Google Maps Mileage Log: The Easiest Way To Do It

man using google maps mielage while driving

Do you find yourself spending countless hours each week tracking your mileage for business purposes? As a business owner, you know the importance of keeping accurate records, but it can be challenging to keep track of every mile you drive.

The Google Maps Mileage Log: Is it Enough for Your Business?

It’s not just about logging the miles for tax purposes; it’s also about maintaining accurate records to keep your expenses in check. Fortunately, Google Maps offers a built-in mileage tracker that can be a real lifesaver. But is it the best option for your business? In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of Google Maps mileage log, and show you how you can take it to the next level.

Pros of Google Maps Mileage Log

Let’s start with the good stuff. The Google Maps mileage log is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is open the app, tap on your profile picture, select “Your Timeline,” and then tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner. From there, select “Add a new destination,” and then choose “Driving” as your mode of transportation. 

Google Maps will automatically calculate the distance and time for your trip, and log it in your timeline.

Another pro is that the Google Maps mileage log is free. Unlike other mileage tracking apps, you don’t need to pay a subscription fee to use it. Plus, it’s a convenient feature that’s already built into the app you’re probably already using for navigation.

Cons of Google Maps Mileage Log

Although the Google Maps mileage log is practical, it has a few drawbacks. For one, it is not very customizable. You can’t classify your trips as personal or business,  which is required by the IRS for tax deduction purposes. Nor can you add additional information such as tolls or parking fees. 

Additionally, it doesn’t have an offline mode, so if you’re in an area with no internet connection, you won’t be able to track your mileage.

Another disadvantage is that the mileage log on Google Maps may not be entirely accurate. The app uses GPS to calculate your trip’s distance and time, but it is not always precise.  It may overestimate or underestimate your mileage, leading to potential discrepancies in your records.

Say Goodbye to Inaccurate Mileage Tracking with MileageWise

Enter MileageWise. This mileage log creator takes the Google Maps mileage log and improves it in a variety of ways.  To begin with, MileageWise is fully customizable. You can categorize your travels as personal or business, and add additional information such as tolls and parking fees. 

Plus, it has an offline mode, so you can track your mileage even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Get More Out of Your Mileage Log with MileageWise and Google Maps

But the real magic of MileageWise is its ability to easily import your Google Maps mileage log in a user-friendly format. The platform’s advanced AI capabilities allow it to distinguish between personal and business trips, simplifying the process of creating accurate mileage logs. 

By automating this task, you can save valuable time that would have been spent manually tracking and entering your mileage.

How MileageWise Takes Mileage Tracking to the Next Level

And let’s not overlook the AdWise Wizard feature of MileageWise. This function can suggest realistic trips that are missing from your Google Maps mileage log, ensuring that a complete record of your travels is maintained. It’s like having a personal assistant who anticipates your needs and fills in the gaps.

The Smart Way to Create an IRS-Proof Mileage Log: MileageWise with Google Maps Integration

While the Google Maps mileage log is a convenient feature, it may not be the best option for your business if you require more customization and accuracy. That’s where MileageWise comes in. With its customizable features, offline mode, and ability to import your Google Maps mileage log in a user-friendly format, MileageWise can transform your mileage records. 

Plus, with its AdWise Wizard feature, MileageWise can analyze your data to identify any missing or inaccurate information, providing you with confidence in the accuracy of your records. By using MileageWise to import and transform your Google Maps mileage log, you can ensure you create a 100% IRS-proof mileage log, reducing your risk of audits or penalties. 

Simplify your mileage tracking process and free up valuable time to focus on other important aspects of running your business with MileageWise.

Try MileageWise Today and Simplify Your Mileage Tracking

So, why opt for a basic mileage tracking solution when you can take advantage of the advanced features offered by MileageWise?  MileageWise is the best mileage log creator available due to its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and commitment to data security. 

By importing your trips from Google Maps Timeline, you can experience the best of both worlds.

Therefore, don’t wait any longer. Try MileageWise today and experience the convenience, accuracy, and peace of mind that come with having a reliable and efficient mileage tracking tool at your fingertips.