Top 9 Benefits Of A Meditation Pillow

Restorative yoga with a bolster. Group of three young sporty attractive women in yoga studio, lying on bolster cushion, stretching and relaxing during restorative yoga. Healthy active lifestyle

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Meditation has been practiced for so many years, and it offers a lot of benefits. 

For instance… 

It helps in managing depression and anxiety. Meditation will help train the mind to focus on the present, making you less likely to ponder on anxious judgments that can encourage depression.

Nevertheless, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, being present and looking for moments of peace has never been more crucial. 

As more and more people are dealing with uncertainty and an incapacity to grasp what the future holds, practicing meditation and even mindfulness may help you experience a bit of much-needed calm. 

Whether it’s only for a few minutes, finding time to meditate will help you feel more at peace and happier. Also, both your body and mind will thank you. 

But know that most meditation programs require people to sit down, usually with their legs overlapped on the flooring. However, this position is uncomfortable, especially for an extended period, and this is where meditation pillows come into play. 

Also called zafu, a meditation pillow offers maximum support for sitting as well as kneeling while you’re practicing. Overall, it’ll make your meditative experience more comfortable, making it beneficial for those who are just getting started.

If you can’t decide whether you should get one or not, read on. Here’s a list of benefits of meditation pillows you may not know yet:

1. Portable 

Having meditation pillows is essential since you can move around with them more rapidly. These pillows are incredibly light, and you can even carry them with one hand. 

If you love doing your meditation session in the outside environment, you can easily bring such a pillow with you and then practice positive mindfulness as you take in the fresh air. This benefit is one of the most excellent assets for having a meditation pillow.

With this meditation tool, you’ll be able to meditate in any room at your home, the garden, outside your workplace, or the quiet areas of the park. You can even carry it when you’re going on a picnic. 

Nevertheless, you can carry a pillow and have a fulfilling and relaxing meditation session in any location you think of. 

2. Improved Posture

When meditating, some people prefer to sit on the floor using a yoga mat or carpet. 

However, this may result in bad posture as you meditate. It’s because you’re more likely to bend your back, and the entire process can shift your focus from meditating to improving your posture. 

With meditation pillows containing materials such as kapok fiber and buckwheat hulls, you can quickly achieve the best posture.

When using this pillow, you’d notice that you’ll lift your hips while rolling them frontward, letting you release stress from the lower back. In that way, your spine won’t bend; instead, it’ll align itself to attain the best position possible. 

Your entire body will follow through, keeping you in the correct posture. So, instead of focusing on the position, your mind will undoubtedly focus on your meditation. 

3. Can Be Utilized As A Yoga Prop

Yoga and meditation are closely associated. Some people choose to begin with yoga to prepare for the meditation sessions or vice versa. Keep in mind that yoga is designed to be done in meditative states. 

Fortunately, meditation cushions can be an excellent tool to help your yoga session. You can use this tool as a yoga bolster or when you need something to rest your knees, hands, or legs. 

4. Can Help With Your Meditation Practice

If you’re just getting started with meditation, having something that’ll get you in the mood during your session can be of great help. It’ll work the same way as the cozy couch in your living room. 

If you sit on the couch even for just a few minutes, you’re more likely to feel relaxed. Having that said, a meditation pillow will help trigger your mind that it’s time for some meditation. In this way, you’ll have the most exciting and fulfilling meditation session.

In addition, having such a pillow around you will make you remember the times you’ve sat on it and feel much better after. Therefore, you’re more likely to do meditation on your pillow, especially when you’re feeling the pressures and stresses of day-to-day life. 

5. Allow You To Practice Different Positions Easily

Another great thing about meditation pillows is they can be used in many different positions comfortably and easily. Here are some of the positions you can perform with these pillows:

  • Quarter Lotus Pose

Unlike the full lotus pose, this position is much easier on the hips and knees. Aside from better support, you’ll need to use a meditation cushion for a great opening of your ankles, hips, and knees. For this pose, imagine a cross-legged position and place the right ankle on the opposite calf gently. 

  • Simple Cross-Legged Pose

For this pose, you’ll need to sit in a simple cross-legged position to lessen the strain on your joints as you stretch your knees. This will also keep your hips on. In this pose, using meditation pillows will keep you from turning out your back. 

As a result, your spine will keep in alignment for a longer period, allowing you to have a more comfortable meditation experience or session. 

  • Kneeling

One of the most popular poses for meditation is kneeling. But did you know that without the proper support, it becomes a pain, especially if you have sensitive ankles and knees? Fortunately, meditation pillows can offer support between your knees. It’ll get rid of the pressure on your joints while promoting proper circulation in the legs. 

  • Arched Back

This pose is intended to open your ribcage and chest for a longer and deeper breath during meditation and breathing exercises. What’s more, it’s an excellent way to stretch out the abdomen and relieve lower back pain. 

For a comfortable meditation experience, sit down with your meditation pillow right behind the hips and then lean back, but make sure your arms are overhead to open up the chest. Once you’re all set, take deep breaths and relax. 

6. Promote Better Body And Mind Connection 

When you sit on a comfy pillow, there’ll be an improved awareness between your mind and body. The lotus sitting pose with crossed legs results in a straight spine and, at the same time, relaxed shoulders, particularly on meditation pillows. 

When done correctly, it’ll automatically set the entire nervous system into a self-aware and peaceful mode. Ultimately, it’d result in your mind being in a resting condition while your body is in an active sitting pose. 

There are many reasons why some people choose to meditate in this position. If you want to enhance the entire process, getting quality meditation pillows is a way to begin. 

7. Allow You To Reach A Deeper Level Of Meditation

When you’re using meditation pillows, reaching a deeper level of meditation is more likely to happen. It’s especially true for people who are using smart pillows. 

There are technologically advanced pillows capable of monitoring your breathing and heart rates, allowing you to effectively manage them to boost your meditation session. 

Typically, such meditation pillows are backed by an application that’ll give you heart and breathing patterns in real-time, allowing you to enhance your meditation. 

The notification from artificial intelligence (AI) will help you reach a deeper level and achieve your desired mindfulness and peace.

8. Helps In Alleviating Pain 

If you’re meditating with the wrong sitting position, chances are you’re more likely to develop joint and back pains if you sit for an extended period. But meditation pillows will ensure you’re putting less strain on the lower back while keeping your knees in good shape. 

Without this kind of pillow, the arc of your spines will be compromised and will likely result in future issues. So, to avoid dealing with back pains while you’re meditating, you’ll need to have support. 

The pillow will support the correct knee and hip positions to lessen the pain you need to deal with. Additionally, if you have back and knee pains, the pillow will enhance your posture. Thus, you can sit comfortably for a longer period without worrying about back and even joint pains.

With that in mind, if you have severe joint and back pains and can’t sit for long periods even on cushions, then meditation pillows can be your pillow. And most importantly, you’ll be able to meditate on either your side or back. 

9. Improves Endurance

Sitting on the right zafu will engage the muscles from the back to the legs and hips. Therefore, performing it daily will enhance your balance since you’ll develop flexible arms and legs, guaranteeing that you will form a stronger core. 

As you become older, you’ll be able to avoid some problems like strains and falling. You’re more likely to take advantage of improved health because of increased strength in the muscles.  

Restorative yoga with a bolster. Group of three young sporty attractive women in yoga studio, lying on bolster cushion, stretching and relaxing during restorative yoga. Healthy active lifestyle

How To Choose The Best Meditation Pillow

Now that you have an idea about the benefits of meditation pillows, are you considering getting one? If so, then that’s a great idea. But keep in mind, not all of these pillows are made equal. Some will give you a good meditation experience while others don’t. 

To help you, listed below are some of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing such a pillow:

1. Material

Meditation pillows are made using different materials, so make sure to choose the one that fits your needs and personal preferences. 

Kapok fiber will go into a firm pillow that’ll steadily hold your body. Buckwheat hulls, on the other hand, make for heavier pillows. 

What’s more, they’re popular choices, particularly for a home meditation corner. They can also be contoured to adopt your sitting position. 

If you prefer a lightweight yet durable option, consider getting a wool pillow. It’s not as firm as a kapok-filled pillow, but it may be pretty spongy for people who prefer thick and solid seats. It’ll even support blood circulation. 

2. Height

These pillows also come in many different heights, mostly hovering around the five-inch mark. When choosing, make sure to take into account your preferences and height. For instance, if you are on the taller side, consider getting a meditation pillow that’s also taller. 

3. Portability 

If you travel most of the time or usually meditate in various places, getting a portable pillow is highly recommended. You may also want to get inflatable meditation pillows. Choose one that comes with a carrying bag or fixed handle so you’ll be able to transport it without any hassle. 

4. Comfort

Considering comfort is also crucial as it helps in motivating you to meditate regularly and consistently. Thus, pick a pillow that can offer you the utmost comfort you need to avoid leg pain or knee pain during your session.

5. Washability

Meditation pillows are usually made from soft fabrics. But keep in mind that some of them are washable or much easier to wash compared to others. 

That said, you can opt for a machine-washable pillow for your convenience. You can look at the tag of the pillow and see if it should be machine-washed or hand-washed.

Final Say

The benefits of meditation in people’s lives have been established for thousands of years. Using meditation pillows will help circumvent physical limitations and discomforts and let you reach more invaluable advantages such as satisfaction, psychological peace, and happiness. 

Meditation pillows are an excellent tool for meditation practices. They’ll support the body in many different meditative postures while making the proper alignment and rest. 

Nevertheless, having the correct and quality pillow will make you feel comfortable and, at the same time, inspired to engage in meditation practices for extended periods. So, invest in a decent pillow for meditation that can support your overall well-being in the long run. 

Using the guide above, you can easily choose the right item that will assure you of an effortless and pain-free meditation experience. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you scour the market for the best meditation pillow.

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