be an absolute gold mine of information, but with so many people trying to break into this area, it can be hard to find bloggers that are genuinely knowledgeable and post content that’s both entertaining and informative. Luckily for you, that’s where I come in. I’ve sifted through dozens of blogs to find the very best in nutrition blogging, and I’m here to share my top picks for the nutrition blogs you should be following right now.

Some of the below are big names, and some are still getting off the ground but definitely know their apples, as it were. In no particular order, let’s start off with…

2017 top nutrition bloggers

1. Nutrition Stripped

This blog by dietitian nutritionist McKel Hill has been featured just about everywhere. She’s all about helping you discover what amazing feels like, and everything on the blog is governed by the 5 food philosophies. Nutrition Stripped is a lifestyle blog as much as a nutrition blog, and has legions of loyal followers. Why not join them and see what all the fuss is about?


2. Kath Eats Real Food

Another registered dietitian, based in the States, Kath believes in the importance of treating yourself now and again and I love her for that. Having been blogging for a decade she really knows what she’s talking about, and her recipes are delicious.


3. Real Mom Nutrition

What I love about Sally, the dietitian behind Real Mom Nutrition, is that her focus is that she’s not trying to pretend she’s perfect or does everything right. Some nutrition blogs can make you feel a bit inferior, which can be stressful, especially if you’re a mother. She shares first-hand tips for parents with fussy children, so if you’re a mother, check out her site. Even if you’re not a mother, some of her recipes are to-die-for.

humnutrition_Chris & Walter

4. Hum Nutrition

Hum sells vitamins that lots of nutritionists recommend, but alongside their online shop they also have a blog which is regularly updated with all things nutrition-related, talking about everything from skin care to self-esteem to raw beauty recipes.


5. JS Health

Jessica Sepel is an Australia-based nutritionist who’s built quite a following with her health programs. She’s all about changing your relationship with food, and her 8 week programs have earnt her rave reviews. Head over to her site to read all about her philosophy and how her programs work.


6. Nutritious Eats

Melanie is a mother of 4 and a nutrition with over a decade of experience who shares all her wisdom on Nutritious Eats. She mixes tempting recipes with tips on things like packing a healthy pack lunch or reducing food waste.


7. The Foodie Dietitian

Kara is a vegetarian nutritionist and yoga teacher. She’s all about mindfulness and about ditching the diets once and for all, eating more, not less (which I’m not going to argue with her about!). She shares tips on how to incorporate more yoga into your life, eat better and live a holistically happy life. Sound good? Pay her site a visit.


8. Mom to Mom Nutrition

If you’re a parent looking for tips on ways to keep your whole family nourished, Katie is your woman. On her blog, you’ll find a mixture of recipes with tips on parenting and life with a family!


9. The Nutritionist Reviews

Amanda blogs about not just nutrition but also about life with her two kids and two dachshunds. Her nutrition tips and her recipes are well worth checking out, and her posts on nutrition for those that are pregnant and for children is invaluable.


10. The Nutrition Twins

Tammy and Lyssie are well-known figures in the world of nutrition in the states. They’re forever being featured on various TV channels and have 15 years of experience in the world of nutrition, so their blog is full of fantastic information. They take a light-hearted approach to both life and nutrition.


11. Abby Langer Nutrition

Abby is a Canadian nutritionist who’s teamed up with Lauren to offer nutrition counselling services, but their blog is full of recipe gems. Abby also writes for the Huffington Post, so you can be sure you’re in the hands of an expert.


12. Alissa Rumsey Nutrition and Wellness

Alissa’s blog is regularly updated with genuinely interesting posts that are extremely readable, along with delicious recipe ideas. She’s New York-based and occasionally posts locally-focused pieces, but most of her stuff is applicable whether you’re a New Yorker or not.


13. Your Choice Nutrition

Brittany is all about taking all the jargon surrounding nutrition and simplifying it so it makes sense to everyone. She offers a free meal planning guide which is especially helpful for those with limited time and inspiration.


14. Sinful Nutrition

Emily’s philosophy is that as long as you nourish your body most of the time, there’s no crime in enjoying a lazy Sunday or a bar of chocolate every now and again, which I can really get on board with. Head over to her blog for some inspiration.


15. Hunger and Undernutrition Blog

This is a slightly different one, being the blog of Humanitas Global Development, an international development agency based in Washington DC. Contributing writers tackle a whole range of nutrition-related topics, so this is important reading for anyone genuinely interested in nutrition.


16. The Holistic Nutritionist

Kate’s focus is on combining a nutritious diet with an active lifestyle. She shares tips on nutrition as well as delicious recipes. If you’re a fan of podcasts, check hers out!


17. Toby Amidor Nutrition

Toby isn’t the only one posting on her blog which discusses the lastest nutrition news, healthy recipes, food safety and addresses controversial topics. She’s got a varied team of nutrition specialists contributing, so head on over to check out what they’ve got to say.


18. The Brown Paper Bag

The Brown Paper Bag blog shares slightly different, delicious recipes, along with workout ideas and general lifestyle posts. This Australian-based blogs will hook you in with its friendly tone, so go and see for yourself.


19. Lyndi Cohen The Nude Nutritionist

Lyndi herself had a pretty rocky relationship with food in her early years, so she’s determined to help others develop a healthy one. This is another Australia-based nutritionist who blogs about everything from weight loss to organic cleaning products to seasonal produce. Her recipes are also to die for.


20. 80 Twenty Nutrition

The blog at 80 Twenty is another one just bursting with nutrition-related information. You’ll find everything from tasty recipes to answers to the nutrition questions that we all have at the back of our minds.


21. Nutty 4 Nutrition

Chantal herself had chronic digestion problems and is now sharing everything she learnt overcoming them on her blog, Nutty 4 Nutrition. As a new mother she also blogs about pregnancy, childbirth and child nutrition, so parents could learn an awful lot over on her blog.


22. Nutrition a la Natalie

Natalie’s focus is sports nutrition, so any athlete or even parents of budding athletes can learn an awful lot from her site. The best part about it is that her recipes are absolutely mouthwatering. Chocolate almond bites, anyone?


23. Andy the RD

You may have noticed there aren’t many other male bloggers on this list (or, er, any, actually…), but Andy is one of my favorite nutrition bloggers for his straight-talking style, less flowery than some of the content out there. His blog is great for both men and women interested in nutrition.


24. Champagne Nutrition

Ginger is a Seatle-based nutritionist whose posts are a pleasure to read. She throws in a mix of recipes with genuinely interesting nutrition-related content.


25. Danielle Levy Nutrition

Danielle’s recipes are absolutely mouth-watering. Dark chocolate peanut butter cups? Quinoa and roasted beet salad? Yes, please! If it’s incredibly nourishing and delicious recipes you’re after, Danielle’s site will become your new favorite corner of the internet.

So there you have it! My top 25 nutrition bloggers that you should be following in 2017. Depending on what you’re focusing on, whether it’s nutrition for your family or to keep up with an active lifestyle, you’re sure to find your new guru amongst the bloggers above.