The Complete Guide To The Best Shampoos For Oily Hair

best shampoo for oily hair

There are a variety of shampoos on the market today and each one is designed to carry out some specific task or to cater to a specific hair type.

Today we’ll look at shampoos designed to help fix an issue so many people around the world deal with: oily hair. This can be a very embarrassing issue, as hair can appear greasy or unwashed even just after a shower.

Some of the causes of oily hair can be stress or hormone related, or you might be using another grooming product that isn’t working for your hair type. You might simply have inherited oily hair from good old mom or dad.

The glands in your scalp naturally produce oil to coat and protect your hair, but for those with glands that are working overtime, it can lead to frustration.

Unfortunately it’s common to be battling not just oily hair, but a variety of hair or scalp issues at the same time, such as dandruff or itchiness.

If you fall into this category, read on to discover our best shampoo for oily hair list, as companies have narrowed down their offerings even further to accommodate your very individual shampooing needs.

Whether you’re trying to stay away from abrasive chemicals, add essential oils to your daily grooming, rid yourself of and prevent dandruff, or stop that itchy scalp, there’s a remedy for you. There’s a lot to choose from, but let’s break down the oily hair shampoos into a few categories first.

You might have a sensitive scalp, or enjoy a particular scent to wake you up in the morning. You may be in the market for shampoos made in an ethical or chemical free manner, or you may be trying to prevent hair loss.

If you’re looking for something specific in a shampoo for oily hair, it’s highly probable that you’re going to find that perfect fit. I’ve listed the main groups below.

shampoos for oily hair

Natural Hair Treatment

If you’re looking for a natural and/or organic treatment for your oily hair, you’re not alone. The market has a variety of products that will help keep you from adding chemicals to your body through your daily shampoo.

Typically a “natural” shampoo will turn to essential oils for their secret weapons; oils which have been used by people for centuries and have a proven track record.

The use of these oils is well documented for a variety of conditions, and in the case of oily hair, you can find organic oils as one or several of the ingredients in your product.

Yarrow, for example, can help regulate your scalp’s oil glands, and help to reduce or reverse oily hair right at the root of the problem. Natural shampoos are also known for what they don’t add to their ingredients list, such as parabens, sulfites, dyes and perfumes.

Dandruff Prevention

As if oily hair wasn’t bad enough on its own, add dandruff in and you could end up with a very embarrassing situation. Don’t throw in the towel just yet!

There are many shampoos out there which can help fix your oily hair along with any dandruff issues and leave you with only a shining, worry free mane. Dandruff is caused by oil from your scalp coating and locking skin cells together and appearing as white flakes, or by very dry skin which, as you scratch it, flakes off (usually dandruff from dry skin is smaller. If oil cells are the cause you’ll see the flakes as larger and greasier).

The problem can be exaggerated by hormones, stress, or even immune system deficiencies. You probably notice that your dandruff is worse over the colder months, as skin tends to dry out more during this time.

Be aware of adding product that dries your scalp and lean towards moisturizing ones without a greasy or oily feel.

Itchy Scalp

Just say the words “itchy scalp” and you might start scratching. Most people associate itchy scalp with dryness, but if you have oily hair you may also be suffering from an irritated scalp that makes you crazy and leads to bouts of furious scratching.

Depending on the root cause, keeping your hair supplies (brushes, combs, ties, etc) clean and not sharing them with others could help prevent problems in this department. Exercise can also help, since it helps to increase blood circulation and reduced stress.

Probably the best immediate remedy though, is a good shampoo for greasy hair, ensuring to scrub away any build up. You don’t need to use a lot, which can lead to build up if it’s not rinsed properly.

More important than the amount of shampoo is that you scrub efficiently and thoroughly enough, then apply that same scrubbing motion when it comes time to rinse so you can be sure to get all of the product out.


The world is waking up to some pretty big problems, and more and more companies are responding. Beyond “natural” and organic is the vegan shampoo, and yes there are lines that target specific hair or scalp problems.

Cruelty free, and using no animal products whatsoever, you’ll get the same dramatic results using a product that speaks to your ethics and would make any avid shampooer guilt free. It’s hard to know, looking at an ingredient list, which ones are animal related in the first place, so a vegan shampoo is the only way to ensure the absence of any.

Since there are a growing number of vegan shampoos for oily hair out there, if you’re looking to target your scalp issues, you’re sure to find one that gives you peace of mind.

Hair Loss

Think you’ll find the best shampoo for oily hair and hair loss in one? Yes!

If you’re one of the unfortunates who suffer from both hair loss, and what’s left on your head looks as if you’ve saturated it with cooking oil, there are shampoos specifically for you too!

Not only do these shampoos zone in on regulating those scalp glands to help bring down oil production, but they also help to strengthen existing hair and help to improve hair cells and follicles for improved growth.

With numerous products on the market, you’ll find one with the scent you enjoy and prevent further hair loss in a lather that keeps your hair looking and feeling great.

Top 5 Shampoos for Oily Hair

Degrease Maple Holistics

Degrease Maple Holistics

Degrease by Maple Holistics is first on our list of best shampoo for oily hair by a long shot because of its complete package offering not only an oily hair fix, but also hair strengthening, reduction of hair loss, dandruff control, itch elimination; all in a 100% natural shampoo!

Ingredients include lemon essential oil, jojoba and rosemary, a powerful yet gentle combination that won’t irritate even the most sensitive of scalps.

Although the words “degrease” might lead you to believe that this product would be harsh, it cleans hair and moisturizes in such a way that conditioner is not even necessary. Win!

Citrus Breeze Head and Shoulders

Citrus Breeze Head and Shoulders

Citrus Breeze is Head and Shoulder’s answer to oily hair shampoo. Its delightful scent invigorates as it goes to work to rid your scalp of any buildup and is gentle enough for use on sensitive heads, including those with color treated hair.

It will go to work moisturizing dry scalp, relieving irritation, and will leave your hair looking healthy and beautiful.

The really nice thing about Head and Shoulders is that you know what you’re getting – they didn’t become one of the most highly recognized shampoos for nothing.

Organic Shampoo Christina Moss

Organic Shampoo Christina Moss

A vegan shampoo with no harsh chemicals, no animal cruelty, and still gets rid of that oily sheen, the simply named Organic Shampoo by Christina Moss will wow you with performance.

It comes third on our list with its dedication to providing a product that not only addresses a common hair problem, but does it in an environmentally conscious manner.

Despite all of its other claims, (no parabens, chemicals, sulfates, dyes etc) at its heart it’s a really great shampoo for oily hair that will leave tresses soft and shiny and with no sacrifice to quality. A small amount will go a long way!

Dove Men+Care

Dove Men+Care

Women, keep your hands off, men, here’s one specifically for you!

Although you’ve seen Dove cater to women of every body and hair type, Dove Men+Care Shampoo gears their shampoo for greasy hair towards their male customers with an eye to reversing hair loss, scrubbing away scalp residue, and giving existing hair a healthy boost.

Not only does the shampoo come with a reputable and well known company behind it, but Dove has recognized the different priorities men and women have in skin and hair care products. Dove Men+Care is the thoughtful result.

Shampoo for Oily Hair Honeydew

Shampoo for Oily Hair Honeydew

Armed with organic lavender, yarrow, and evening primrose, the appropriately named Shampoo for Oily Hair by Honeydew comes ready to put up the fight in your corner!

It also uses red thyme and rosemary in its all natural ingredient list. Customers love that this one is paraben free and doesn’t include any harsh salt chemicals in its makeup.

With a money back guarantee Honeydew seems more than confident that this shampoo will give you just what you need to start enjoying a frizz and oil free ‘do.

Because there are so many products on the market, I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list below of the next 5 best shampoos for oily hair.

Take a look and see which product might be the best fit for you.

Root Awakening Nourishing Moisture Shampoo

Root Awakening Nourishing Moisture Shampoo

Root Awakening Nourishing Moisture Shampoo for Oily Hair is quite a mouthful!

John Frieda is a recognized name and this product is as high a quality as you’d expect.

Peppermint extract helps to clean and nourish your scalp while eucalyptus will add shine!

Shampoo Two Paul Mitchell

Shampoo Two Paul Mitchell

Shampoo Two, Deep Cleaning by Paul Mitchell is another well known name behind a stellar product.

It will leave hair oil free, squeaky clean, remove build up.

The fresh lemony scent is a great way to wake up in the morning!

Normal Clean Rest Matrix

Normal Clean Rest Matrix

The Normalizing Clean Reset Shampoo by Matrix will lead your hair to a normal ph balance in both your hair and scalp.

It is infused with purifiers, and will free you from any daily build up that you might subject yourself to.

Rainforest Balance The Body Shop

Rainforest Balance The Body Shop

You’ve heard of The Body Shop and in all likelihood, have visited one of their stores a time to two.

You may or may not have come across their Rainforest Balance Shampoo for Oily Hair but if you’re in the market for a shampoo, you need to give this one a try!

You won’t find colorants, parabens or sulphates in the formula; they’ve swapped harsh chemicals up for white nettle, seaweed and aloe vera.

Hair Care Shampoo Just Natural Products

Hair Care Shampoo Just Natural Products

Hair Care Shampoo for Oily Hair by Just Natural Products pretty much sums it up in its name.

It uses lemongrass, basil and tea tree oil to restore balance to your hair and leaves it silky and oh so soft.

This product is sulfate free and removes oil build up directly after the first use!

It can be a jungle out there, but figuring out which shampoo for your oily hair will work best is a little easier when you start your hunt with a big more information, isn’t it?

One thing is for certain; you’re not alone.

People all around the world feel your pain and are looking for the best shampoo to relieve them of their oily scalp problems without stripping excess protective oils and leaving hair looking brittle and dry.

Many of the shampoos listed above have well recognized (and reputable) names standing behind them. You’ve probably used other products made by them and trust their brand. There are a few lesser known names as well, which are well deserving of your attention.

Nobody wants to look unwashed or unkempt. Using a product that will help to fix the problem of oily hair will go a long ways in leaving you with the hair you love and deserve.