Don’t Sweat It: The Best Deodorant During Pregnancy

best deodorant during pregnancy

While deodorant may seem like an everyday necessity that you don't give much thought to, producers carefully formulate it with loads of chemicals to make sure you smell your best, artificially.

When you’re pregnant, it’s best to stay away from any unnecessary exposure to chemicals, including some of the parabens and other ingredients found in deodorant.

Aluminum, for example, can be harmful to a baby. A basic rule to go by is anything that has a synthetic scent may be questionable.

But does that mean pregnant women have to deal with sweaty armpits for nine months?

Not at all! So you don’t have to “sweat” about it, we've already found the best deodorant during pregnancy for you to use. 


Pregnancy can be an exciting time, but also a stressful one. You’re constantly told what you should and shouldn’t be doing, what to eat, how to sleep, and more.

I hate to add to your list of worries, but your deodorant is something else you should be looking at.

Aluminum found in deodorants is already a topic of debate due to possible links with cancer, so you can appreciate the warnings against using it whilst pregnant.

There are anti-perspirants, which help prevent excessive sweating, and then deodorants which just stop the smell, although the two combined are normally just called deodorant.

You can find natural ingredients that do exactly the same things as those in chemical deodorants.

Companies have spent a lot of time doing research into what works and have put the best of the best in some fabulous safe deodorants for pregnancy, like Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant.

Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant​

Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant

Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant is an all-natural product that’s even safe for vegans.

It’s super friendly for the skin and does the job without harsh chemicals.

In fact, the list of ingredients is very short:

Seaweed extract, coconut oil, natural mineral salt, aloe vera gel, distilled water, alcohol, and essential oils like rose and lavender.

These have been chosen, tried, and tested due to their usage in Chinese herbal medicine for thousands of years.

The seaweed extract and mineral salt work together to fight the bacteria that causes odor.

All of these ingredients have been approved by the Environmental Working Group (,) and they’re all organic too!

This roll-on is easy to use comes in a 2.4 fl.oz/70ml recyclable BPA-free plastic bottle.

You only need a small amount, so one bottle can last up to three months.

You only need to give it a good shake before putting on a thin layer, and it’ll give you all day protection. It dries quickly too.

Reviewers love this product because it works.

Many have said they have tried other natural deodorants in the past but haven’t had the same results they get with Bali Secrets.

Pros & Cons

The price may put people off as it a lot more expensive than traditional deodorants. Remember, though, a bottle will last three months, which may work out about the same in price considering how often you have to normally buy deodorant and the ingredients are top quality!

If you only wanted to switch to a natural approach whilst pregnant, this is the best deodorant during pregnancy as you’d only have to buy it three times, although it’s great for everyday use, pregnant or not.

This isn’t just great for pregnant women. The scents are appealing for both men and women. Pretty much anyone who’s wanting a more natural approach with proven results would benefit from Bali Secrets.

I think you'll want to stick to it even once you've welcomed your baby into the world!

The ingredients work together to form a protective layer and keep bacteria at bay, but the strength of the the anti-perspirant may not be to your liking if you tend to sweat heavily.

If you’re sick of white stains from your deodorant, you don’t need to worry about that at all with Bali Secrets. It won’t stain clothes or discolor your underarms either.

Not convinced? Bali Secrets have a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re left unsatisfied in any way.


You don’t need to go through the embarrassment of having smelly underarms for nine months.

Having a natural safe deodorant during pregnancy gives you one less thing to worry about when you’re trying to remain as healthy as possible for yourself and your unborn baby.

You’ll still feel fresh and won’t have any odors to deal with. Lift your arms with confidence with the best deodorant during pregnancy.