Help Your Dog With Aromatherapy: Essential Oils For Fleas

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Dog’s deserve the best in life, because they live only to show you the best in life. As loving and near perfect as dogs are, they're still prone to run into problems along the way, and fleas are very common.

If you've experienced fleas, then you understand how frustrating and irritating it can be for both you and your dog.

Although they no longer pose the serious health risk they once did when they were carriers of the plagues that nearly wiped out Europe, they're still not something you want around your house.

While vet recommended treatments work from time to time, they're costly. And they aren’t always the most effective or soothing for either of you.

But what if there was a way to relieve your pet and give the fleas everything they deserve, the natural way?

It would be great. Well, essential oils for fleas can make exactly that happen. 

How To Safely Use Essential Oils For Your Dog

Set out five to ten oils and put the closed bottles on the ground, well spaced out so your pup can explore them one by one. Encourage your canine to smell the bottles and gauge their reaction. See if your dog sniffs or tries to lick any of the bottles. Once have found a favourite oil, he’ll stop sniffing. Keep an eye on them as they may try to run off with it.

Every animal is clear about which essential oil he or she needs, and will use their own senses and guide their owner when given the chance to do so. 

Once you and your dog have chosen the essential oils you will need to dilute them separately.

  •  1 to 3 drops in 1 teaspoon of cold pressed olive oil is best. Offer each diluted oil to your canine separately and look for your dog’s response signals.
  • Once or twice a day, offer the oils until your dog loses interest in them. They will have a different response to each oil and change daily.
  • If they respond very keen, offer the oils more often (2x per day), for a moderate interest offer once a day. Your dog will lose interest within three days to a week, this can mean they are feeling better.

Below is a list of the five most highly rated Amazon products for essential oils for fleas.

Stop fooling around with expensive synthetic flea remedies which are full of chemicals that are harmful for your dog and try aromatherapy for dogs.

5 Essential Oils For Treating Fleas

Vet’s Best – Flea & Tick Home Spray

Vet's Best - Flea & Tick Home Spray

The number one best seller on Amazon in aroma therapeutic flea and tick remedies.

Warning, before we get into the description, it's best used around dogs twelve weeks or older. Alright, warning over.

A unique blend of peppermint oil and clove extract or Eugenol makes this potent remedy a powerhouse when it comes to getting rid of fleas, ticks, flea eggs and tick eggs.

It's not only a cheaper way to make your dog feel better, it's quicker too. It kills on contact before infestations can break out.

What better way to take out pesky fleas and ticks than to go in armed with the tank of the dog aromatherapy world?

Mr. Natural Pet

Mr Natural Pet - Natural Flea and Tick Prevention For Dogs

Another warning before we get into the details. Not for puppies 12 weeks and younger.

Another great choice in the area of essential oils for fleas is Mr. Natural Pet.

Increasingly popular in the dog aromatherapy world, a natural dog cologne and an inclusion of three all-natural ingredients consisting of clove oil, peppermint and purified water truly push Mr. Natural Pet to the top of the list of essential oil for fleas.

It's no wonder Mr. Natural Pet is topping the charts.

Dr. GreenPet 16oz All Natural Flea Control

If your choice in aromatic flea and tick repellant comes down to how best you can ward off the pesky invaders with an all-natural product, then I’d have to say go with Dr. GreenPet.

Made with all-natural ingredients, Dr. GreenPet derives its formula from not only essential oils but also botanical extracts, which are the source of essential oils.

A hard hitting and truly wonderful smelling aromatic spray that not only gets the job done but makes sure that afterward your dog keeps on wagging it’s tail.

If it’s clean, a fresh smell and a heavy hitter you’re looking for then Dr. GreenPet has you covered.

PetPleasant – From Honeydew

Natural Pet Spray for Dogs & Cats – Tick + Flea & Insect Repellant

Would a lemon and citrus twist be something you could get behind? Good, because PetPleasant wants to make it onto your shelf.

A Lemongrass and Citronella infused aroma therapeutic spray that not only wards off fleas, ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes, but deodorizes and cleanses those nasty odors that linger on your canine companion.

This is best for active dogs and dogs that generally stay outdoors, but, that doesn’t mean that indoor dogs can’t have their share of lemon and citrus.

If a slightly different all around remedy is what’s on your list, then look no further. You’ve found it.

Bodhi Dog Natural Bug Spray

NEW Anti Itch Oatmeal Spray for Dogs and Cats

Does your dog have sensitive skin? Bodhi Dog took this into consideration and created something brilliant.

This is a limonene infused bug repellent that repels all manner of pesky bug intruders including mats, mites, fleas, ticks, silverfish and mosquitoes, to name a few.

It's a fresh smelling bug bomb that works great in the house or before an outdoor outing.

I can’t speak for you, but if I could, I’d say if citrus is your thing and a non-toxic all natural bug repellent is the order of the day, this is a great choice. this choice.

A lot of dog owners are sceptical of essential oils in flea repellent products, but the reality is that they're taking over the market slowly but surely.

With the added drawbacks of chemicals, synthetics and non-organics in commercial products that do more harm than good, it looks like essential oils are set to take the dog world by storm.

The mix of odor cleansing with fast acting or immediate results is only the beginning. The widespread use of essential oils in dog products will improve their lifespans and comfort levels.

All while letting them shower you with affection and love. So, jump on the band wagon early and don’t let an opportunity to turn your and your dog’s household into a bug free zone pass you by.