Cool And Damp? Choosing A Low Temperature Dehumidifier

low temperature dehumidifier

Even if your usual dehumidifier is the best on the market right now, you probably have difficulties with it running when it’s really cold.

Don’t panic, though, this doesn’t mean that your dehumidifier is broken.

Most regular dehumidifiers won’t run at their best in the cold. For this, you'll need a special, low temperature dehumidifier.

These are made to run well in environments in which your regular dehumidifier may not. 

In addition, finding them doesn’t have to be a difficult task either.

With our guide, you’ll know exactly what to look for in a product and the best product you can buy today.


So, what do you need to look for in a low temperature dehumidifier?

Well, first comes the most basic question that you should ask yourself when buying any type of dehumidifier.

How big is the area you need it for?

Even the best dehumidifier for a small space won’t be able to keep up with your needs. Of course, in this case, you’ll need something that operates at low temperatures.

To qualify as a dehumidifier good for low temperature, the appliance will need to be able to function properly at around 40 degrees fahrenheit without issue. 

A good plus for these machines is an auto-defrost feature.

This allows them to not freeze or have issues with frost build-up even if they're being run at their lowest possible temperatures.

This safety feature is usually good to have just in case, even if you're running at 60 degrees fahrenheit.

Auto-reset is another good, “just in case” feature. It allows the dehumidifier to reset itself in the case of a power outage, rather than you having to remember to set it up again.

It would also be ideal if the dehumidifier could run quietly, so no matter where it is in your home or office, it won’t prove itself a nuisance.

Other features, such as internal pumps, direct drains, and filter indicators are all helpful features that are up to you on how important you think they'll be in your situation.

Product Overview

Whynter RPD-621EW Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier

Now that you know what to look for in a product, let’s look at your best choice.

We've found that the Whynter RPD-621EW Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier is the best low temperature dehumidifier.

This is a 60-pint (28.3 liter) capacity dehumidifier with a 14.5 pint (6.86 liter) removable water bucket.

The water bucket also includes handles and caster wheels, making life a little easier for you when you have to move it around.

Now, what about that low temperature operation you were promised?

Well, this dehumidifier can handle as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so no matter how cold your room is, this dehumidifier will do the trick.

It also features an auto-restart and auto-shut off as well as a 24-hour timer, dual fan speed, and an auto-defrosting capability.

When looking for temperatures for low dehumidifiers, this auto-defrosting capability is extremely important. It will prevent the build-up of frost in the machine.

This dehumidifier is also convenient since it’s portable and features two drainage options- manual drain and gravity drain. You can choose what works for you.

Don’t let the fact that it’s portable scare you off, though. This little dehumidifier packs a punch and is suited to fit enclosed areas that are up to 2500 – 3500 square feet.

Pros and Cons

Well, this dehumidifier seems to have a little bit of everything we asked for and extra.

It works at 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so it qualifies for low temperature use and it features an auto-defrost to improve its lifespan as a low temperature dehumidifier.

It also features many extra features, such as; dual fan speed, two types of draining options, a 24-hour timer, auto-restart, auto-shut off, and more.

Unfortunately, as we well know, nothing's perfect. As for this product, there aren’t many prices to pay for a great product, but we need to go over them all the same.

While this filter does work amazingly well, it isn’t always the quietest.

Some people only complained of minimal noise, but some did say it was an unfortunate amount.

Other complained that the durability of the machine was less than desirable.


So, all in all, this product is an excellent choice, even with a handful of complaints against it.

However, there are of course other options out there.

As we mentioned, there are variable elements to shopping for a dehumidifier such as the space you need the appliance to operate in.

Either way, finding a humidifier to work in low temperatures should now be far easier.