Water Filter Reviews: Find The Best Reverse Osmosis System

best reverse osmosis system

Most of us think we’re getting clean drinking water from our taps at home, but water filtration systems prove otherwise. A reverse osmosis water filter system can purify your water, removing ions, particles and molecules, leaving only what you wanted in the first place; just plain good water.

I’ve removed the confusion and indecision of your many options by researching and listing the 5 best reverse osmosis systems for you below. Take a read and choose the right one for your family!

RCC7-5 Stage Residential Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

RCC7-5 Stage Residential Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

At the top of the best reverse osmosis water filter list is the RCC7-5, by iSpring. This little beauty is WQA Gold Seal Certified, and will filter nearly 100% of pollutants that are left in your water.

These include, but are not limited to, pesticides, chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic and pathogens. Yikes! iSping offers a 1 year money-back guarantee on top of a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and, if you’re having trouble with set up, they also offer convenient tech support.

It will fit under most sink cabinets and has a clear housing so that you can monitor the filter system. Top that with a brushed nickel faucet and we’ve got a winner, folks!

ROES-50 Top Tier

ROES-50 Top Tier

With easy to install quick connect fittings, the ROES-50 by APEC Water Systems comes in second on our reverse osmosis water system review.

It’s easy to set up, is noise free and will clear your water from (among other things) bacteria, viruses, arsenic, and heavy metals; none of which we want to be putting in our bodies!

This system will treat tap and well water, making it a good fit for most households. Made with a 100% lead free faucet and food grade tubing, it will provide safe, contaminant free water for you and your family for years to come.

RO-90 Top Tier

RO-90 Top Tier

APEC Water Systems also makes it to number 3 on our list with their RO-90 version. This one comes with a super capacity filter which means the lifespan can be double that of lesser quality filters.

This reverse osmosis water softener also provides you with an easy to install system, requiring no extra tools or fittings to assemble.

The filters themselves are NSF certified, so you can rest assured that your family is being provided with the safest, healthiest water possible. There is a 2 year satisfaction guarantee, proving that APEC stands behind their products.

RCC7AK 6-Stage Residential Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System w/ Alkaline Remineralisation

RCC7AK 6-Stage Residential Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

That’s a mouthful of a name, isn’t it? Back onto the reverse osmosis water filter review list at number 4 is iSpring with their alkaline remineralisation filter.

This filter will still take out all of the nasty bits you don’t want to be drinking, while naturally (with the use of red mineral stones) putting back some of the good stuff, including magnesium and ionized minerals.

This filter also uses naturally occurring calcite to balance the PH of your water, making your reverse osmosis drinking water some of the best tasting. As with their RC77-5, this product comes equipped with the same guarantee, warranty, and tech support.

RO5DX 5 Stage Home Drinking Reverse Osmosis System

RO5DX 5 Stage Home Drinking Reverse Osmosis System

Number 5 on our best reverse osmosis system list is the RO5DX 5 by Express Water. With a variety of very specific filters, this gem will remove not only impurities like chlorine and bacteria, but also debris such as sand, rust, and dirt.

This unit also includes a granular carbon filter which is used to remove bad tastes, odors, and stabilizes the water so that you get a great quality end product.

In other reverse osmosis system reviews, this one got a gold star in water quality and flavour! Express Water has conveniently included an extra full set of 4 water filters so you’re prepared when you need to change them up.

And there you have it; the very best of reverse osmosis systems on the market today! (On a side note, if you’re looking to have the same quality water from a cooler, check out the reverse osmosis water cooler options.)

All 5 of these listed systems will provide your family with years of fresh, safe and healthy drinking water. You can rest assured that nothing but good quality H2O will be coming from your taps after being filtered through any one of these systems. Bottom’s up!