The Ultimate Buyers Guide To The Top Rated Water Purifier

water purifier

There are several top rated water purification types that you need to be aware of when you're searching for purified drinking water.

These include RO+UV purifiers, RO purifiers, UV purifiers and gravity based purifiers.

In this complete guide, I'm going to give you an overview of some of the top rated purifiers that come under these different categories.

S8Q-PA VIQUA Home UltraViolet Water Disinfection

S8Q-PA VIQUA Home UltraViolet Water Disinfection

This water purifier is one of the most efficient UV purifiers for the home with new technological advantages.

It's been designed to solve many problems faced by people using conventional purifiers.

The purifier is fully automatic and can process 10 gallons per minute. ​

It protects your family and household from water-borne diseases because UV rids water of all micro-organisms and bacteria. ​

This purifier is economical and energy efficient, providing chemical-free water treatment for your household. ​

It has low maintenance costs and is easy to maintain. You don't have to turn off the water in order to replace the UV lamp.

It also shows you if the lamp is running low, has an alarm if the system fails and the chamber is made of stainless steel. ​

SteriPEN Adventurer UV Personal Handheld Water Purifier

SteriPEN Adventurer UV Personal handheld Water Purifier

This water purifier uses a revolutionary optical eye to sense the water.

The patent-pending technology allows for safe utilization and the high quality insulating sleeve on the UV lamp permits purification of even the coldest water.

It's fast, easy to use, very effective and light, and can be used in the home or on the go. 

The UV light works to ensure that harmful microorganisms do not reproduce and destroys 99.9% of the bacteria for safe clean drinking water.

Dirty water needs to be filtered to remove the particles before the purification process starts.

The purifier has a LED light that alerts you when the purifier is ready to start the treatment process.

The UV lamp can provide up to 8,000 liters of clean water and the device indicates when the battery is running out of power and needs to be replaced. 

SteriPEN Water Bottle Pre-Filter

SteriPEN Water Bottle Pre-Filter

This water purifier features a very durable 40-micron filter cartridge that eradicates particles from water when you fill up the bottle by submerging it or pouring water in to the filter.

The filter can be stored easily on your Nalgene bottle when you're on the move.

This filter is fantastic for hiking trips. ​

SteriPEN Pre-Filter can fit openings of Nalgene and comparable wide mouth water bottles.

This water purifier makes water purification very easy and saves time and energy.

Katadyn Hiker PRO Water Microfilter

Katadyn Hiker PRO Water Microfilter

This device destroys almost all bacteria, protozoa, cysts and algae thus purifying water for safe drinking.

It also improves the taste of the water and removes chemicals from the water through activated carbon fixed at the core of the filter.

It has an easy-fill bottle adapter or bag and is compatible with many hydration systems.

It’s not heavy, which makes it easy to use. It has a .2 micron glass fiber filter media designed for high output.

The cartridge is guaranteed to have a long life because of the cleanable filter protector screen that extends its life.

Life Straw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

This water purifier has won an award for saving lives from the use of dirty untreated water because it has the capacity to destroy a minimum of 99.9% of waterborne bacteria.

It also has ability to destroy 99.9% of protozoa and filter water to .2 microns. It's ideal for those travelling or adventuring. 

It can purify up to 1000 liters of contaminated water without the use of chemicals. The purifier also comes in a durable bag for easy storage for emergencies.

This filter device requires no chemical, batteries or moving parts and so is very easy to maintain.  It has a weight of 2oz, so very portable and easy to operate. If you a

If you're a frequent traveler, hiker, camper, scout or hunter then this Life Straw water filter is the ultimate choice for you.


When purchasing a water purifier you need to know what exactly you want to use the purifier for, the type of purifier, the suitable size, its features, and the purchase and maintenance cost.

It’s also important to understand how the purifier works and how the maintenance process is carried out.

The above reviewed are the top rated 5 water purifiers for your home, travels and emergencies.